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  1. Very quaint perfectly fine episode. I enjoyed. Was absolutely about the joy and wonder of "magic" as a kid and spending time with family who loves you and enjoys being with you. The little bit at the end about "Maybe it is real" is absolutely just a nice spark that people keep going with their own kids till they come of age to say that either way, it was a lot of fun to think it was real.
  2. There was no lesson. There was no moral. Scoot just got what she wanted. Usually the show is good at having a decent moral or life lesson wrapped up in the 30 min slice of life story. Kids move, their parents have work and take them with. But this, I dunno. The episode was fun, but basically a fan fic. It also makes so little sense to me because this is the last season of MLP. Having a lesson about moving away, but still keeping in contact is a good growing up send off. However, her parents were kinda really bad at the whole parenting thing. I dunno. The show doesn't like admitting to death, even though AJ and Apple Blooms parents are clearly deadaroony, but hamfisting them in just because was weird. Anyone else get vibes that the aunts were together? I usually don't have any form of gaydar or even consider it, but this one felt like they wanted that to be the case, but with out explicitly saying it by having each aunt be related to one of the parents respectively. Which is pretty cool if that's the case. I know everyone thinks Rainbow is one, but this one felt more like a relationship proper. Side question, where as Scootaloo even been living this whole time? I forgot and it wasn't shown very often. I thought it was with the Cakes, but I'm not sure. Her getting adopted by her aunts would of made much more sense had her parents been outright crappy people beyond the obvious that work matters more than their kid problem. My partner thought they were gonna be scam artists and that she was idolizing them when talking about what they do. Much like with the Spikes "dad" episode. That would of been a fantastic lesson actually, because not everyone has decent parents. Probably a bit too real though for the show.
  3. I'm a little baffled that people liked these two episodes so much. I thought the pacing was some of the worst I've seen in any show, or movie for that matter. It's like they were trying to pack in a movie in two eps. I really didn't care for how sappy it got. Everyone felt shoehorned into the "friendship IS magic" thing after problems started happening. Yes, we know, is this for newcomers or something? Have they really not noted the various times without the elements that they beat a foe? They ARE the elements. I felt like the audience is being treated as idiots or the characters are having amnesia. Twilight freaking out over becoming a ruler over everyone I get, but the woe is me, trying to fit the pieces of element back together? The part where they legit try to stop the everfree forest with gardening tools? I just ... for the first time, I felt like this show really was for little girls, stupid very young short attention span toddlers with the way the show was handled. The only thing that saved it remotely was Discord, he was great. I also feel like Grogar came out of nowhere, but that's because his intro and explanation was incredibly rushed. I've usually been decently forgiving of problems as generally they are more isolated, like Pinky being out of character, double standards, learning the same lesson over and over again. But this... for the first time I really didn't enjoy watching it. I felt like I was being throw left and right with the pacing and then the overly sappy tones and amnesia like "Bwah?!" responses in trying to defeat Sombra was tedious and just badly done. Message was good to remember, but I was basically screaming it at the TV. Twilight seemed really thick, as did most of the others. Discord is a major troll and I love that. Sombra's death however did look pretty darn painful, damn I really hope the next eps are better paced and the characters aren't prone to amnesia to their inherent abilities.
  4. It's not out of character in the slightest. Running of the leaves had them changing directions on where to go, leading AJ up a cliff. There was no thought in RD's head for any other pony that might see that and not catch that it was the wrong way or get hurt. They always only focus on themselves when they get into this mode. What drove me most insane was that the episode acknowledged that this was dumb. 1.) Twilight instantly caught on that they were just competing and not teaching. Yet lampshaded it in the same breath "I guess you two have learned" no, it's clear they are lying through their teeth, you can see it on their faces. 2.) The students EASILY could of flown everyone over the ravine. "It would of been so much easier to just fly home." 3.) They fought at the end AGAIN. They learned absolutely ziltch. I swear this is so that they can use this dumb plot point AGAIN but acknowledge that "But it was clear they didn't learn in the last episode, right audience!? Those darn mares, so zanny, guess we'll have to wait till next time and see if those two wacky gals learn their lesson!" No, this whole episode was bullshit and it's put the nail in the coffin for me actually hating AJ overtime. She's gotten worse. Rant about AJ incoming: While both AJ and RD have become plot points, AJ is actually useless now. From the episode of AJ refusing to not fix things and relax, along with the Las pegasus trip, she's quickly becoming my least favorite pony ... In fact, I think she's the most useless character. I can't think of a single episode where she wasn't either a hindrance or basically an extra. The first Las Pegasus episode is like this too. Fluttershy already figured out that Flim and Flam were at least the first problem and AJ refused to acknowledge it. She also just comes across as really dumb and controlling. And that sucks because a honest down home country gal who's hard working and willing to learn is what she was supposed to be. But the show has consistently made her dumb, competitive and over protective/pride-filled "She's speaking in fancy!" comes to mind. Especially since it's cannon that she tried living the city life. She isn't supposed to be this dumb and this careless. She contributes nothing but either plot device, problems or just sorta dumb side character. I really really hope this changes, because she ads