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  1. lunarpony7

    [PMV] Breath of Life

    This is a PMV of Breath of Life by Florence + the Machine. Me and my sister made this, it's not our first, but it's the first one we have decided to upload and I thought I might as well show it here too. Tell us what you think .
  2. lunarpony7

    How come nopony has an earth pony OC?

    My OC Vanilla Pie is an earth pony!
  3. lunarpony7

    (Suggestion): Anti-Bullying campaign.

    Honestly if I was in charge of a any kind of social network where someone committed suicide because of bullying I would com down as hard as I could on the people responsible. I would think that the right for Google to have done with the Adam Smith situation would have been to look at the records for the posts deleted by the people who pushed him over the edge and hand them over to the police. I would have a very hard time believing that deleting a YT comment actually deletes it in the database. I think signing a petition for getting forums are social network to ban or otherwise punish bullies is a great idea, that is something that is really needed. I don't see many ways that could be abused either, though there is a potential there, but that's a different issue.
  4. lunarpony7

    Word Association

    Chaos (of course)
  5. lunarpony7

    (Suggestion): Anti-Bullying campaign.

    How are you going to go about doing that? I agree that this phenomenon of bullying has to be stopped, but how?
  6. lunarpony7

    Ashley's Art

    Wow, I think your art is great! It's all really cute and I like how you vary your style!
  7. It's just hard to believe that this is even possible! I mean, the kid uploaded a video which was too close to someone else's work for people's liking. So they totally harass him? To the point of suicide? Even after he apologized? That is a very sad situation. What is wrong with people? Things like this really make you wonder about humanity.
  8. lunarpony7

    What color would/do you dye your hair?

    hmm, having a cool hair color would be neat. I have very un-dyed, wild unmanageable hair.
  9. lunarpony7

    Wisdom teeth

    I had to get all of mine removed at 16, ugh, they were getting impacted and one was growing in completely sideways.
  10. lunarpony7

    Thoughts on moths?

    I like moths, they're pretty neat, like nocturnal butterflies.
  11. lunarpony7

    Fyrepony's random pony art

    More stuff here, just more entries for EQD ATG I've acquired a new sketching technique I really like for figuring out poses from looking at the way other people do things. I'm sure there is a name for it, it's where you sort of draw "bones". Here's an example(upper right quarter):
  12. lunarpony7

    Thoughts on moths?

    Well, they can pretty pesky at times, apparently more so if you also happen to be Applejack. This guy is an expert on the interactions between equines and moths
  13. lunarpony7

    Ask ooBrony

    um, does... doesn't that hurt?
  14. lunarpony7

    Ask fyrepony

    I like Luna, and I also really liked her expression in that image!
  15. lunarpony7

    Ask fyrepony

    Sometimes I'm not sure I even know the answer to that However I do like to draw, photograph things, and do computer stuff, I also like browsing the internet.