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  1. I've had one of my polls destroyed by being merged with another, unrelated poll. There should be some sort of system to prevent this from happening, like requiring the OP to verify that the polls are actually about the same thing before they can be merged.
  2. It seems that it's possible for people to destroy threads by merging them with others. I am not happy.

    1. SilverComet


      Is a way for the moderators to remove the "attention seeking" power/control from the "OP" of a thread; without "destroying" the content added by many other users.

      At the same time, they now get notifications from brohoofs or replys to ther original comments in the new merged thread (usually a "MEGA" dump/hub/concentrator); guiding them to a more complete talk about the subject.

  3. Happy birthday! :) Hope you have a great time~ ^.^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/3/20/853547/medium.png

    1. speedyblupi


      Thank you, random senpai ^_^

  4. Possibly. I decided not to because we've already got a load of "best pony" poll results which have got more data than my poll would be likely to, so I wouldn't need to ask the question myself.
  5. It's more about the latter than the former. The time you became a brony (and also your age) would be interesting to know, and might show some interesting trends, but the point of this poll is to see whether individual fans' opinions change as they progress through the seasons of MLP rather than to see if the fandom as a whole is changing.
  6. I think I've noticed a trend in changing opinions of the ponies, and this poll is a test for this. Please say which pony was the FIRST that you considered to be the best in the show - this is not necessarily the one that is currently your favourite, but it may be if you've stuck with them. You could potentially currently hate this pony, but if they were the first character that you considered to be the best in FiM then click by their name, or write it down below if it's not on the list. Explanations for why you were intitially drawn to the character you chose aren't needed, but could be interesting to know.
  7. Well, I mean that it shows you're willing to give away that sort of "personal information", and the questions about location etc, were optional.
  8. Yet your note says that you're not afraid to admit that you think ponies are sexy...
  9. That's not what the point of the question about whether you live with your parents is, the point is whether bronies have grown up and moved out of their parents' homes yet. It's basically supposed to be proving the point that we're not all obese neckbeards who live in our parents' basements, living off cheetos.
  10. It's a survey of brony personalities and lifestyles. It's supposed to be asking personal questions. If you don't want to give this information you don't need to, but being paranoid about it is pointless. You can't be identified from just your race, age, sexuality and zipcode.
  11. Hey everypony. I've noticed that this year's brony census is up for people to take. It will be more reliable the more people who take it! http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2209170/639d55e4e769
