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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hello and Happy Birthday! :D

  3. Ehh... Just another way of hasbro to loot all the little children out there...
  4. so much for days getting cooler. we are having a heart wave that will last for 4 days straight.

    1. ztrash


      god dayum, where you live?

    2. simply creative

      simply creative

      In Washington DC .

  5. ughhh I hate mondays

    1. Alpharius


      Ditto it's so hard to get out of bed

  6. Whatever I wear must be a fitted fit. If im going anywhere outsied I'm always going to look the best. I have a whole variety of different styles, but what ive recently been looking for is like dress pants and dress shirts. I get these clothes for stores such as zara h&m forever 21 asos. There many other stores i shop at, but these are like my favorite Most common shoes I wear are my sperrys top siders. I believe there both stylish and comfortable. Then you cant forget about the belt. It must match the color of your shoes. Another thing is the watches. I mostly wear gold watches because it looks good on me. Invicta is probably my favorite watch brand because there well known and there many great deals on that watch. So yeah those are the basic things I wear.
  7. am i wasting my time doing blogs?

    1. MLPFanPony


      No. I saw you latest blog. oooo

    2. FlitterFlutter


      If you enjoy it nothing is a wast of time.

    3. J.T.


      Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

  8. So on my way to work my car was driving very strange. I thought it was because of the back tires,but I was wrong. That strange symptom finally decided to show me. My cluch was blown. I knew that was going to happen soon, but not that soon. Oh well my boss was very kind. He told me that its fine. Just come back when you can get a ride to work. Ok so ny clutch is gone. Thats fine because I just purchased a stage 2 clutch. It will be much stronger than the factory clutch. I cant wait to install it, but as of now my car wont move????
  9. just got back back from getting a haircut.

  10. So basically one of the first mods people do to their car is to put on a cold air intake. It gives the car a much more rumble sound. It also increases horsepower and fuel economy. I bought a purple cold air intake because I love purple only because of one specific pony.