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  1. Hey man, how is it going? How have you been enjoying this site so far? Happy late New Years! :)

  2. I like her more in Rainbow Rocks... Also she's fine... NUFF SAID.
  3. So I tried out the Binding of Isaac and it was awesome!

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    2. ghostfacekiller39


      I gave it to Obsi as a Christmas present, and he said it was perfect and improved on the original in many ways :3

    3. Ash Windheart
    4. Wolfeus Silverpaw

      Wolfeus Silverpaw

      ...Really? To me it seemed really creepy and terrible...

  4. Hey everypony sorry I've been gone for a LONG time... :c

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    2. Ash Windheart

      Ash Windheart


    3. Silver-Ember


      According to recent studies, Friendship has been proven to actually be greater than, or equal to Magic. :v

    4. Ash Windheart

      Ash Windheart

      WOW! That's awesome.

  5. I know this is early but I'm tired so... night everypony!


  7. I just stare at you for a few seconds. "I was just trying to have fun!" I yell. Now I feel like you would rather get chased by a manticore than hang out with me!" I yell. "Why did I even bring you here..." I say. I put my head down and walk to a tree and sit down. I sigh in a bit of sadness.
  8. I fly in next to you laughing. "Oh you should have seen the look on your face!" I say laughing really hard. I fall down from laughing. "That was awesome!" I say. "Thanks for the laugh Escritor." I say patting you on the back. I chuckle a bit. I see an embarrassed/mad look on your face. ”What? It was a joke."
  9. As you say that I fly into a tree without you knowing. "This is gonna be hilarious." I say to myself. I see you looking around and calling my name. I stay up in the tree for a few more minutes. I see you freaking out so I move to the tree behind you. I swoop down behind you. "Boo." I say.
  10. "Oh well look at you Mr. Bravery." I say chuckling. "Alright let's go." I say following you. "Just keep an eye out for..." I clear my throat. "The manticore!" I yell in a creepy voice. I chuckle a bit. "Ounce again. A joke." I say before you nag at me again. I look at you as you get mad and I start to laugh a bit.
  11. Is the only reason people dont like Majora's Mask is the three day cycle and the lack of temples?

  12. "Aw come on I'm just having fun." I say chuckling. "Also we won't die. I told Rainbow Dash I was gonna take you down here and she swoop checked the forest and she said that there was nothing... Then again that was ban hour ago..." I say. "I'm sure we will be fine. Trust me. Were not gonna be killed by a manticore. I was just joking about it to scare you." I smirk as I say.
  13. Everytime I'm on this forum I'm happy. XD I love all you guys!

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles* Yays! :D *Gives muffin*

    2. Ash Windheart

      Ash Windheart

      *takes muffin* NOM OM NOM!

    3. 碇 シンジン