a form or variety of targeting the idea that various people can be friends and fit their own mold. Hasbro, stop making her so insufferably stupid. I'm still not happy with RD, but at least they've acknowledged her issues more and made her more into a growing character again.I hate dreading new episodes when I know the characters they focus on. I want to at least find them decent character wise, even if an episode sucks. But not because of a character alone that ruins it. While it does take a while to learn a lesson "old habits die hard" there is a point where if you are putting people in potential danger/ruining a what would of been pleasant time for them, you should get repercussions. AJ and RD got NONE. In fact, seeing the episode a second time, the students asked for them to be considered teacher of the month. There was absolutely NOTHING they did that the deserved it. If anything if felt out of pity or sheer forced resolve for the episode to have a "happy ending" The students weren't dumb enough for this lesson. Heck, the audience of young 6 year old girls isn't either. They already had their episode about competition among species and learning to accept each other and find strengths in different personalities and species. This episode was entirely pointless. Even Twilight and the students actually confirm this by pointing out the flaws in the episode and then lampshading them "You two are just competing aren't you?" - "We could of just flown over the ravine, instead our professors built bridges the wrong way to show us what not to do!" Unless the students are really really dumb, they didn't need that lesson. Their kind words felt more out of pity and because it felt like they just wanted things to turn out good for everyone, not throw their teachers under the bus. In life, you learn by making mistakes. Neither of them learned they made a mistake, even if they half admitted all this was their fault, they didn't take that to heart. When I make a mistake in life, I might make it again, sure, but it won't be in the exact same way and on each repercussion, either by making others feel bad, actually getting hurt etc I learn that what part of what I am doing is causing a negative outcome for myself and/or others around me. RD and AJ don't seem to get this when it comes to their competitive streak. I personally don't think this episode was OOC, but I fully disagree that having the same faults over and over is a good idea. That's called plot device. It reduces the character to their flaw instead of say combining old flaws that have been helped, but collectively add up to a new problem, further showing the characters that they still have work to do on themselves. If anything, Twilight should make sure RD and AJ don't work together in the future, they can't handle it.
  5. Here is EXACTLY what AJ said to RD or RD quoting from the list of rules given. Either she was super clear with no room for interpretation, or massively vague. 1.) Make sure they get their naps - How many? When? 2.) Eat only soft foods - Clear 3.) Careful with dancing - So what dancing would be considered not careful? 4.) Don't get too excited - That is so amazingly vague it makes me angry. 5.) And don't let them out of your sight, ever. - Pretty darn clear 6.) "If one of them over does it, it's bye bye Las Pegasus for the lot of ya" - Why? I mean if one of them actually got hurt, sure, but does AJ have no faith that these adult women are too incompetent/fragile to not watch after themselves even a little? These gals go every single year. Perhaps Big Mac doesn't treat them with the same fragility. AJ is being overprotective. There is no other way to interpret eating only soft foods, and never letting them out of your sight. The only person of any age who needs that rule is a toddler or lower or an elderly with physical/mental issues who shouldn't really be going to a rowdy place like Las Pegasus in the first place. I'd swear that AJ was messing with RD this episode and in doing so, ruining it for everyone or maybe just plain not thinking. That is actually a fabulous point and now leads me to think AJ just plain wasn't thinking about it. If this was the case, it would of been smarter of her to tell RD to talk to Big Mac instead of her about how to handle chaperoning the grandmares. Or heck, even just ask the grandmares themselves on how she can help make the trip fun and safe for everyone. They aren't senile (at least not canonically) a bit hard of hearing and forgetful, but still in vacation taking condition. I think RD did. She got to find out that the grandmares are actually fun to hang out with and is invited probably on every yearly trip they make. She got to go first in line on the roller coaster and the grandmares also completely forgave and understood why she was as she was due to AJ's guidance. RD should actually tell AJ that her rules were silly and almost ruined the entire trip for everyone and to next time ask for advice to someone who actually has had experience with it all. I know that AJ probably didn't mean for it to happen and would likely be quite sorry about it all, but she should be informed of what her assumptions almost caused. Half of her rules were really clear with no room for any kind of interpretation. I never thought she was trying to be malicious. At most I thought maybe she was having a bit of fun with RD or maybe just wasn't thinking. Another user whom I quoted pointed out as well that AJ never actually chaperoned the grandmares as she hates Las Pegasus. She likely heard stories from Big Mac and made her rules based on those. Considering her overprotective tendencies, she probably heard a few stories that made her worried, even though she didn't need to be. I do think the gals should of said something the minute RD just flat out stole their food and replaced it with boring soup on a vacation. I know I would of had I been in their position.Would of been the last straw from ruining their fun prior in my eyes. That I agree with. The episode could of done a FAR better job had the grans said something earlier, then shown RD not only the perks of their club (Getting to cut in line for the ride she wanted) but also of shown say picture flash backs or snipets of them eating buffet, throwing horseshoes, seeing the magic show etc, all with RD wearing the new jacket they gave her. This would of ended in a really fun time for all, as well as shown that you can have a blast with people, even when they are old.
