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  1. When will the Los Angeles, California premiere for the My Little Pony The Movie happen? How can you tell, when one is announced so you can go to it? At most premiere nights for movies, they show fans lined up, getting photos with the actors and things signed. How do you get tickets to actual events like this, able to see the movie at its official premiere? Who do you get in contact with?
  2. MetalBrony666

    S05:E09 - Slice of Life

    Anypony seen the bronies react of this episode?
  3. MetalBrony666

    Finding your next best friend

    Name: Natalie Age: 29 Gender: Female Country: U.S.A. - Los Angeles, California Likes: Concerts, Music, Conventions, Cosplay, Movies, TV Shows, Reading, Writing, Photography, Video Games, etc. Dislikes: Drinking, smoking, drugs. Hobbies: Going to concerts, conventions, cosplaying, playing games, writing, photography, reading, etc. Other Info: i am single, looking to date, want a relationship and marriage. I am looking for single bronies in the Los Angeles, California area 25-35 years of age. You can read more info about me, and see how I look from my icon photo. Hope to hear from some. pony
  4. MetalBrony666

    Pony Fans in the Vocaloid World?

    So is any pony into vocaloid music?
  5. MetalBrony666

    Pony Fans in the Vocaloid World?

    Any pony here a fan of vocaloid music like Hatsune Miku, Len, Rin, Kaito, Luka, Meiko, IA, SeeU, Gumini, etc. I am a fan of this style of music very much. I've even had the chance to see Hatsune Miku live back in 2016, it was awesome. Any pony else into this style of music?
  6. MetalBrony666

    So.. Brony Mate..

    Oh I see. I just wish I can find a special some pony to call my own but no pony likes me.
  7. MetalBrony666

    So.. Brony Mate..

    I wanna try this website out but not sure if it is legit or even worth it. It would be cool to date MLP fan as big as me.
  8. MetalBrony666

    Amtrak Train or Other Trains to Con?

    Which Amtrak train or other train line goes from Los Angeles to the conventions location? Does anyone know or has any ridden the train over there and back? I am thinking of going to this convention by train.