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  1. Krashface

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Since is my main source of cringe, ideas and laughs... of corse ! What's your last favored youtuber/webstar ?
  2. Krashface

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Pokemon FireRed gen. What's the best underrated Pokemon ?
  3. Krashface

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not been on your country road.
  4. Happy Birthday! Today you are the mane attraction! ;)


  5. Merry Birthiversary!

  6. Krashface

    Gaming Old games you want to see get fixed

    - Morrowind: I really want to play Morrowind, but I fear both a old graphic and some old styled settings may give some problems to me. This said, is of corse a must play game. - Of Orcs and Men: not really know by many, but is one of those games that revolt the classic view on orcs and goblins, here as slaves. I do hope into a full remake, with expanded content and better graphics. - Overlord I and II: a game where you can play as the villain. 'nuff said.
  7. Krashface

    The movie's rating on IMDB.

    Bah, the rating to me sims fair enough. It was a good movie, but nothing more.
  8. I agree, the old style was something unique, the one used this time, closer to the comics... eh, isn't as satisfying. But hey, he's fricking back, the failing invader. Also, the Armada looks it will go on full Michael Bay mode.
  9. Ok.
    Damn banner got me.
    Whoever got that idea, and whoever made it, you rekindled my faith in this forum.

    F*****g nice to see it.


    1. CypherHoof


      Well, @Kyoshi designed and executed the banner - that's why their name is top left :)

  10. Krashface

    User vs user - winner stays on

  11. Krashface

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  12. Krashface

    The (extremely weird) Bedwetting Game

    Nah, she stopped at 5. Luna
  13. Summer Sun Festival: simply known as a recurring festivity, it was originally meant to be the anniversary of the victory of Celestia upon the old kingdoms and their annexation to the Equestrian Monarchy. However, this fact was modified lately, since some equestrians were using this as an excuse to pretend a modification on the Princess' command.
  14. Krashface

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  15. Nightmare Night is actually Princess Luna's birthday, but everyone forgot of that.