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  1. sweetolebob18

    My Attempt at a Chronological Timeline

    It's been awhile since I worked on this, so some further thoughts Fall Weather Friends September 20-21 2 days w The Running of the Leaves on September 21. IMO, this is the start of Autumn & is 3 months after The Summer Sun Celebration Super Speedy...6000 Ciderfests are usually in October, so first weekend in October. Best Night Ever. November 21, year 1. 1 or 2 days (depending when you think the party broke up) It's the 21st of some month (Ticket Master). The S5 Episode Make New Friends....Discord must be at least November. year 2 or in Spring. May the Best Pet Win Spring, year 1. Tanks For the Memories (S5) is Winter, year 2 & it's Dash's first Winter w Tank Hearts & Hooves Day Pony Valentine Day (Feb. 14)? This is a problem because it's picnic weather (probably Spring) & February is mid Winter. This means either 1) Winter is over no later than, say, Feb 10 (to allow for Winter Wrap Up). This means that Winter is very short. This makes sense because it explains "Why so few Winter episodes?" It's because "There isn't much Winter to have adventures IN" The problem is that Rarity specifies"90 days of Winter" (song "Winter Wrap Up") So either this is a continuity error or Winter starts in early November, shortly after Nightmare Night. This makes Autumn or Autumn starts in August. 2) IMO, H&HD has to be MUCH later. Somewhere around Easter to around Mother's Day (early May) June, Year 2 One Bad Apple School seems to be out. They mention a Summer Harvest Festival. The calendar says otherwise, but in the USA Summer is considered to run from Memorial Day weekend (last Monday in May) to Labor Day weekend (first Monday in September). So, June, year 2. Secret of My Excess Spike is hatched during Twilight's school application. (Cutie Mark Chronicles) In the USA, this would be between semesters. So, early May to the end of July. I'd say July, year 1 except the Crusaders have a cameo (Spike steals Scootaloo's scooter). Either this is a continuity error or the episode is after Call of the Cutie. So, it's late May year 1 or early June, year 2 Duel Master It seems to be a long time since Boast Busters, so I'm putting it in June. IMO, one of these 3 episodes is almost certainly the last episode before Magical Mystery Cure. Magical Mystery Cure Has to end no later than June 18, year 2. If you accept EQ Girls as canon, then no later than June 13
  2. sweetolebob18

    Luna's transformations?

    I was thinking of how a werewolf transforms on the nights of the full moon. If the werewolf could control the moon (as Luna can), the werewolf could control their changes. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=lyrics+werewolves+of+london&&view=detail&mid=8E3A5DB17370E8A797568E3A5DB17370E8A79756&&FORM=VDRVRV
  3. sweetolebob18

    Spoiler Season 9 Wishlist

    Scootaloo and Spike are the only 2 characters that haven't had ANY family background. Dash is the only member of the Mane 6 that hasn't tried babysitting.
  4. sweetolebob18

    What Type OF Music Would Each Pony Listen To?

    Sweetie Belle said that she prefers show tunes. The other Crusaders like Saphire Shores. Rarity & Fluttershy are in The Ponytones, so Barbershop Quartet.
  5. sweetolebob18

    Luna's transformations?

    It's unclear. However, since Luna controls the moon, she could control the transformations by controlling the moon
  6. sweetolebob18

    End it in season 10 instead of 9?

    The problem is that cartoons don't make money. Hasbro writes it off as advertising. If there is a G5 show, Hasbro is unlikely to support 2 shows. I think that there might be some direct-to-DVD movies.
  7. Merry Birthiversary! 

  8. sweetolebob18

    Things we need to see before the show ends!

    Would like to see something about Scootaloo's family. Of the 10 main characters (from S1), she's the only one that has nothing revealed about her family Twilight was shown hatching Spike's egg. I would like something about where the egg came from & how Celestia's school got it
  9. sweetolebob18

    Favourite Supporting/Background MLP Character

    Applejack is one of the Mane 6, not a minor character. Yeah, I'll go with Derpy. I also like Zecora. Trixie probably doesn't count as a minor character anymore
  10. There are too many characters competing for too little show time. Probably their toy sales didn't justify the air time & they got cut
  11. sweetolebob18

    Familial relations

    According to Wikipedia (that invaluable compendium of meaningless trivia & drivel) Celestia & Luna are no legal relation to the rest of Twilight's family & there is no commonly accepted term to use for them, although "aunt" is sometimes used https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/297482/what-is-the-relation-of-my-brothers-wifes-nieces-to-me
  12. sweetolebob18

    Familial relations

    According to Hasbro http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Princess_Cadance
  13. sweetolebob18

    Pinkie Pie VS Pinkamena

    What you have to remember is that in MLP, your hair shows your mental state. Look at Lesson Zero. Frazzled hair = frazzled mind. This means that Pinkamena is the *SANE* part of her personality
  14. sweetolebob18

    80s Rock Style Song for Rainbow Dash

    For Dash. Not to confused with the MUCH more famous Springsteen song with the same name https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=i+was+Born+to+Run+emmylou+harris&&view=detail&mid=737B12FAAEFB85C48AB0737B12FAAEFB85C48AB0&&FORM=VRDGAR
  15. sweetolebob18

    Teacups, handles, and other strange things.

    Some fanfics assume that EQ was in contact with humans in ancient times. This is usually treated like the EQ equivalent of flying saucer conspiracy theories. The usual government reason given is that they're made for minotaurs or griffons.