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  1. Hi Aqua, long time no see.

    1. DeadAccount


      Hallu ^_^ How are you?

  2. You're alive? I haven't heard from you in awhile.

    1. DeadAccount


      Lol I have a tendency to disappear then reappear out of nowhere xD But yeah! I'm alive!

  3. Thanks both of y'all... Hearing that and watching the ducks swim settled me down a little ;u;
  4. I feel like a mixture of things... Probably drained My eyes sting after having a little meltdown and I've got some anger dwelling in the back of my head
  5. *Never knows what to do* Ay... Get in here @Vampira Heart
  6. I don't believe I have one..
  7. Hai! Long time no see :catface:

    1. DeadAccount


      Hai there! ^_^

    2. DJ Wolfe

      DJ Wolfe

      How have you been? :)