  12. Well, like I said, there were still a lot of leads I'd not gone down yet. There's probably about 1000 unique and original Luna songs on YouTube in total. Thanks for the addition though. It would be great to have other people helping me finish this list. Well Aurelleah. Your two songs gave me a surprisingly large amount of links to other luna songs I'd not come across before. I got too many leads to check in one session! I also found some vore fetish fuel, which I wasn't expecting. An animation of NM eating Twilight had some unique backing music to it. By the way, I'm terrible at recognising musical genres. If anyone knows anything about what any of them (really) are, it would be a great help if you put them in, especially the ones where I put ??? Here's my update to the list: Sorry it's still in the same format. I need to work something out about the copying and pasting... 331 Lunaria Aurelleah Orchestral 332 Nightmare (unrelated 2) Aurelleah Orchestral 333 The Nightmare ASMusic Electronic 334 Lunar Eclipse (unrelated 2) Lore RD Alternative 334 Luna (unrelated 2) Lore RD Classical 335 A song about Luna donglekumquat Alternative 336 Under the Moon Francisco Alejandro Orchestral 337 Nightmare in the Light BluNoseReindeer, Pyromitsu Traditional 338 Eternal Nightmare Night Gryfinz Rap 339 Eternal Night Gryfinz Rap 340 Nightmare Night Rap FelixFalora Rap 341 Nightmare Night for GameColt Color Chain Algorithm Electronic 342 This is Nightmare night (unrelated) Meelz, Koroshi-Ya Metal 343 Twilight's Nightmare Resonant Waves, michaelmoshe4 Vore 344 Nightmare Night (unrelated 2) Injustrial Industrial 345 Resist Refuse Rebel Arise Injustrial Industrial 346 Final Night Omnipony Trance 347 Nightmare (AGAIN) Wolf of Sadness Alternative 348 The Shadowbolts Guise SupaSpeedStrut Instrumental 349 Return of the Moon Goddess ISMBOFepicly Instrumental 350 Temple of the Two Pony Sisters Interrobang Pie, Makkon, etc Instrumental 351 This is Nightmare Night (AGAIN) Shadow Night, P.I.E.S quartet Parody 352 Nightmare Night Surprise VocalScorePony Alternative 353 Nightmare Night (Oh for fuck's sake) Forest Rain Metal 354 Under Luna's Sky VocalScorePony Trance 355 This is Nightmare Night (O.F.F.S.) 24railwaycuttings Parody 356 Across the Stars Andante, Peak Freak ??? 357 Inner Struggle Black Electric, MysteriousBronie Parody 358 Luna's Respite Thomas H, etc Rap 359 Moonlight Landscape Lore RD Instrumental 360 Walk Among the Stars Lore RD Instrumental 361 Past Sins The Snatcher, Marina ??? 362 Of Greater Horizons Kyoga Instrumental 363 Looking To The Stars Kyoga Instrumental 364 The Nightmare Cometh Vocoded_Glasses, SHalMusicFX Alternative
  13. I'm not sure. I copied and pasted it in from a word document as a table, but the formatting got messed up by MLPforums. I think I'll probably add a few more (probably about 50 or so - that's about as many as I typically find in a searching session) on in a couple of days, and I'll see what I can do about the alignment when I do that.
  14. I've recently been doing research into just how much music the brony fandom creates. I chose to focus on one pony to make my job easier, but I chose one of the top three ponies in terms of sheer volume of songs (the other two being Rainbow Dash and Twilight). I knew there was a lot of music, but I didn't expect quite this much. This is a list of all the songs which have Princess Luna as their primary subject, their creators, and the best approximation of genre that I could come up with to describe the music. I am excluding remixes of