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  1. Enjoy your time here, lots of great folks, things to read and do! And ponies, always ponies
  2. Welcome! Enjoy your time here, it's lots of fun!
  3. Night Fire


    DOn't give up on writing, practice makes perfect! And welcome to the forums! You'll find alot of folks here that love to chat aobut such things as music, writing, etc
  4. You'll like it here, easygoing folks, plenty to comment on, tons of fun! And muffins!
  5. Glad yer here! Have a great time! Lots to read and people to meet!
  6. Don't we wish we all could reroll our stats?

  7. Holy carp, sorry folks, been busy writing :) I'm aliiiiiiiive!

  8. Been doing some writing, try em out, might like em.

  9. If you need help, hit Octavia's Hall, creative types there can give great advice on animations, writing and whatnot! See ya there!
  10. Glad you could make it! Welcome to town, wander around.. Yeah have fun! Tons to do, read and see here!
  11. As a famous man with a hat once said "We're all mad here." Enjoy your stay, make some friends, have alot of fun! Oh..forgot.. PONIES!
  12. Welcome! Have fun, relax and enjoy, tons of good folks here!
  13. Welcome to the forums, it's a really great place. Tons of folks, things to do or participate in, it's an adventure!
  14. Welcome to the forums, it's a great place to meet more good folks!