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  1. DragonicOverlord

    Ask Sunbutt!

    @@Princess-Sunbutt,Crisis? That sounds serious... do other ponies offer themselves as well?
  2. DragonicOverlord

    Ask Sunbutt!

    @@Princess-Sunbutt,Who helps you vent and relax? Are there ponies like that you keep close?
  3. DragonicOverlord

    Ask Sunbutt!

    @@Princess-Sunbutt,What relieves you in such cases?
  4. DragonicOverlord

    Ask Sunbutt!

    @@Princess-Sunbutt,Does that mean you get numb at times?
  5. DragonicOverlord

    Ask Sunbutt!

    How do you deal with immortality?
  6. We need to talk if you're available and it won't let me message you. What alternatives do you have available?

    1. Literally Snails

      Literally Snails


  7. Well i don't exactly know what to say about this.
  8. @@boiteporte,I know what we can win and the stop, and the baloon pop but is Babs Seed in the Balloon pop? We can't obtain her from somewhere else?
  9. Question... how can we obtain babs seed or the other ponies? And past Trenderhoof is there anything we can get in terms of ponies in the Minecart game?
  10. This is weird. How do i determine that? Is there a quizz or something?
  11. I used to play the piano and the drums. I gave up because i didnt have the will and time to go on.
  12. DragonicOverlord

    General Share A Dream You had.

    I was so stressed that i lost my wallet last weekend that i ended up dreaming of finding it the day before i found it.
  13. DragonicOverlord

    Music DJs?

    No of course not. Not saying i do but i am surprised that given the amount of people that do this that you havent met more. It also goes a long way to say that some people just don't appreciate remixes considering them... Not music.
  14. Android Alcatel S'Pop. Its not the best but i like it.
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