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  1. VitalSpark

    Sour Sweet (?) Fan Club

    Fan club for this girl who seems to be from Equestria Girls 3... Fan Club Rules: Worship the pink-haired archery girlSour Sweet. ??? Profit!
  2. VitalSpark

    Twilight's Mane

    OK, so now for a very important topic. I think it's good that we're able to discuss critical issues like this here. What side is Twilight Sparkle's pink streak on? It usually appears to be on her left (our right), but occasionally randomly shows up on her right (our left). For example, here's Twilight in Rarity's shop in Ticket Master, and her mane is on her right. Moments, later it's back to its usual spot. OK, maybe that can be explained by the fact that she was in the process of shaking off her wet mane. But later on in the episode, we see her answering the door to Applejack with it on the right, and once she's out of the door being offered various apple treats, it's moved back to the other side! So maybe, the animators just put the streak on whatever side is closest to the "camera"? No, that's not it either! It quite often appears behind her horn. Also, just for fun, here's a picture of Twilight rocking the denched-as-a-rat look.
  3. VitalSpark

    Merpony fan club

    You know the mirror that Twilight uses to go to the human world? Imagine she has another one that takes her to a mermaid world? Rules of the Merpony Fan Club: Post fan art, fanfic, etc of merponies (either anthro or not) ??? Profit! Here are a few pictures to get us started... Mermaid Mane 6 by CruellaDeVil84 (found on DeviantArt) My Little Mermaid Friendship is Aquatic by AquaticNeon (found via DeviantArt) Mermaid Sonata Dusk by me!!! (originally posted here) Twilight the Merpony by tashiepie (found on DeviantArt) - here's a non-anthro example My Little Mermaid#9 by fc-j (found on DeviantArt) - as you might have guessed from the "#9", this artist has done quite a lot of these pics Mermaid Apple Fritter by me!!! (originally posted here)
  4. VitalSpark

    Rainbow Dash's Wedding

    OK, so I saw this picture of Rainbow Dash in her bridesmaid outfit from Cadence's wedding, standing next to Soarin' and thought... what if it were Dashie and Soarin's wedding? So I retouched Dashie's outfit to make it look more like a wedding dress, and Soarin's outfit to make it look more like a suit. Here's the result: And if you are interested, here is the original: I know, I know... who wouldda thunk she played for that team?!
  5. VitalSpark

    Apple Fritter Fan Club

    Apple Fritter is cutest background pony! Rules of the fan club: Post glorious art, fanfic, etc of Apple Fritter. ??? Profit!
  6. VitalSpark

    Food What Is Your Opinion On Doughnuts?

    Doughnuts are good. I guess my favourites are the ones sprinkled with sugar and a hint of cinnamon.
  7. VitalSpark

    Decided to close this topic

    The Smooze. Make it happen.
  8. VitalSpark

    Why do Starlight and Aria Blaze look so similar?

    This was discussed a lot when Starlight was first introduced. You can come up with explanations like Starlight being Aria's daughter or sister or whatever, but ultimately there are only so many colour combinations that work well together, so some are bound to get reused.
  9. I speak English, some German, less French and Spanish, and tiny bits of Latin, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese. I'd like to get better at the languages I already know rather than learning new ones.
  10. VitalSpark

    Spoiler New episode gonna be a double episode?

    I can assure you it does. We only just had the season 4 finale about 3 months ago. (Of course, I just download them all from YouTube.)
  11. I think I'm okay with this.
  12. Hi, I want to resign from playing Silver Spoon. To avoid leaving her current RPs abandoned, I'm happy to keep posting to them occasionally until a replacement player is found to take over, if that's allowed.
  13. RP Thread Silver Spoon wants to start a band at Ponyville school. She'll play piano. But who else can she recruit? And will they ever agree on what type of music to play?
  14. I'd hoped we'd have Octavia joining us, but that doesn't seem to have happened, so I don't really know where to go from here. Any ideas?
  15. (OOC thread) Silver Spoon stood outside the office door. The door was a rich, dark mahogany, embossed with the words "SILVER PLATTER". She knocked twice. "Come," came her father's voice from within. The young grey earth pony pushed the door open with her hoof, and walked over to Silver Platter's desk. He looked up from his work and asked, "Silver Spoon, dear, is there something the matter?" Silver Spoon opened her mouth and dropped the magazine she'd been carrying onto his desk. She gave her father her cutest smile and pointed to an exquisite pearl necklace being modelled in the magazine by an elegant white unicorn with a flowing pink mane. "Please daddy," she asked, "can I have one of these?" She knew he wouldn't be able to resist that smile. "Let me take a look", said Silver Platter. His eyes came to rest on the price tag. "What?! Fifty bits?! You've got to be foaling with me!!" "Bit please," Silver Spoon begged, fluttering her eyelashes, "Diamond Tiara's daddy always gets her whatever she wants. She's even got a diamond tiara!" Maybe if Diamond Tiara's daddy paid me a better salary, thought Silver Platter. "No", he said, "I'm not going to pay fifty bits for some cheap piece of tat that you can hang around your neck." Silver Spoon burst into tears and ran off. Silver Platter knew better than to go after her. She needed some time to calm down. Silver Spoon walked to her bedroom dejectedly. The smile hadn't worked. Neither had the tears. She kicked at a teddy pony angrily. She kicked again. "Ow! Stars above!" she exclaimed. Her hoof had hit something hard. She looked down. It was the huge wooden tea chest her father had given her for her cuteceñera. Full of different exotic teas - Earl Grey, Lapsang Stallion, English Breakfast, Daflank Green, and more. An idea started to form in her head. If daddy wouldn't get her the necklace, she would get it herself! Silver Spoon moved the last of the chairs into position, and looked around at the results of her efforts. She'd set up several small round tables and chairs on the lawn in front of her house. Behind a larger rectangular table, there was a cauldron of boiling water, heated by a small camping stove she'd found in the cupboard under the stairs. (Since when had daddy ever been camping?!) One last thing to go. She hung up the banner that she'd made. It read: Silver Spoon's Café. Now she just had to wait for the customers to roll in.
  16. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] The Ponyville Pet Center Fundraiser