other brony songs (if I included them this list would easily be in the thousands rather than the hundreds), but including bronified remixes or parodies of other non-brony songs (I've noticed that there are quite a few from Frozen). Music about Luna from MLP canon is also included (there's hardly any of it). This list is nowhere near complete, and I have many leads which I know I will be able to find more Luna Music down - more youtube channels, more musicians and groups. Many of the songs have the same title (including SIX songs all called "Luna's Lament"), but I have checked that they are actually different songs, rather than being remixes or reposts. The List isn't in any particular order other than the order that I found them in. Some of the names are abbreviated to initials for songs with multiple artists, and where there are too many producers/backers/instrumentalists to list I've abbreviated it to "multiple". To avoid confusion "The Living Tombstone" is TLT, and "The L-Train" is abbreivated to LT. Names in brackets are the creators of original songs before they are ponified or remixed. An "(unrelated)" or "(unrelated 2)" or "(AGAIN)" or "(oh for fuck's sake)" or "(ARRGH!)" note is used to make it clear that songs with repeated names are not the same song. But seriously, if you make a song about Luna and call it "Luna's Lament" I will probably have an aneurysm or something. So. Here's the list... No. Title Artist(s) Genre 1 Luna's Song Of The Night Dancingchris1 Instrumental 2 Lullaby for a Princess ponyphonic Traditional 3 Luna's Reply Mslkarishipper Traditional 4 Nightmare Night Glaze, MTM Rap 5 Lost On The Moon Glaze, TLT, Rina Chan Alternative 6 The Moon Rises ponyphonic Traditional 7 Luna's Lament SlyphStorm Instrumental 8 Soldiers of the Night SS, 4EB, Midnight Melody Hybrid 9 Moonrise: Prelude The L-Train, Multiple Hybrid 10 Moonrise: Harmony LT, Multiple, Lukas Lindner Metal 11 Moonrise: Nightfall LT, Multiple Hybrid 12 Moonrise: Lunar March LT, Secret Metal, Multiple Metal 13 Moonrise: Battle of Sun and Moon LT, ponysphere, Multiple Metal 14 Moonrise: Daybreak LT, Multiple Traditional 15 Moonrise: Harmony Restored LT, GatoPaint, Multiple Hybrid 16 Moonlight Baasik, Black Gryph0n Synthpop 17 Turn The Moon Around Annomaniac. (Kazino) Synthpop 18 Luna, Please Fill My Empty Sky PinkiePieSwear Instrumental 19 For The New Lunar Republic iamnotacleverpony Instrumental 20 The Rise Of A New Lunar Republic FurryFoxFire Instrumental 21 Ovation of the Night Tysolin Instrumental 22 Luna's Soliloquy Faux Synder Traditional 23 Celestia vs Luna EPBOH Comedy Rap 24 Who I Am DrDycer Traditional 25 Deae Lunae Makkon Instrumental 26 Lunar Coronation PsychGoth Classical 27 Luna's Ruse haymaker, zaquo Synthpop 28 Nightmare Moon Returns? PsychGoth Instrumental 29 Call Me Luna PsychGoth Instrumental 30 Luna's Fall to Darkness PsychGoth Classical 31 Luna's Lament (unrelated) PsychGoth Classical 32 New Lunar Republic Hell March Kiryu San Metal 33 Don't be afraid Andy Feelin Synthpop 34 Boogiemare Hirosashii Synthpop 35 Vicious lies d.notive Synthpop 36 Millennia NomNom Traditional 37 If I Go Back ElectroKaplosion, Alina Alternative 38 Luna's Night Squeak Anon Instrumental 39 Reminiscence PsychGoth Instrumental 40 Retribution NomNom, MEMJ0123 Traditional 41 It's About Time OhPonyBoy Electronic 42 Princess Luna's Whine OhPonyBoy A Capella 43 Luna's Sorrow