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  1. VitalSpark

    Food What Is Your Opinion On Doughnuts?

    Doughnuts are good. I guess my favourites are the ones sprinkled with sugar and a hint of cinnamon.
  2. VitalSpark

    Decided to close this topic

    The Smooze. Make it happen.
  3. VitalSpark

    Why do Starlight and Aria Blaze look so similar?

    This was discussed a lot when Starlight was first introduced. You can come up with explanations like Starlight being Aria's daughter or sister or whatever, but ultimately there are only so many colour combinations that work well together, so some are bound to get reused.
  4. I speak English, some German, less French and Spanish, and tiny bits of Latin, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. I'd like to get better at the languages I already know rather than learning new ones.
  5. VitalSpark

    Spoiler New episode gonna be a double episode?

    I can assure you it does. We only just had the season 4 finale about 3 months ago. (Of course, I just download them all from YouTube.)
  6. I think I'm okay with this.
  7. Hi, I want to resign from playing Silver Spoon. To avoid leaving her current RPs abandoned, I'm happy to keep posting to them occasionally until a replacement player is found to take over, if that's allowed.
  8. I'd hoped we'd have Octavia joining us, but that doesn't seem to have happened, so I don't really know where to go from here. Any ideas?
  9. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] The Ponyville Pet Center Fundraiser

    ((@@Red Cedar, @)) Silver Spoon had wandered towards the centre of the venue during all the fuss over Princess Twilight Sparkle. Secretly she hoped she might find some of Twilight's feathers, or even… no it was too amazing to even think about… her crown. She paced up and down the area where Twilight had been crashed into, looking for a souvenir of the princess, but came up blank. She had been interested in buying an apple fritter, but amid all the confusion, hadn't been able to. In fact, Applejack hadn't even told her the price. She ambled back to the apple stand to wait for Applejack to return.
  10. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] Winter Wrap Up

    ((@@Love, @@Eloquence, @)) Silver Spoon finished eating and headed back to the nest-making area. Sweetie Belle and that pony with the bird… Eloquence… what was it… Inkspot? They seemed nowhere to be found. She slumped on her hoofs and planted her face on the table. She couldn't really be expected to make the remaining nests — however many it turned out they needed — all by herself, could she? She spotted a classmate of hers walking nearby with Princess Cadance and trotted over to them. "Excuse me, your highness," she started, interrupting their conversation and ignoring Rumble almost entirely. "I was… erm… I was on the nest building team, but I cam be from lunch and the rest of the team has disappeared!"
  11. VitalSpark

    MLP Comics and Television Show Confirmed to be Separate

    Unless those comics are set chronologically after MNFBKD.
  12. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] Silver Spoon's Roadside Café (Ended)

    ((@, @@LanternLight, @, @@Kay Dreamer, @@AmberDust)) "Yes, sure, she's having peppermint tea," Silver Spoon answered. She put a mint tea bag into a cup and poured the water. Personally she thought mint tea worked better with whole, fresh mint leaves, but she didn't have any of those — just these bags of dried mint. Probably most ponies wouldn't be able to tell the difference in taste anyway, though the tea did have less of a vibrant colour. She turned to Diamond Tiara. "Not bad. This was supposed to just be a way to drum up attention for the café in my garden, but some of the customers have actually paid money — looks like I'm going to earn more here that I would running the café back at home."
  13. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] Winter Wrap Up

    ((@@Kulstor)) "Thank you," Silver Spoon said meekly, accepting the glass of apple juice. She finished off her daisy sandwiches and slid the chips over towards herself. They looked delicious. She didn't normally like to talk to strangers, but this stallion seemed friendly, and she was pretty sure he had some kind of official job in Ponyville. She'd certainly seen him helping Mayor Mare run that cider contest at Sweet Apple Acres a few years ago. He didn't seem like the kind of stranger daddy warned her not to speak to. "So I hear you're some kind of doctor, right?" she asked, munching on a chip.
  14. VitalSpark

    Ask Vital Spark

    No. I'd do lots of things, but mostly Twilight Sparkle.
  15. VitalSpark

    Friendliest and/or Cutest Ponies On The Forums! :D

    I haven't conducted an extensive survey, but... @Coco before Pommel