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    Nar timer Pafund, vajos hiuk burzumum agh leav-iav lat ukavrenghav
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    Video games/ drawing/ reading books( mostly horrors, but I'm not new to thrillers and Sci-fi)/ writing stories/ create head canon. Dark, omnius head canon.

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  1. General

    I actually miss 6 games: If someone remember, there was a game, once, where the characters (a bunch of weirdos) had to partecipate to some kind of quiz show where they had to fight each other and... hypnotized chicken. For not speaking of the final battle with the devil ! Can someone remember it's name ?
  2. It depends of the Barbarity level. |- 10/15 % Barkus |- 20/ 30% Thirir |- 50/60% Skrunirn |- 70/80% Pdohr | - 90/100% Uhulag Well, this are my barbarian names.
  3. General

    It's odd to like Vaylin from The Old Republic ?
  4. Hah, need someone as a shield ? If needed for an adventure type RP, You may count on me with Rockshield.
  5. Mega Thread

    7/10 Really like your own quote, very interested in your Tumblr.
  6. Who guess what this song came From, will recive a free cookie and a A+ in Latin. O venator Beatus sanctus Bonum fati par dia Domus aeternus fiat morte Perit sanguine opulentum
  7. Kiss.
  8. Mega Thread

    South Park - Kyle's mom (I can continue the title, else execution)
  9. becoming super fast but letting everyone else been slow as f... well, ok, I can do more stuff at the same time. let's see... aha! I offer an enchanted crown that will grant all the money you want at any time, but will steal them from the people of your city, and they will know who did this. Accept it or not ?
  10. Well, this made my day.
  11. So, I came up with this idea since we're getting closer to halloween: in this little and easy game, one must offer a gift of any form (a ring, a necklace, even a photo or something that can be worn and removed ) that will grant both a great miracle of any kind (powerful, silly or both) and a fairly terrible curse if those who accept the "gift" don't meet the requirements for the miracle, ending the post with a simple "accept or not ?". Easy peasy example: the One Ring from LOTR, power and immortality at the cost of sanity and a corrupted soul if used for too much. So, be creative and remember, every kind of miracle is accepted, as well as any kind of curse. I'll start with offering this: two armlets of gold and ivory that will grant immortality and power, making literally anyone who wore them a king of mankind, unbeatable and kinda handsome, but they'll require a thousand souls a year to work correctly, or who wear them will loose his/her soul, his/her body will be let to decay and his/her mind shattered forever. Accept or not ?
  12. Pretty good, confirmed !
  13. Mega Thread

    Imma glob ya !