    ((@@Red Cedar, @)) Silver Spoon had wandered towards the centre of the venue during all the fuss over Princess Twilight Sparkle. Secretly she hoped she might find some of Twilight's feathers, or even… no it was too amazing to even think about… her crown. She paced up and down the area where Twilight had been crashed into, looking for a souvenir of the princess, but came up blank. She had been interested in buying an apple fritter, but amid all the confusion, hadn't been able to. In fact, Applejack hadn't even told her the price. She ambled back to the apple stand to wait for Applejack to return.
  17. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] Winter Wrap Up

    ((@@Love, @@Eloquence, @)) Silver Spoon finished eating and headed back to the nest-making area. Sweetie Belle and that pony with the bird… Eloquence… what was it… Inkspot? They seemed nowhere to be found. She slumped on her hoofs and planted her face on the table. She couldn't really be expected to make the remaining nests — however many it turned out they needed — all by herself, could she? She spotted a classmate of hers walking nearby with Princess Cadance and trotted over to them. "Excuse me, your highness," she started, interrupting their conversation and ignoring Rumble almost entirely. "I was… erm… I was on the nest building team, but I cam be from lunch and the rest of the team has disappeared!"
  18. OOC Thread ((@@Pulchritude, @@Love, @, @@Aeros Sine, @, @)) It was a fine day in Ponyville, the pegasus ponies having scheduled a week-long dose of sunshine, starting yesterday, and Silver Spoon trotted to school in a good mood. Miss Cheerilee was having a week off, which meant they would have a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers are always fun. You can swap names with classmates, and they don't know the difference. You can tell them the afternoon recess bell is actually the going home time bell, and all skip out of school early. You can play all kinds of tricks on them because you know the school better than they do. She chuckled, imagining the hapless temporary member of staff. Arriving at school, Silver Spoon saw several of her friends and classmates filing into the school building already. She must have been running slightly late. She followed them in and was about to take her usual seat when she decided, no, substitute teacher… she took Sweetie Belle's usual seat instead. A hush descended on the classroom as the teacher came through the door. Silver Spoon looked around at the others, wondering how they'd react.
  19. VitalSpark

    MLP Comics and Television Show Confirmed to be Separate

    Unless those comics are set chronologically after MNFBKD.
  20. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] Silver Spoon's Roadside Café (Ended)

    ((@, @@LanternLight, @, @@Kay Dreamer, @@AmberDust)) "Yes, sure, she's having peppermint tea," Silver Spoon answered. She put a mint tea bag into a cup and poured the water. Personally she thought mint tea worked better with whole, fresh mint leaves, but she didn't have any of those — just these bags of dried mint. Probably most ponies wouldn't be able to tell the difference in taste anyway, though the tea did have less of a vibrant colour. She turned to Diamond Tiara. "Not bad. This was supposed to just be a way to drum up attention for the café in my garden, but some of the customers have actually paid money — looks like I'm going to earn more here that I would running the café back at home."
  21. VitalSpark

    [Ponyville] Winter Wrap Up

    ((@@Kulstor)) "Thank you," Silver Spoon said meekly, accepting the glass of apple juice. She finished off her daisy sandwiches and slid the chips over towards herself. They looked delicious. She didn't normally like to talk to strangers, but this stallion seemed friendly, and she was pretty sure he had some kind of official job in Ponyville. She'd certainly seen him helping Mayor Mare run that cider contest at Sweet Apple Acres a few years ago. He didn't seem like the kind of stranger daddy warned her not to speak to. "So I hear you're some kind of doctor, right?" she asked, munching on a chip.
  22. VitalSpark

    Ask Vital Spark

    No. I'd do lots of things, but mostly Twilight Sparkle.
  23. VitalSpark

    Ask Vital Spark

    Hi, I'm Vital Spark. Ask me stuff. (This is for asking questions to my OC ponysona/avatar, not the person who invented her. If you want to ask the person questions, then send a private message. You could always ask the pony questions about the person, but she might not know the answer.)
  24. VitalSpark

    Friendliest and/or Cutest Ponies On The Forums! :D

    I haven't conducted an extensive survey, but... @Coco before Pommel
  25. This roleplay is basically a serial 1x1. Silver Spoon is running a roadside café to earn a few extra bits. Any other EQE character can drop in at any time for a cup of tea and a chat. (She makes a very good cup of tea.) There are several tables set up, so she can host more than one customer at a time if Ponyville folk are feeling thirsty. So basically, if you have an EQE character, then feel free to join in this roleplay. You don't need to ask here first. Just turn up. And if you get bored, then finish your tea and leave. Simples.