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  1. Doughnuts are good. I guess my favourites are the ones sprinkled with sugar and a hint of cinnamon.
  2. Are you the person who used to have an OC called Wolf Tracks?

  3. The Smooze. Make it happen.
  4. This was discussed a lot when Starlight was first introduced. You can come up with explanations like Starlight being Aria's daughter or sister or whatever, but ultimately there are only so many colour combinations that work well together, so some are bound to get reused.
  5. I still exist, apparently.

  6. I speak English, some German, less French and Spanish, and tiny bits of Latin, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. I'd like to get better at the languages I already know rather than learning new ones.
  7. I can assure you it does. We only just had the season 4 finale about 3 months ago. (Of course, I just download them all from YouTube.)
  8. No. I'd do lots of things, but mostly Twilight Sparkle.
  9. I know you're going away for a few days, so here's an early birthday present... (if it asks for a password, then it's "aqua"). Happy birthday!

    1. TimeyWimeyAqua


      Wow! Thanks for that link! ;D and for wishing me a happy birthday ^///^

  10. I haven't conducted an extensive survey, but... @Coco before Pommel
  11. @, Yay! Thanks! Most underrated background filly.
  12. Happy birthday, my twin!

    1. Mightymags


      And happy birthday to you too!! :)

  13. I've been around long enough to remember where the term "shipping" originally came from... Of course the concept of shipping pre-dates The X-Files, but it was within the "X-Phile" community that the term arose. People were shipping Kirk and Spock right back in the 1960s. You can use the term "shipping" to refer to non-romantic relationships, but it's usually taken to refer to romantic ones. You can use the term "friendshipping" if you need to be clear you're talking about the former. Stories with sex might involve a relationship and romance, and thus be shipping stories, or they might not. Most of my pony stories involve shipping of one sort or another. No prize for guessing my favourite pony ship.
  14. In my opinion, some people are too opinionated about other people's opinions.
  15. Flower Marie, Stilton, Camembert, and Roquefort.
  16. Here's a SunDagio picture from catlover1672 on DeviantArt. She does quite a lot of Sunset Shimmer and Dazzlings pictures.
  17. @@Bryght Knowledge,Silver Spoon Mayor Mare Rarity (occasionally) Twilight Sparkle (rarely) Twist Photo Finish Vinyl Scratch Hoity Toity Spitfire Trenderhoof Snails (when Trixie does an age spell on him) Cheese Sandwich (in flashbacks to when he was a colt) Bon Bon (in flashbacks to when she was a filly) Zipporwhill (filly who invites Ponytones to sing at her party in Filli Vanilli) Nightjar (fan name for the father of Zipporwhill) Raven (Celestia's PA, sometimes shown as Mayor Mare's PA) Silver Shill (sometimes) Cloudy Quartz (Pinkie's mother) Apple Rose (Granny Smith's favourite cousin) Doctor Horse (doctor who treats Rainbow Dash in Read it and Weep, and appears in a few other episodes) Commander Easyglider (perhaps? He's never been shown in the show, but Twilight dresses up at him, and wears glasses) Grace (fan name for the receptionist in Rarity Takes Manehattan) Uncle Wing (fan name for the pony that sold Trixie the alicorn amulet) Big Wig (bowler from The Cutie Pox, who appears in a few other episodes in the background) All Aboard (fan name for the train conductor) Doc Top (doctor who examines Spike in Secrets of my Excess) Bill Neigh (professor in The Crystal Empire - Part 1) Neon Lights (sometimes, such as in Sweet and Elite) Gizmo (pony that buys asparagus in Putting Your Hoof Down and appears as a background pony in a few other episodes) Lucy Packard (fan name for the stage manager at the Best Young Flyer contest) Madden (fan name for the announcer at the same competition) Chelsea Porcelain (fan name for an elderly background pony seen on the train in the title sequence) Lemon Chiffon (fan name for a pony saved by Mare-Do-Well on the bus, and appears in a few other episodes) Picture Perfect (fan name for a background pony that looks a little like Photo Finish) Play Write (fan name for the teacher in Rarity's flashback during Cutie Mark Chronicles) Silver Frames (in Fancy Pants' entourage) Golden Gavel (ditto) Spaceage Sparkle (fan name for one of Rarity's competitors in Rarity Takes Manehattan) Surf (fan name for a mean pony in Putting Your Hoof Down) Brindle Young (fan name for a pony that appears in some of Granny Smith's flashback sequences) Caesar (fan name for a pony at the Grand Galloping Gala, though he wears a monacle) Classy Clover (fan name for another background pony that is a recolour of Caesar) Dance Fever (the pony that's "too flashy" for Cheerilee in Hearts and Hooves Day) Persnickety (fan name for pony that's "too uptight" in same episode) Harry Trotter (fan name for a background pony) Lockdown (fan name for Sapphire Shores' security guard) Match Game (fan name for the antique chicken trader in Trade Ya) Pipe Down (fan name for an elderly background pony) Steel Wright (fan name for a background pony in Applejack's Cutie Mark Chronicles flashback) Tall Order (background pony in several Manehattan and Canterlot scenes, including appearing as a guest at Applejack's aunt and uncles dinner party in her Cutie Mark Chronicles flashback) Mr Waddle (pony that Pinkie greets in A Friend in Deed; also "too old" for Cheerilee in Hearts and Hooves Day) Walter (pony that looks like Walter from The Big Lebowski and appears in The Cutie Pox). Withers (Dr Caballeron's henchman in Daring Don't) Mr Zippy (fan name for a pony that delivers the wrong mail to Fluttershy) Amethyst Maresbury (librarian at the Crystal Empire library) Fast Clip (a member of the Wonderbolt Academy staff) Whiplash (fan name for a member of the Wonderbolt Academy staff) Crystal Clear (fan name for an examiner in Twilight's school entry exam in Cutie Mark Chronicles) Little Red (background pony from Twilight Time with an abacus cutie mark) Plum Star (fan name for a colt at Sweetie Belle's fifth birthday party in Inspiration Manifestation) One of the Mane-iac's unnamed henchponies An unnamed elderly stallion in Somepony to Watch Over Me A pony that appears to be Bulk Biceps' mother seen in the background in Equestria Games A green-maned market vendor during the song Pinkie the Party Planner in Pinkie Pride Unnamed comic book geek colt in Trade Ya In addition, the Wonderbolts, the Shadowbolts, and most of the pegasi from Hurricane Fluttershy wear flight goggles.
  18. I am really loving this artist lately. Here's her take on the CMCs — Apple Bloom in particular is adorable.
  19. This picture... I have just been wasting so much time recently staring at it...