WoodyMoto Instrumental 44 Love Thy Luna WoodyMoto Traditional 45 Dear Luna SimGretina, MEMJ Traditional 46 To The Mooooon SimGretina, MEMJ Instrumental 47 Princess Of The Night SimGretina Alternative 48 Princess of the night (unrelated) Sherclop Pones Comedy 49 Come Home WoodyMoto Orchestral 50 Beautiful Night Evening Star Instrumental 51 Searching Eyes Evening Star Instrumental 52 Do You Want To See The Moon Rise EileMonty, MEMJ Parody 53 Luna's Let it go AwkwardMarina Parody 54 Home Jeff Burgess, EileMonty, MEMJ Traditional 55 Moon Carbon Maestro, Periluna Epic 56 Lunar Pirate CM, MEMJ, ElieMonty Orchestral 57 Now That I'm Coming Home Jeff Burgess, Feather Orchestral 58 Alone in the Dark Rarity, Lady Aria Hybrid 59 This is Nightmare Night Multiple Alternative 60 In The Night CM, Haylizbeth Traditional 61 Video Games SimGretina, Kathy Chan Alternative 62 The Fight Inside/Within PrinceWhateverer Punk 63 Luna's CAPS LOCK PrinceWhateverer Punk 64 HeLuna PrinceWhateverer Metal 65 Luna Eurobeat Brony Eurobeat 66 Set Me Free Aviators Pop 67 Little Sister Aviators, Tarby Pop 68 Lower The Moon iamnotacleverpony Instrumental 69 Raise The Moon BoundbyCronus Parody 70 The Stars Will Aid Her Escape iamnotacleverpony Instrumental 71 Princess Luna: A Thousand Years Dat Rainbow Pony Instrumental 72 Most Wonderful of Nights Aftermath Alternative 73 Theme for Nightmare Moon and Luna megatfreak Classical 74 The Moon ByCelestiasBeard Instrumental 75 The Royal Voice ByCelestiasBeard Alternative 76 You Raise The Moon ArchersOfAgincourt Traditional 77 Let It Glow Faux Synder Parody 78 Let it Go- Luna Parody Evening Harmony Parody 79 Let it Go (Luna's Version) Cinnamon Carter Parody 80 From The Moon Radiarc Instrumental 81 Conflict ByCelestiasBeard Instrumental 82 Undeserved Sins Jeffthestrider Instrumental 83 Past Sins Alternate Theme AlnairLindalwe Instrumental 84 Past Sins Main Theme forcedemodo Instrumental 85 Past Sins (Chapter 0) forcedemodo Instrumental 86 Past Sins (Chapter 6-1) forcedemodo Instrumental 87 Past Sins (Chapter 10-2) forcedemodo Instrumental 88 Past Sins (Chapter 11) forcedemodo Instrumental 89 Past Sins (Chapter 13-1) forcedemodo Instrumental 90 The element of shadow arkantos4dead Instrumental 91 Day and Nightmare Radiarc Instrumental 92 Cynosure: The Grand Descent Radiarc Instrumental 93 Eclipsed Radiarc Instrumental 94 A Nightmare to Remember Radiarc Instrumental 95 Dusk Radiarc Instrumental 96 Nightmare Radiarc Classical 97 Reliving the Nightmare Radiarc Instrumental 98 Trick or Treating Radiarc Instrumental 99 The Darkest Nightmare Radiarc Epic 100 Come Home Soon Joaftheloaf Traditional 101 Past Sins: Treachery Arvianth Epic 102 Eternal Night DJDelta0 Instrumental 103 Fillies' Lullaby Arvianth Traditional 104 Moonlight (unrelated) Radiarc Eastern 105 Her Night Radiarc Instrumental 106 Lower The Moon (unrelated) Radiarc Instrumental 107 Fading Crescent Radiarc Instrumental 108 A Radiance Forlorn Radiarc Instrumental 109 Luna's Tranquil Night OrchestralDesign Instrumental 110 Luna's Night (unrelated) TheDashDub Orchestral 111 A New Moon TheDashDub Orchestral 112 Moonlit Dreams OrchestralDesign Instrumental 113 Regrets SlyphStorm Instrumental 114 Jealousy Feather Hybrid 115 Those Who've Passed Away SlyphStorm Traditional 116 Waltz for the Night replacer, Feather Synthpop 117 StarGazer SlyphStorm Synthpop 118 Running Above The Stars OhPonyBoy