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  1. I am a huge grammar nazi. I love theoatmeal's comics on grammar. My biggest pet peeve is when you're, your, their, their, and there are used incorrectly. I often wonder if they even tried passing grade school. My ex-best friend got "i do wat i want" tattooed across her chest in size 800 font. Notice the prefix "ex". I couldn't bring myself to talk to her after that.
  2. Huh... I should probably keep an eye out for myself on Twitter. I wear my Rainbow Dash shirt on the days my baby wears her Rainbow Dash hoodie. We match. I should just start dressing her up like Pinkie Pie and carry her around.
  3. I took a nap earlier and had a very creepy dream. I know I've had it before. I was in a very large, very plain red brick building. It looked like an old apartment complex with probably 100 units, and was 3 or 4 stories tall. I was wandering around inside of the building alone. The building was being used as a ward for clinically insane female youth (crazy teenage girls). Some girls bunked together, some had their own rooms. It was wild and unmanned, like the girls were abandoned and locked inside. I couldn't figure out why I was there or how to get out. There was no staff, no doctors, no nurses, just a bunch of wild girls. The hallways kept changing, doors kept moving, every time I turned around it was different. I entered on the ground floor and ended up on the top floor without ever climbing stairs. I was looking for a way out. The later the night became, the more insane the girls acted. At the end of the dream I passed a door that I had passed before. There was a sign hanging on the outside that said, "If this door is shut it means I am safe." I had talked to the girl earlier that day and she told me that "it" attacks the girls in the dorms and the only safe place is inside of her room. She locks herself up every night. The other girls are afraid of her. When I passed this door again, it was open and the light was on but nobody was inside. I realize I need to start running. The girl from earlier has a nappy mane of hair, and her eyes are wild. She's chasing me with her hands held out like claws, and bearing her teeth like she wants to rip me to shreds. She wasn't protecting herself by locking herself up. She was protecting everyone else from the monster she becomes. I ran into a room, locked the door, and climbed out the window. I knew the only safe place was outside. I climbed as fast as I could, half climbing and half sliding down. As soon as my feet touched the ground I heard a car's engine rev like someone was waiting for me. Then I woke up.
  4. I was going to vote other for abstinent. I'm in no way looking for any kind of relationship right now, and I don't ever plan on being in one again. My heart and trust was broken way beyond repair... more like shattered. However, asexual isn't me because deep down I still hope to find my soulmate. I was bisexual and I was in a committed relationship with a woman some time back, but we drifted apart and I found her less than appealing even though she was quite beautiful. I voted for heterosexual. Genitals matter.
  5. MooCowing

    My OC

    Well, then, I shall claim copyrights on draeponian! Either way, still very cool. I love dragons and have been thinking of making myself a dragon OC. Don't worry, I won't steal your dragon/pony idea. I have a dragon character from a novel I'm writing that I may try drawing in MLP style.
  6. MooCowing

    My OC

    That's about 20% cooler. You should come up with a cool name for his race... like draeponian (like a draconian, but with pony, get it?)
  7. That's incredible for a first grader! You have an extremely talented little artist on your hands. Always praise and support him. I know he can go a long way. Dream big, little boy. Dream big and you'll go far. When I was a little girl I wanted to work for Disney. That dream is going to come true. It has taken a lot of hard work, doubt, trial, and error. My biggest mistake was listening to an art teacher who told me I wasn't good enough. But you know what? One day I realized that I AM good enough. Always believe in yourself, even when someone tells you that you're not good enough. The magic is in you if you choose to believe. You can do anything as long as you can dream it.
  8. and It's not listed by episode number so you have to search for the next episode in the lineup, but so far they've all been there. I didn't have any luck on Youtube.
  9. I grew up on G1. It ranks right up there with Care Bears, Gummy Bears, and The Wuzzles. Ponies fighting wicked clumsy witches... then G1.5 where they go rollerskating to their favorite ice cream shop. I remember watching an entire episode where baby ponies were learning to play make believe with a ball. What mind-numbing dribble. My immature brain I couldn't get enough of it. I'm re-watching it and I laugh at how bad the animation was. There were so many errors, ponies changing color, voices going to the wrong character, etc. I skipped G2 and G3. Started watching G4 after hearing about it from only God knows who. It brought back memories so I gave it a shot. Its one of the best cartoons on TV right now.
  10. I am re-watching from G1 and it is bringing back so many wonderful childhood memories. I was such a huge fan when I was a little girl. I played with my MLP toys in the bathtub and I would play make-believe that I was my favorite pony, Firefly. I had all the toys I could find, the VHS tapes, coloring books, anything I could put my little hands on. I still have some of my VHS and most of my toys. I wish I had more. I don't get where you're saying it was violent. I liked this show because it was a lot less violent than other cartoons at the time, Tom&Jerry, Coyote&Roadrunner, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Daffy Duck... there was no slap-stick comedy, no anvils being dropped, no guns and hunting. MLP was quite tame, actually. I loved the idea of happy-colored ponies having tea parties and going to the ice cream shop. There were darker parts to the show, I will admit that. However, it's much different when perceived by a 6 year old than by an adult. I knew that the good ponies would always win, and that the witches or whatever enemy was mostly there for comic relief or storyline. I'm seeing darker themes while re-watching than I noticed as a child, but nothing I wouldn't let my own child watch. Then again children's cartoons now lack so much from what I had when I was growing up. They're too cushy and not nearly as entertaining. I'm trying to figure out where to draw the line between the generations. G1 seems to be the original MLP n Friends, plus MLP Tales. G2 is actually a video game released with a line of slimmer dolls. G3 is the 2000-era ponies. And of course G4 MLP: FiM. So it seems I missed G2 and G3 entirely. I remember seeing the G2 dolls and thought they looked weird. By the time G3 was out I was too busy being a teenager. I actually feel like drawing the G1 ponies in G4 style. I think I'm gonna do that with some of my favorites now.
  11. I only have one parent; my mom. If she was a pegasister.... wow. We'd actually have something in common! She listens to me yap for hours about stuff that doesn't interest her and I listen to her talk about knitting. It'd be nice to share more interests.
  12. Real fandom never dies. Look at Star Wars. They didn't release any new movies for what, 20 years? It still has fans.
  13. I watch preschool cartoons with my daughter. Dora, Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. The kind of shows that say "Come on, interact with me!" MLP doesn't ask the audience where to find the next clue, so no, it is not a preschool show. That's not to say I won't let my one-year-old watch it. I'd say it's entertaining for all ages. It captures babies' attentions, kids love it, parents don't mind sitting mindlessly through hours on end of MLP.
  14. Pegasus. I want to fly~ Which is odd because I don't have a pegasus OC I want to use. I guess I'm just trying to perfect her first.