  6. I thought this too. I said it was adorable and nice that an older gal still got game. My partner rightly asked, what if it was a older gentleman hitting on a female younger bellhop? I responded with it's still sweet. Hitting on someone isn't the problem, it's when they make really inappropriate comments beyond "Cute, beautiful, handsome" generally accepted terms when you are letting a person know you might be interested, or maybe just giving a compliment. I personally wouldn't even mind if someone used hot or sexy to be super clear of their intentions, but others are a lot less comfortable with those terms and forwardness. When it doubt, err on the side of caution, test the waters so to speak. Above all, if someone says stop or leave me alone, you damn well do no matter what the circumstances. Period. I do feel like she took it too far, considering she has authority being an honored and well known guest, I doubt the bellhop felt like he could say anything due to fear of reprimand for not dealing with a well respected and valued customer. I don't know if she was thinking that, but it makes it less okay. Maybe the first hit on was fine, but if the person doesn't respond positively or goes about their business, they aren't interested and you can stop. Her age as well as status is not an excuse to make someone feel like they are powerless with advances they are not into. Wouldn't matter if she was younger a stallion or anything else. It was clear he was uncomfortable and that stops being funny when that happens.
  7. Except she was only ever following what Applejack said. AJ ruined the trip, not RD. And I'm used to RD being the plot device most of the time, but in this episode, totally innocent. In fact, she could of risked going on the ride and figuring the gals would be fine, then they get in trouble and the lesson is that old people are incapable of taking care of themselves and that you should never shirk responsibilities you promised to take on, even if they make no real sense to have to do. I'm insanely glad the show didn't end on that messed up note.
  8. I was so frustrated at the episode at first and was hoping desperately for it to say "Just because they are old, doesn't mean they can't take care of themselves and are boring people" I hate the cultural assumption that old people are like kids and need a chaperone. They are adults. They can take care of themselves. In fact, many of them despise being treated like a child or worse. Unless someone actually has a handicap, say dementia or the like where they could be a danger with out meaning to, they didn't need any escort whatsoever. I was SO angry at the winking Applejack at the end. Just what? She caused a half ruined trip for everyone with out needing to. Rainbow Jack could of been simply told to be there for company, not a chaperone. Applejack is quickly becoming my least favorite character with this and the episode where she was so blind to not simplify her chores. She feels like she's stupid and overly paranoid about everyone. I don't want her to be that way, I used to like her before the last 3 seasons. I know people look at it very lightly, but she's actually demeaning bother her younger sister and the elder gals with the way she's treated them. I think she maybe overly cautious due to her parents dying perhaps, but it's still not okay. Otherwise I liked the episode minus my and my partners harping over all the things the old mares didn't need to avoid, like nachos (Most of them had fake teeth, so soft foods shouldn't of mattered), dancing etc. I'd much rather break a hip when I'm 70 because I over did it but had lots of fun rather than nap and eat soup on a freaking vacation with my friends. This would of been a 2/5 but having a good lesson at the end and the grannies all being like "of course Apple Jack caused this" muttering saved it for me. 4/5 overall, first half 1/5.