Trance 119 Epic Princesses Time OhPonyBoy Instrumental 120 Celestia vs Luna (unrelated) EileMontyDubz Comedy Rap 121 Confrontation Ponified Cover Dragonfoxgirl, (Frank Wildhorn) Traditional 122 The Lunar Boon Faux Synder Alternative 123 Redemption TheDashDub Orchestral 124 Luna's Relief &I Trance 125 Luna's Winter Wrap Up Cyril The Wolf Acoustic 126 Lunar Impressment Screams From Equestria Metal 127 Corrosion SFE, Bronyfied Metal 128 Zero Aviators Rock 129 Ashes Aviators Rock 130 Sacrifice the young to luna Screams From Equestria Metal 131 Luna's Remembrance Screams From Equestria Metal 132 Queen Of Nightmares Time Baby Hybrid 133 Regrets (unrelated) TheDashDub Orchestral 134 Endless Skies TheDashDub Instrumental 135 Princess Luna's Lullaby iamnotacleverpony Orchestral 136 A Tale Of Luna Arvianth Orchestral 137 Night And Solitude Dancingchris1 Classical 138 Unforgivable Left4Noobs2 Instrumental 139 Song of Solitude OrchestralDesign Orchestral 140 Lunar Waltz/Guardian of the Night Eccentrifuge, Resonant Waves Orchestral 141 Luna's Wrath D1SCORDANT3 Instrumental 142 Rise D1SCORDANT3 Instrumental 143 Luna's Lullaby, Celestia's Lament Star Charmer Traditional 144 No Choice Left Dj Gestap Trance 145 Luna Double Fun Song TuXe Dubtrot 146 Luna's Eclipse NickThePunkRockPony Instrumental 147 Princess Luna's Night Aria FitisSong (Meghan McCarthy) Parody 148 Princess Luna v.s Zecora CelestialLamour Parody 149 Waltz for Luna Lastair Classical 150 Lunar Eclipse [Luna's theme] WherewolfTherepony Dubtrot 151 Lunar Eclipse (unrelated) FurryFoxFire Instrumental 152 Roar Of Marching Hooves FurryFoxFire Hybrid 153 The Final Fall of the Lunar Republic Kind Tide Classical 154 The Night Has Won... FurryFoxFire Classical 155 Rise Of The Endless Night FurryFoxFire Instrumental 156 Echoes FurryFoxFire Orchestral 157 Banishment Stakalucard Orchestral 158 Luna's Banishment Argodaemon Comedy 159 Celestial Moon Resonant Waves Orchestral 160 Hot Night of Luna TheLaservega Electronic 161 Luna's Requiem Dancingchris1 Classical 162 Luna Ascends StringStorm Orchestral 163 Luna's City Night AgileDash Electronic 164 Luna's Serenity bobman1111111111 Hybrid 165 Luna's Lament (unrelated 2) DrDissonance1 Classical 166 Serious Luna EqAmRd Electronic 167 Luna's Lament (AGAIN) BronyToons Traditional 168 Children of the Night Duo Cartoonist, (Erutan Music) Traditional 169 Luna's Battle Theme Hxrmn Electronic 170 Nightmare (unrelated) Yelling At Cats Rap 171 Nightmare Moon fight with Celestia Zack Hemsey Orchestral 172 Millenium of Solitude David Ketikidis Instrumental 173 Beauty of Underneath David Ketikidis Instrumental 174 Isle d'Equus David Ketikidis Orchestral 175 Twist & Clank. watch your flank David Ketikidis Electronic 176 Aquatic Acquaintance David Ketikidis Orchestral 177 Aftermath of Apocalypse David Ketikidis Instrumental 178 Secrets of the Shallows David Ketikidis Orchestral 179 Fairytales by the Campfire David Ketikidis Orchestral 180 Peculiar Moments David Ketikidis Instrumental 181 Rise of the Lunarbolts David Ketikidis Orchestral 182 Defender of the Night David Ketikidis Instrumental 183 Capability for Construction David Ketikidis Orchestral 184 Skyward Journey David Ketikidis Orchestral 185 Scootaloo's Dream (CANON) William Anderson Orchestral 186 You'll play your part (CANON) Ingram, McCarthy Traditional 187 Nightmare's Requiem deathaura40s Classical 188 Stargazing Luna