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  1. TheAnimationFana

    An idea for the 200th episode...

    Eh, not really. It's not a bad idea for an episode, but it's just not really grand enough to be the center of the 200th episode.
  2. TheAnimationFana

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    Here's a question, which popular show do you think will they spoof when promoting this season?
  3. TheAnimationFana

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    To Change A Changeling - After his less-than-stellar debut with "Honest Apple", I was hesitant about Kevin Lappin's next outing. While it wasn't perfect, it was certainly a marked improvement and provided a lot of insight into Thorax's early life.
  4. TheAnimationFana

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    I take the percentages, multiply them by the weighted scores, and add them up.
  5. I split the polls to show how high the scores were after Starlight Glimmer arrived in Season 5.

    1. TheAnimationFana


      She was a great villain and definitely proved to be a wonderful addition to the main cast.

  6. TheAnimationFana

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    Season 7 and 5 are definitely close for me in terms of most consistent amount of quality episodes. Season 5's only real notable low points are "Princess Spike" and "What About Discord?".
  7. TheAnimationFana

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    Season 5 (sort of) surprised me in that I didn't think it would have the highest score, but when I think about it, it makes sense. It's definitely the most mature and complex season.
  8. TheAnimationFana

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    Party Pooped - Initially, I was worried. An episode from yet another new writer after the abysmal "Princess Spike", how bad is this one going to turn out? Surprisingly, not bad at all. In fact, Nick Confalone, has now become my favorite writer on the show. @Tacodidra @Dark Qiviut @This Whomps @Sparklefan1234
  9. TheAnimationFana

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    @FirePuppy The point of this was to show the results of the polls I took. Not to give them your own scores. That being said, what surprises you the most about the results?
  10. After running polls for how you all each Season of Friendship is Magic, I figured I'd post the results. Season 1: 86% Season 2: 88% Season 3: 68% Season 4: 88% Season 5: 91% Season 6: 72% Season 7: 86% Season 8: 73% What did you think of the survey and what surprises you the most about the results?
  11. TheAnimationFana

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    I don't fully agree with this assertion. The show hasn't lost focus, it's just adjusted its focus on a grander story and a larger set of characters.
  12. TheAnimationFana

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    There's going to be a Spiderverse series?
  13. TheAnimationFana

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    I voted happy, because I do love the show and the characters, but it all depends on how Season 9 pans out. Overall, I think the show has maintained a consistent level of quality throughout its run (I think it's gotten better as it's gone on). But, I'd like to see it end before it overstays its welcome like The Simpsons and Fairly Oddparents.
  14. TheAnimationFana

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    A Royal Problem: Not that I was expecting it to be bad, but the premise sounded like a basic "Freaky Friday" type episode. So naturally, you can imagine my surprise when the execution turned out to be much funnier and nuanced than I had imagined. The third act cemented it as one of the best episodes in the entire show. Bloom and Gloom: This one looked like a rehash of the amusing, but ultimately pointless "The Cutie Pox", I was taken aback by just how trippy and psychological it was. Dungeons and Discords: "What About Discord" definitely soured the character for me a bit, so this one was definitely a pleasant surprise.
  15. TheAnimationFana

    Episodes that pleasantly surprised you?

    @This Whomps @Dark Qiviut @Tacodidra @Sparklefan1234 Flutter Brutter: I had developed a Pavlovian response to seeing Dave Rapp's name appear after the wretched "Newbie Dash", so I was very pleased when this episode came along with it's relatable moral and its positive portrayal of Fluttershy. Gauntlet of Fire: Just when I had given up all hope of Spike episodes being any good, "Gauntlet of Fire" came along and changed the tide. Ever since we've been riding on a wave of solid, if not outright great episodes focusing on the little guy. Buckball Season: Considering that AJ and RD didn't have the best track record in Season 6 and the questionable premise, I was prepared for this to be "The Cart Before The Ponies 2.0", but it turned out to be a funny, entertaining, and good-natured episode where everyone is portrayed positively. A Flurry of Emotions: I went in expecting this episode to be an even more annoying version of "Baby Cakes" based on the premise and Flurry Heart. Luckily, it turned out to be a hilarious and adorable entry. I was especially relieved with how they made Flurry endearing and avoided a lot of the cliches that plague most "Watching the baby" episodes, like a gag about dirty diapers (Thank god). Parental Glideance: All of the potential red flags were in the premise (RD centric episode, Wonderbolts, Embarrassing Parents), but what could have been yet another Rainbow Dash torture porn episode turned out to be one of the funniest, most relatable, and heartfelt episodes the series has ever produced. The Break-Up Break Down: Given that I was less than enthusiastic about "Hard To Say Anything" and that the premise sounded super cliche. In execution, the episode was both hilarious and heartfelt. The Washouts: What I expected was yet another episode where Rainbow Dash has to get her ego knocked down a peg or two. What I got was a heartfelt, emotional, funny, and deep episode with one of the most touching endings in the series. Top Bolt: Again, "Newbie Dash" had caused me to develop a Pavlovian response to the Wonderbolts. Fortunately, not only did the episode help me wash the taste of ND out of my mouth, but it also had my two favorite ponies interacting and had a very deep and thought-provoking moral.