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  1. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    Well, so far almost all the season openers & finales have been game changers except Best Night Ever (S1), even S7 ( if you count The Crystalling), so it looks like S8 will continue this -IF the School doesn't just get dropped.
  2. Everybody say bronies are gay what do you think?

    Gay has changed meaning among kids these days. In addition to "homosexual" other meanings include So when they call Bronies gay, they basically just mean they dislike the show & the fandom
  3. Is Flurry Heart an unnecessary character?

    There are already Too Darn Many side characters & not enough episodes. Marketing is what drives the show which means new toys & new characters
  4. Spoiler Friendship is Imperialism?

    EQ is sort of like the Federation in Star Trek. The Borg TALK about "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated." but the Federation is the one that DOES it. Just ask the Klingons. IMO, EQ is the same. Just ask Discord, the Crystal Empire or the Changelings.
  5. Spoiler Why The Leak Makes Sense...And Doesn't

    As to Pinkie, she's grown, too. Look at, for example Feeling Pinkie Keen (S1), Baby Cakes (S2), Too Many Pinkies (S3), Pinkie Pride (S4). At the start she was like the song lyrics "When I was young, my heart was young then too And anything that it would tell me, That's the thing that I would do" She couldn't define "consequences" if you spotted her a dictionary. Now, she's still happy-go-lucky & the occasional Troll but she's matured. A Lot. The only one who hasn't matured a great deal is AJ, but she was by far the most mature to start with. Now, her friends have grown to match her. When is the last time Dash boasted or Rarity used her fainting couch? There's an old show Biz expression "always leave them wanting more". S9 is the end? It's time & I look forward to G5 with guarded optimism
  6. The Duck from "May the Best Pet Win" Fanclub

    The Duck Songs
  7. Spoiler How to remake Fallout: Equestria with all canon to date

    I've read that there are more FOE stories than any other subgenre except Clop & EQ Girls. IMO, You'll NEVER be able to do it all. The only thing that I can see to do is start from scratch Fallout Eguestria Ver. 2.0
  8. Applejack Fan Club

    This seems appropriate
  9. When you said reboot, I thought that you meant RIGHT NOW. What I'd really like is for them to continue w G4 until they are 100% ready & not rush things. That is, do something that they've never done before & get it right the first time & have it completely worked out ahead of time with G5.
  10. Censorship of Cider to Juice in every territory.

    I grew up in apple country. SWEET cider is unfermented. HARD cider is fermented & has a varying alcohol content but in the USA you aren't allowed to buy or sell it under 21years of age & you can't show anyone drinking it in a TV Y cartoon. Apple juice is like sweet cider but thinner. Sort of the difference between orange drink & orange juice. Usually, when you just say "cider", you mean "sweet cider" IMO, Hasbro decided to turn the cider into juice because they don't want to have to be trying to explain the difference to the FCC This would undoubtedly be TV14 & one of the reasons that good mommies don't let kids watch The Family Guy
  11. IMO, it depends on how they are classified. Historically, children's movies don't do well. MUSICALS, on the other hand often do quite well indeed. I'd definitely like to see an expanded version of Magical Mystery Cure.
  12. Twilight Privacy

    IMO, the library was like the White House. That is, the private residence parts were closed off from the public.
  13. I do that birthday wish thing! 

    Happy Birthday

  14. A question of future dates.

    The talk seems to be that there will be 1 more movie & 2 more seasons but that S9 will be the end. Most shows seem to last 5-10 years & it's getting to be time. Talk is that G5 will be a reboot as TV Y7-FV & be skewed a bit older.
  15. Is Starlight Glimmer older than the Mane Six?

    The age of the Mane 6 is another thread. However, IMO their ages (during the pilot) were probably AJ 17 (or 25), Dash 17, Flutturshy 18-19, Pinkie 1 year younger than Fluttershy, Rarity 20ish, Twilight 15-17 (or 25-26, depending on "What year of schooling did she start C's school?" ) (Reasons in the other thread) So, SG could be in her early 20s