Nicolas Dominique Instrumental 189 Midnight Moon Nicolas Dominique Instrumental 190 Nightmare Moon Nicolas Dominique Electronic 191 Winter Night Nicolas Dominique Orchestral 192 We Are The Night Nicolas Dominique Instrumental 193 Wereluna Nicolas Dominique Alternative 194 Palace Serenity Nicolas Dominique Ambient 195 The Guardian of Dreams Nicolas Dominique Electronic 196 Equestria, a Dream Worth Fighting For Nicolas Dominique Trance 197 Awakening the Ancient Power Nicolas Dominique Trance 198 Watch the Constellations Dance Nicolas Dominique Trance 199 Comet Nicolas Dominique Trance 200 Moonfire Nicolas Dominique Instrumental 201 Crown of Stars Nicolas Dominique Electronic 202 Knowledge's External Nicolas Dominique Trance 203 Moonstuck Nicolas Dominique Trance 204 PinkAndFluffy.AVI OhPonyBoy Instrumental 205 Bluer Skies 4EB, CC, LC, R1P Traditional 206 The Fall Socratic Brony Classical 207 Luna's Moonlight Night Breeze Orchestral 208 Regret Night Breeze Orchestral 209 My Little Sister alioopster27, BassBeastDJ Traditional 210 Luna's First Day On The Dark Moon PonyVisation Classical 211 Luna's Nightmare Pt.1 - Moonrise DimRevery Instrumental 212 Eclipsed/Moon Night Breeze Electronic 213 Mare In The Moon Patrick Poe Orchestral 214 Prima Luce Night Breeze Orchestral 215 Celestial Sisters CWInsomnia Metal 216 We Are The Night (unrelated) CWInsomnia Metal 217 The Night Will Last Forever Night Breeze Classical 218 The Night Will Last Forever (unrel.) The Manjaro Electronic 219 Lunar Nocturnality AcousticBrony Acoustic 220 A Long Way fro Equestria AcousticBrony Traditional 221 Wave Hello Feather Trance 222 The Night Will Last Forever (AGAIN) Tarby Pop 223 Nightmare Moon (unrelated) Tarby Electronic 224 The Sun Rises ElectroKaplosion, Forest Rain Pop 225 Neigh Children, Weight! baschfire Orchestral 226 For Luna: Luna Orchestral baschfire Classical 227 Luna's Lament (Oh for fuck's sake) baschfire Orchestral 228 Luna's Lament (ARRGH!!!) ZephyrPony Orchestral 229 Luna's Watch baschfire Orchestral 230 Song of the Night Mandopony Traditional 231 Moonlight Memories Semiquaver Runner Instrumental 232 Luna's Lullaby DrDycer Rock 233 Princess of the Night – Luna's Lullaby xmleaderx2006 Rock 234 Escape from the Moon Chain Algorithm Electronic 235 When Luna Sleeps CKponysongs Orchestral 236 Princess of the Night (unrelated 2) Melodosis Dubstep 237 Lunar Republic ALfiux Trance 238 Lunar Obsession PeKaNo Electronic 239 The Dreamwalker SilverPoyozo Orchestral 240 Lunar Princess meta pony Electronic 241 The Shadowbolts Pt. 1 MandoPony Instrumental 242 Pt. 2 New Recruits MandoPony Instrumental 243 Pt. 3 The Coming Storm MandoPony Orchestral 244 Luna (unrelated) FirefretTehBrony Instrumental 245 Luna's Return/Reversion Matthew N., Rosemary, Buffalo Trance 246 1000 Years ImTheMoon61 Classical 247 Reunited PonyVisation Orchestral 248 A Tempting Night Arvianth Orchestral 249 Banishment (unrelated) CWInsomnia Metal 250 Downfall CWInsomnia Metal 251 Curse Of Immortality CWInsomnia Metal 252 The Pendant and the Amulet CWInsomnia Metal 253 Eternal CWInsomnia Metal 254 Living in Darkness Trigger the Dragon Dubstep 255 Lost in the Abyss SFE, Rivvum Metal 256 Lunar Empire Reuel, Tempus Hybrid 257 Luna's Wish Carbon Maestro Orchestral 258 Tidal Wave Reuel Rock 259 Nightmares Pony Music Dubstep 260 Moon of Nightmares Dimondium Orchestral 261 Lunar Luminescence FraGmenTd Trance 