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  1. Hello?

    *Walks down abandoned halls of the profile*

    It's dark in here.

    *noticeable echo*

    Anyone still here?

    Man, I haven't been here in a while.

    *Sits down, grabs custom Yamaha trombone. Begins playing Hey Ya! by OutKast in a slow and sad style in G minor*

    *Hey Ya! Repeats until people start entering the profile*

  2. Shouts statements regarding reproduction with one's mother, as well as sanctified excrement.

  3. May I borrow your earpiece? *This is Dash! Rainbows make me cry! Over!*

  4. 変身いたします!白線の内側に下がってお待ちく?? さい

  5. I made Celestia shaped pancakes but I burnt them. Am I going to the moon?

    1. MelloSkitzo


      yes.ALL HAIL THE MOON!!!!

    2. Nova Wings

      Nova Wings

      No Celestia is just going to find 'new' uses for them.

  6. To take notice of safe: The slippery are very crafty

  7. Okay, Garnet. 1... 2... 1, 2, ready, go. ~Ka-e-ru- no u-ta ga~ ~Ki-ko-e-te-ku-ru yo~ ~Ka-e-ru no u-ta ga~ ~Gwa. Gwa. Gwa. Gwa.~ ~Ki-ko-e-te-ku-ru yo~ GASP! I FORGOT ABOUT THE PIC REQUESTS! Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry! AspenSwift, here's your profile pony. AmberDust, I'll get to yours tomorrow hopefully.
  8. Oh! What trouble! We're stranded on a snowy mountain! We won't be saved any time soon. May as well sleep. Snooore. HEY! Don't fall asleep on a snowy mountain! Mada tasukeru yo! (You'll still be saved!) Mada tasukeru! Mada tasukeru! Madagascar!

    1. Nova Wings

      Nova Wings

      Are they making ANOTHER one?

    2. retrosteamknight


      The joke is that Mada tasukeru sounds like Madagascar, which is the perfect relief for a snowy mountain.

      Mada tasukeru


  9. Obviously, she would make friends with it.
  10. "Hey... Can I tell you a secret? It's very veeeery important and you have to promise not to tell ANYPONY, Okay?" *Pauses, shifts eyes, leans close to whisper softly in your ear.* "Spike has a crush on Rarity!"
  11. I'd join. Or there are a few others... I think changelings are better off without the hive. There are much more opportunities here in Equestria. No cramped tunnels... No Queen constantly ordering us around... Lots of love to keep me alive for many more years... I love it here. ... Oh, probably shouldn't clutter up Amber's notifications...
  12. That's right. Not all changelings are evil wedding crashers... What would you do if I was secretly a changeling? Could we still be friends?