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  1. Anyone gotten a deep cleaning done on their teeth?

  2. Keep getting hurt by guys on dating websites and apps. Why can't I find a decent brony instead :(.

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    2. CypherHoof 🐎

      CypherHoof 🐎

      Well, sorry to hear it. I assume there are at least SOME decent guys on dating sites though, given the number of guys who make similar complaints....

    3. Tropical Melody
    4. MetalBrony666
  3. When will the Los Angeles, California premiere for the My Little Pony The Movie happen? How can you tell, when one is announced so you can go to it? At most premiere nights for movies, they show fans lined up, getting photos with the actors and things signed. How do you get tickets to actual events like this, able to see the movie at its official premiere? Who do you get in contact with?
  4. It sucks, that I ask guys out and they ignore me. :(

  5. This past weekend, yesterday in fact Sunday Sept. 3rd was my 30th BDay, and tonight we decided to celebrate, due to other circumstances out of our control. This is the cake for my 30th BDay for this year 20117! Cake bought from Walmart cost $12!


  6. HAPPY 30TH BDAY TO ME!!!!

  7. When news broke at about concessions items, tying into the My Little Pony The Movie release for this fall, I decided to contact the company Cinema Scene Marketing, to see about receiving the items for review consideration. After some chit chat between us, the items were sent my way! Expect a written and video review only at and soon!


  8. Looking for single bronies to date in California!

  9. Watching season 7 of the Winx Club!

  10. I did go to my library this week and checked out some Daring Do books.

    1. Mirage


      I didn't know they actually existed?

    2. MetalBrony666


      They do exist check online to see.

  11. Spent the afternoon watching a classic flick SOME LIKE IT HOT, anyone see it before?

  12. Hung out with one of my friends tonight, we went to a concert, got beat up in the mosh pit, but had a great time! Got to see, Modern Chemistry, Every Time I Die, and Taking Back Sunday!

  13. Name: Natalie Age: 29 Gender: Female Country: U.S.A. - Los Angeles, California Likes: Concerts, Music, Conventions, Cosplay, Movies, TV Shows, Reading, Writing, Photography, Video Games, etc. Dislikes: Drinking, smoking, drugs. Hobbies: Going to concerts, conventions, cosplaying, playing games, writing, photography, reading, etc. Other Info: i am single, looking to date, want a relationship and marriage. I am looking for single bronies in the Los Angeles, California area 25-35 years of age. You can read more info about me, and see how I look from my icon photo. Hope to hear from some. pony
  14. Well I am ugly hands down.

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    2. MetalBrony666
    3. Barpy


      No you're not :c

    4. MetalBrony666


      Well everyone else says I am so I still say I must be.