262 A thousand years Faux Synder (Christina Perri) Parody 263 Luna's Eclipse (unrelated) Ibeabronyrapper Rap 264 Luna's Moon Dance Korw House 265 Nightmare Moon (unrelated 2) baschfire Orchestral 266 New Lunar Republic National Anthem NewLunarRepublicOFCL Orchestral 267 Lunacy TeiThePony Trance 268 When Luna Sleeps TeiThePony Trance 269 Lunar Moonboom Nicolas Dominique Trance 270 The Mare in the Moon BassBeastJD Orchestral 271 Lunar Inc I Bring Da LULZ Parody 272 Luna Wake Me Up Donn DeVore Trance 273 Luna Waited Replacer Instrumental 274 Lunasong UnderpOny Britpop 275 Nocturnal Lucero The Pegasus Instrumental 276 Insomnia Lucero The Pegasus Instrumental 277 Obscurity Lucero The Pegasus Instrumental 278 The Lunar Passage LTP, DJRedSkY Instrumental 279 Princess Luna Silva Hound Ambient 280 Luna's rebellion MrSparklecast Hybrid 281 The Night Rises Comet Glider Instrumental 282 My Love is No Disguise PhonyBrony, ChiChi House 283 Beyond The Stars PhonyBrony, Giggly Maria House 284 Nightmare Night (unrelated) Megaphoric Traditional 285 The Moon's Ballad Kind Tide Instrumental 286 Luna's Fury: Luna Orchestral baschfire Orchestral 287 Luna Is Best Pony Sikon7 Electronic 288 The Rise of the New Lunar Republic Dat Rainbow Pony Orchestral 289 A Thousand Years In One Tear ToD Mendoza Orchestral 290 Princess Luna's Theme Pony McCartney Orchestral 291 Nightmare Rises ToD Mendoza Electronic 292 New Lunar Republic Main Theme TbOsiris3000 Orchestral 293 Vivere Nocte, Vivere Lunae DuskShine GothBrony Orchestral 294 Luna's Call to Arms DuskShine GothBrony Orchestral 295 New Lunar Republic MallyAzure Instrumental 296 War for Equestria Francisco Alejandro Orchestral 297 We Must Resist and Fight BroniesTJ Metal 298 Marching for Freedom Legendary Ambient 299 Ruins of the Old Castle Legendary Ambient 300 Eternal Dreams StringStorm Metal 301 A World in Eternal Night ToD Mendoza Orchestral 302 Endless Nights Shadow Colt Electronic 303 New Lunar Republic Battle Theme RadixMusic Orchestral 304 March of the Lunar Empire DasDeer Orchestral 305 Liberation Legendary ??? 306 The Song of Princess Luna SonicFan39Returns Traditional 307 Alone Fox Amoore, Dreamsong Traditional 308 Alone (unrelated) Survivors of the Siege Metal 309 Night's Talons Lars Muller Electronic 310 Luna's Solace MidnightIce7 Ambient 311 Indigo Tears IlumiTalvi Instrumental 312 Luna's Corruption 115Predator Orchestral 313 Luna's Corruption (unrelated) SparrowFae Orchestral 314 Only a Beautiful Night Paper Coelacanth Ambient 315 Arkane – The Black Insurrection Stringstorm Hybrid 316 Luna Ascends Stringstorm Orchestral 317 Glorious Moonlight Stringstorm Orchestral 318 Nightmare's Nocturnal Kiss Stringstorm Hybrid 319 March of Heroes Stringstorm Hybrid 320 Swords in the Wind Stringstorm Hybrid 321 The Battle of Canterlot Stringstorm Hybrid 322 Daughter of the Moon Multiple (Adrisaurus) Ponified cover 323 Eternal Dream Stringstorm, Thevenomous Hybrid 324 Prelude of the Banished Stringstorm Hybrid 325 Luna, Won't You Smile For Me Shabidosaroo Traditional 326 Luna's Remorse Billthepony Instrumental 327 In Luna's Mind SupaSpeedStrut Electronic 328 Luna's Army Assembles baschfire Orchestral 329 Long Live, The Lunar Republic Unity Of Factors Instrumental 330 The Nightmare Continues Unity Of Factors Metal
  15. Usually I think about whatever the music's about, or I think about my opinions of how good the music sounds.