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  1. ICR where I first saw this, but it made sense to me. Look at Twilight's Cutie Mark Remember, more than 1 "her" escaped that night -including Luna Remember that nobles (especially royalty) often have meaningless but poetic titles If one of Luna's was "The Eternal Night" (or some such) Then, the "she" obviously refers to Twilight & the prophecy was completely right if a bit poetically expressed. Celestia undoubtedly knew of the legend (maybe even started it?). IMO she was counting on something like that happening. To me, it wasn't chance that put the celebration in Ponyville & it was no coincidence that the ponies she met "just happened" to be the other Element Bearers
  2. sweetolebob18

    Some changelings can no longer fly

    As several others have pointed out, if a Changeling is in a form that can't fly they can just change to a form that can. As to "they can't steal love", IMO they can but choose not because they don't need to anymore.
  3. You've got 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, etc. Mathematically, a LOT of ponies could be descended from Starswhirl. On the other hand in the book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons In History (Michael Hart), the author makes the point that over 1/2 the people on the list have no known legitimate descendants. https://www.amazon.com/100-Ranking-Influential-Persons-History/dp/0806513500
  4. sweetolebob18

    Goth ponies in MLP

    Hell's Bells kid. I'm (just barely) old enough to remember the 50s & the Beats (later Beatniks) & I don't think they originated the stereotype either. I remember that one of their things was that they didn't applaud, just snapped their fingers https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/howl-parts-i-iihttps://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/howl-parts-i-ii (IDK, maybe the Lost Generation, post WWI?).
  5. sweetolebob18

    I have figured out who Scootaloo's parents are

    I've read that Lauren Faust wanted to make her an orphan & a cripple (never to fly) but Hasbro said "No, that's too dark". Scootaloo & Spike are the only 2 (out of 10 main characters) that nothing is known of their parents Why do you think that they are her parents? Any evidence, or just your opinion?
  6. sweetolebob18

    One understandable fear of Neighsay.

    WAAAAY back in Magical Mystery Cure, Celestia said that Starswhirl couldn't complete the spell because he didn't completely understand friendship. No kidding. Best description of him I've heard was "a beard with a jerk hanging off it" Neighsay strikes me as Mrs. Harshwhinny in drag.
  7. sweetolebob18

    Twilight's Poor Judgement.

    IMO, they were in Canterlot at first, but moved out of Canterlot after A Canterlot Wedding & sent to Twilight to keep handy if needed.
  8. sweetolebob18

    Eqestrian Sun/moon/planet movement?

    The pilot, part 2. Celestia is MIA, & the sun doesn't rise Twilight's Kingdom, Twilight raises the sun This shows very clearly that they are doing something, & NOT just claiming credit for a natural phenomenon. There are a couple of other places that imply this, although not as clearly. For instance, in Princess Twilight ponies freak out because both the sun & the moon are in the sky together. Any kind of natural orbit & this would occur from time to time I haven't seen the movie & can't comment. on it. IMO, EQ is fairly small (say about the size of England or France) and flat. The sun & the moon are very small & very close. The Princesses move them about. That is EQ is not only geocentric, it is pre Ptolemaic. I tend to the theory "Equestria isn't even in our universe, it is in another dimension"
  9. sweetolebob18

    Spoiler Theory on Smolder

    Saw a leaked version of Molt Down. It implies that if Smolder is related to Spike, she doesn't know it.
  10. sweetolebob18

    Things Pinkie Pie Says

    ICR the episode, but Twilight tells Pinkie that she (Twilight) sometimes lets her mind roam free & Pinkie replies "When I let my mind roam free, it usually brings back cake"
  11. sweetolebob18

    Spoiler Twilight's Flawgic

    IIRC, Einstein said "Theory without facts is fantasy, Facts without theory are trivia"
  12. sweetolebob18

    Season 8 So disappointing just watched leaked Episodes

    IMO, the leaked episodes were fairly good. The first 3 episodes were pretty lame, though
  13. sweetolebob18

    Characters with autism

    Of course there really are people w autism, ADD, & all that other stuff, but IMO it is WAY over diagnosed.
  14. sweetolebob18

    Characters with autism

    Kid, I'm in my 60s. In my day, they didn't use alphabet soup to describe you. Ordinary folks left that stuff for psychiatrists. Ordinary folks stuck to the basics, mostly "freak" or "weirdo". Going by those standards Twilight = geek or nerd Rarity = diva or drama queen (she's also toned it WAY down. ICR the last time she used her fainting couch) Dash = braggart or blow hard Maud & Pinkie would be the only weirdos
  15. sweetolebob18

    Characters with autism

    Twilight used to have a checklist for making checklists The last item on the list was "triple check the list for items missed when double checking the check list" Like I said, she's toned it down considerably