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  1. I really liked this season premiere main reason being (as I'm a big Pinkie Pie fan) I love that Pinkie Pie was the first one to know something was seriously wrong with this town and stuck to it . Another reason being I thought it was interesting to have a non-threatening looking villian who thinks she's in the right compared to the previous villians who seem to know and love being evil.
  2. Vinyl was AWESOME!!! But about the fact she doesn't have a speaking role, I'm OK with it since she didn't really need to say anything and it might be a stupid theory but what if she literally can't talk it would be an interesting character trait for her
  3. I did love how Rainbow Dash instantly knew that haystack was Pinkie Pie but to be honest who else would it be
  4. OK sorry I will use the search function from now on
  5. After seeing Rainbow Rocks it got me wondering whether Sunset Shimmer might be considered a element of harmony/friendship and if so what would she represent? If so I'd guess she'd represent Love which might sound odd because of her past as a villain but after she turned good she seems so sweet and committed to her friends
  6. Maud is AWESOME! PInkie Pie was also great in this episode
  7. ImogenOnscreen

    Hi everypony

    Thanks Shimmering I noticed you like Sunset Shimmer she is awesome who wouldn't like her now
  8. I'm not sure how I feel about a Equestria Girls TV series but it could interesting to see what stories they come up with
  9. ImogenOnscreen


    Welcome I just joined too, hope you enjoy yourself (I like Doctor Who too).
  10. My favourite was Shake your Tail it's just so catchy but I do also love the Battle song between the sirens and the mane 6 (or is it 7 now)
  11. Finale was great and that battle was EPIC!
  12. Welcome I just joined too
  13. It is a shame Sunset didn't go back to Equestria it would have made season 5 all the more interesting
  14. ImogenOnscreen

    Hi everypony

    yeah InsaneMoonPsycho those ones are great especially Luna Eclipsed because Luna is great
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