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  1. hey dont know if it sent, but you should have got my msg about your skype and your email, but im not sure
  2. hey, not to sure how to get the sound clips to you, any chance would an email work, i cant acess youtube and sound cloud won't load...any ideas??? Austin
  3. ill be posting voice impressions of the scout and solider very soon just lisened to the reading, and i am definitly getting involved, ill be sending the voice clips asap Austin
  4. well I've been looking for somewhere to express my ideas, so I'm available usually any time (except when I'm at school) If you want someone to help contact through one of these ways: Skype(easiest)austin.fuller24 Facebook:Austin Jacob Fuller E-mail(hardest):ajfuller@xplornet.ca look forward to working with you soon Austin
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