  9. I'm on the fence about Equestria girls considering the 3rd one which I just found to be forced and infuriating. I also really usually love the music in MLP over all (Rainbow Rocks is my favorite of the movies so far) I liked maybe 2 songs in the third. I disliked or even hated every song in this one. I felt the plot was shallow and I just kept screaming at Twilight that Midnight does not exist and just because you make a mistake in life that leads you to do a bad thing, that doesn't mean that it's all that you are or that it will take over. If Luna (especially) and Sunset Shimmer could come back from what they were, you're just fine Twilight. I dunno, I felt she was infuriating in the 3rd on too, I just do not like Canterlot's Twilight, I find her for lack of a better term... a little, uh, thick? I feel like even if she's book smart and a little clueless, no one is that blind to what they are doing or what is going on. I would of liked the villain in this much more if it had been something more than just a camp ground. And everything was resolved waaaay too fast with too much time spent on what felt like fluff to pad the story. I did laugh at a few parts though. Pinkie pie was spot on which I loved. The part where Timber drew his face on the lantern made me LOL as well as my partner who watched the movie with me (he disliked it even more than I do) Over all, I felt a lot more could of been done with it. it feels like considering the end where they pointed out that the magic is leaking out of the original portal to that world that it's a filler movie for the next one. I feel I would of enjoyed the movie better if had truly been the girls and other classmates enjoying a nice time at camp. Maybe some even normal friendship problems and not just magic based ones. That would of even been a good lesson. Also, the incredibly upped girly girl factor (which is just not my cup of tea which don't get me wrong, I love dresses and such and don't mind that, it was just the really 80's 90's style that threw me off, and feels like it's just trying to sell more toys) kinda came outta nowhere. I started laughing when they transformed into Sailor Moon/80's hero outfits when they got the crystals. Then the outfits were replaced minutes later by entirely new ones. The movie felt very rushed and forced and I was definitely not my cup of tea. I give it a 1.5 out of 5. PS: My partner thought of something really cool and I just wanted to pitch the idea for fun (Hasbro would never go for it) of a spin off where Sunset, Starlight and Trixie are a special friendship force who are used in the toughest of situations to change people from villain to good, considering all of them went through it in varying ways. I think they would be a really cool trio and Sunset would likely click with Starlight and Starlight could help Sunset and Trixie click better since I don't think they would seek each other out. They could deal with some truly dastardly villains and become stronger in their resolve of being the pony's they want to be since I'm sure all three sometimes feel doubtful that they are truly good to some degree. Anyway, that's my thoughts on the movie and a random quip about what I think would be a cool spin off.
  10. This is why I don't buy the toys. No offense to the original MLP style, but it's just not what the new version of the show is. The toys do not follow suit, I feel like I'm in the 90's looking at them. That mothers points were fantastic. I have no idea why any toy is gender specific, specially when girls get princess dolls and boys get guys with guns? What kinda message does that even send? The sexes are not that different. This is why I praise lego, it doesn't give a buck about gender.
  11. WHAT?!?!?! That's ... just,...... NO, NEIN, NYET, NEJ! :okiedokielokie: Ridicilous price for a ridiculous toy. Definitely caters to the people who feel ponies are too girly I suppose.
  12. Design wise my favorite is Aria hands down, from her outfit, hair and outfit near the end of the movie. Personality, definitely Adagio, her voice was fantastic. I've never been legitamatly scared of a female deep cackle like that, good job Kazumi! My least favorite, both personality wise and design wise is Sonata (Though her name wins all the prizes) I don't think widow's peak hair looks good on anyone, and not in bang form. I also feel like she was the "dumb blonde" trope that a troupe of three mean girls gets.
  13. It's better in my opinion then the first. For some reason the plot feels more believable this time around and it's a actual sequel to the first. The premise sounds silly if you've already heard or once you hear it, but then you see why the premise is what it is, and then it makes sense with in the context of the story, instead of feeling forced. I tried to make that as spoiler free as possible, I hope it made sense instead of just being a "because things with the stuff and then things happened and it was cool." Agreed with the whole Flash Sentry crush thing. Especially when there is another propper species one back home, that NEVER will get touched on I bet. He is ten kinds of useless and utterly forced. I pretty much pay no attention to love stories in anything, because they're rarely natural, real or even believable in any universe. Out of curiosity, am I the only one who thinks that Aria was going to be the main villian the first time I saw her? I dunno, both my boyfriend and I thought her character design, specifically her eyes looked far more the part for the dastardly leader. Adagio is great, but her design strikes me as second in command for some reason. I suppose though being blonde and having the biggest hair gets you the part of leader, hmm
  14. For sheer fun I decided to count how many students the school has according to these numbers. 46 (including Vinyl Scratch) students not including Twilight or the Dazzlings. Given how big the school is, that is a hilariously small number of students. However, could be that these are the only ones who happened to be in the lunch room at the time the Dazzlings decided to get a battle of the bands started. Which would make sense since the rest of the school turned out to watch the finals. No wonder the Dazzlings were so hyped up on power with that many more people whom had negative energies.
  15. This is true about collectors, I swear some just want to find the most bizzare thing they can and pay waaaay too much for it. Either way, I just wish that was more of a private circle thing instead of a humongus band wagon. I suppose if the artist is laughing all the way to the bank though, because now everyone wants it, then they don't care. Asthetically though, I still don't find most post-modern art that pleasing, or really the typical modern art either. But that's purely personal preference. I like being able to look at a drawing, able to tell kinda what it is, or at least understand that it's something new (like a new species, or a new design to draw an existing speices or a object) or that it exists in it's own world outright. As far as paintings go that are I guess kinda like breaking down the illusion. I love the one where the closer you get to the painting, the more abstract it becomes. Gives me chills everytime and really sells the idea that it's all an illusion to me in a very direct way. It's called Georges Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon which is Post-Impressionist. I suppose post-modern takes the impressionistic style a step further.