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  1. sweetolebob18

    Familial relations

    According to Wikipedia (that invaluable compendium of meaningless trivia & drivel) Celestia & Luna are no legal relation to the rest of Twilight's family & there is no commonly accepted term to use for them, although "aunt" is sometimes used https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/297482/what-is-the-relation-of-my-brothers-wifes-nieces-to-me
  2. sweetolebob18

    Familial relations

    According to Hasbro http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Princess_Cadance
  3. sweetolebob18

    Pinkie Pie VS Pinkamena

    What you have to remember is that in MLP, your hair shows your mental state. Look at Lesson Zero. Frazzled hair = frazzled mind. This means that Pinkamena is the *SANE* part of her personality
  4. sweetolebob18

    80s Rock Style Song for Rainbow Dash

    For Dash. Not to confused with the MUCH more famous Springsteen song with the same name https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=i+was+Born+to+Run+emmylou+harris&&view=detail&mid=737B12FAAEFB85C48AB0737B12FAAEFB85C48AB0&&FORM=VRDGAR
  5. sweetolebob18

    Teacups, handles, and other strange things.

    Some fanfics assume that EQ was in contact with humans in ancient times. This is usually treated like the EQ equivalent of flying saucer conspiracy theories. The usual government reason given is that they're made for minotaurs or griffons.
  6. sweetolebob18

    Possible Character Birthdays

    Spike hatched during Twilight's entrance exam for Celestia's school For various reasons, IMO the EQ school year runs from early August to early May. Entrance exams are typically given between school years. Secret of My Excess, Spike says that it's his first birthday since coming to Ponyville. The CMC have a cameo (Spike tries to steal Scootaloo's scooter), so it is after August, year 1 This makes the episode either late May year 1, or early June, year 2 (assuming that the first 3 seasons are 1 year (mathematically possible)) Spike is a Taurus ************************************************************ S4 the episode Pinkie Pride, it's Dash's birthday IMO, S4 is June 19,year 2 to mid October year 2 Based on personality, Dash is a Leo
  7. sweetolebob18

    What are the most contested/divisive episodes of the show?

    Magical Mystery Cure was originally supposed to be the series finale. For THAT, it'd be great. Even so, it's only the last 5-6 minutes that suck. Twilicorn is one of the 2 biggest errors in the entire series (The other is, Discord is WAY overpowered) For the others, well, as a rule if I like it, most bronies think that it's lame
  8. sweetolebob18

    Does crusaders of the lost mark hold up?

    AFAIK, yes. ICR seeing either her or Silver Spoon in any episode since then
  9. sweetolebob18

    What are the most contested/divisive episodes of the show?

    ICR which episode it was, but the first episode where Derpy spoke. The voice actress thought that "Derpy is supposed to be a dude" & it came across as "Derpy is supposed to be retarded". This kicked off a shitstorm of EPIC proportions. It got so bad that Hasbro had to rerecord Derpy's voice, which kicked off another hoohaw about Hasbro caving in
  10. sweetolebob18

    Aren't Castles Useless?

    You're right. Between flying enemies (Dragons, Griffons, Pegasi) & the way Diamond Dogs can dig, caste walls are a lot less useful than in IRL. Still, they can keep out most monsters & some street riots. Plus, there is probably some prestige involved
  11. sweetolebob18

    The Pie Family

    Watch Baby Cakes (S2). (Or at least the part where Mr. Cake explains how pony heredity works). I wouldn't put too much in "She doesn't look the others" If it comes to that, Twilight doesn't look much like Shining Armor
  12. sweetolebob18

    Which main character has been "most improved"?

    I go w Pinkie. I point to her behavior in Feeling Pinkie Keen (S1). She knows that Twilight is following her & just doesn't care what happens to Twilight Baby Cakes (S2) She starts to grasp the idea that her actions have consequences Too Many Pinkies (S3) She gets it.
  13. sweetolebob18

    Irresponsible adult figures

    In The Cutie Mark Chronicles, Fluttershy is almost knocked to her death in an unsupervised race & no one even punishes Dash. Nor is Dash ever punished for trashing the Weather Factory in Tanks For the Memories So, it isn't new & it isn't just Twilight
  14. sweetolebob18

    How Old Are The Cutie Mark Crusaders?

    No, 2010 As to the Crusaders age, based on AJs part in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, AJs parents were already gone by the time of the first Rainboom So, Apple Bloom must have already been born by then. IMO, that was 11 years before the pilot (too long to post why here). IMO, they were about 12 during the pilot
  15. sweetolebob18

    How do you think udders work in Equestria?

    Well, no. Mrs. Cake (in Baby Cakes) doesn't have them & all the cows do. It's probably species specific