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  1. Twilight's power is shown most in S4 Twilight's Kingdom (part 2, fight scenes)(although she had all the Alicorn's powers) & to some extent in Three's a Crowd (also Cadence)
  2. Let's see Seasons 8 & 9 before deciding if S10 would be a good idea.
  3. Some remarks made by (Garble?, ICR) in Dragon Quest imply that at least some dragons aren't born with wings. It may be that they grow them later but Spike has grown twice (Cutie Mark Chronicles & Secret of My Excess) & hasn't gotten wings either time. IMO, if he doesn't get wings by magic he may never get them
  4. Spoiler

    Actually, I'd say that Sweetie Bell is more adorable than either of them. It is good that she's sweet as molasses because she's also twice as thick.
  5. Yes, Starlight gets off easy. But this show has a history of letting folks off with a scolding Fluttershy trashed the Gala in Best Night Ever Discord & the Smooze did the same the next year Twilight mind controlled the town into a riot in Lesson Zero Dash wrecked the weather factory in Tanks for the Memories Pinkie wrecked havoc in Too Many Pinkies Spike ran amok in Secret of My Excess I could go on, but you get the point. No one got punished for any of that, so why should Starlight be punished?
  6. Twilight never did resume Twilight Time + Rainbow promised to help Scootalou fly. Also would like to see "Whatever happened to Diamond Tiara?" & maybe Fluttershy & Zecora studying nature.
  7. What you have to remember is that in Equestria, your hair is a BIG clue to your mental state. Messed up hair = messed up mind. So, looking at episode 23 (The Cutie Mark Chronicles), she's got PTSD from the Sonic Rainboom. Plus, severe Autophobia (fear of being alone). IDK if that's a symptom of other problems but Party of One (episode 25) is pretty clear on that.
  8. Real life Back in the 1940s-50s, there were articles in medical journals about whether or not it was possible to do a 4 minute mile. A lot of people said, yes you can do a 1 minute quarter mile, no you can't do a 4 minute mile. 1954, Roger Bannister did the first one. They asked him "How hard is it to do that?" & he replied "If you moved the finish line back 100 yards, a miler would die before he ever crossed the line" Several others did it within a year (4, IIRC). Now, you've got to do better than that just to get to the Olympics, never mind win. 80 years of Woman's Gymnastics & no one had ever gotten a perfect 10. There was talk that it was impossible & standards needed to be relaxed. 1976 Olympics, Nadia Comaneci did it. Within 20 years, they'd had to toughen the standards because too many people had done it You look at the 1896 Olympic gold medal records, these days you couldn't win a college competition with most of them. The point is, once Dash won the Best Young Flyer's Competition & showed it was possible it was just a matter of time. If someone hasn't already, I'm sure they soon will. That is just the way it almost always works.
  9. If it goes on long enough, every show starts looking like a bad parody of itself (Happy Days started the tradition of calling it "jumping the shark"). IMO, if MLP hasn't hit it yet, it's getting there. (A major symptom is dropping/adding characters in an effort to revive interest. Sometimes, this works. More often, it fails) No clue if season 9 will be the last, but IMO it probably ought to be. If Hasbro wants to continue, I'd suggest ending G4 & going with G5 or a spin off.
  10. It is my understanding that Hasbro has said that the first 3 seasons were 1 year. I've been working on a timeline for the episodes & this is mathematically possible, especially if you assume that the Crusader episodes take place during other episodes. The order is scrambled. If nothing else, Winter Wrap Up (S11) and Fall Weather Friends (S13) are out of sequence & Hearth's Warming Eve (S2) has to be between them The events of the first EQ Girls' movie have to take place between Magical Mystery Cure (Twilight becomes an alicorn) and Princess Twilight (Elements of Harmony are returned to the Tree of Harmony). Princess Twilight starts "2 days until the Summer Sun Celebration", 1 year to the day after the start of the pilot. Season 4 HAS TO take place between the events of Magical Mystery Cure (Twilight becomes an alicorn) and Twilight's Kingdom (the treebrary is destroyed and Twilight gains the castle) Season 5. Scare Master takes place on Nightmare Night (Oct.31?), year 2. Assuming that at least The Cutie Map & probably Castle, Sweet Castle take place before that, S4 has to end no later than mid October, year 2. Season 5 onward are possibly mixed together like the first 3 Seasons, IDK So, the timeline First 3 Seasons June 19 year one to second week of June year 2 First EQ Girls movie Season 4 June 19 year 2 to mid October year 2 Season 5+ Late October year 2 onwards. IMO, it is at least late spring year 2, & possibly into year 3.
  11. Episode 15 Feeling Pinkie Keen, the scene where Derpy drops a bunch of stuff on Twilight's head. They briefly show the moving van & Derpy's apparent boss, Pegasus with a baseball cap & beard stubble. IMO, he looks like he would smoke cigars. Rarity & maybe Fancy Pants would smoke cigarettes with those cigarette holders like FDR used to smoke because they look elegant
  12. Yes, I've worked the night shift on jobs & you pretty much have to sleep a lot during the day. If you ain't in a position to demand silence under penalty of death, it can be pretty rough
  13. Well since Starswhirl was trapped in the portal after using it on his friend, I'm guessing it was used on the Sirens first & then he realized the mirror idea was flawed.
  14. I'm not really a big fan of the songs, but some of the best songs are in the Season Finales, although not really any great ones since Magical Mystery Cure (S3).
  15. Mathematically, (26 episode - 2 (for 2 part episodes))/ 6 characters, each of the Mane 6 should get 4. However, you assume some Crusader episodes & some of the others getting episodes, then each would have 2-3 episodes. Unless they go back to what they did in the earlier seasons & have more group episodes.