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  1. G1 (Tales) Thoughts on Tales?

    My Little Pony Tales is my favorite Mlp Show, i even enjoy it more than Fim. Its a cute and funny Teenage Drama sort of show and for me as a furry, having a Cartoon in which the Cartoon Characters act like humans, even more than in the other shows, gave it a really special feeling. I dont know similar Shows ( well, except for actual live action series of this sort, which i dont like ) so it felt unique. Also i enjoy the drawing and Animation style quite a lot and the german voice acting was also really good. I wish they would make a german rerelease, we only got Vhs Tapes but i have never found all of them. I currently have 3 out of 6 Vhs Tapes. I found the fourth one but the other 2 are still missing.
  2. I will try a lactose free Pizza today and if my body doesnt like it, i have to say goodbye to pizza forever. Oh well. XD

    1. Cyralicious


      Lactose intollerant here aswell, but I'm still eating pizza since last year. :P 

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
    3. Dune_Gosbil


      @Cyralicious I would like to still eat Pizza, but i cant allow it, since my body recently has hurt a lot. Like, more than before, i guess i have to be extra careful. Maybe i did risk to much and now my body hates me. I can totally understand that though.

  3. Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought myself Monopoly for the Game Boy.
  4. Have you ever been banned from a website?

    I got banned a few times on a Side called Forumla. ( a mostly german multimedia Forum ) First i got banned, because i created multiple Accounts so that i could talk to myself, since i was very bored. The second time i got banned was, because i was actually complaining about some Mods. Honestly i dont remember anymore, what exactly all happened. I have written about it in my Blog, but im not sure if that what i said, was completely true. I guess i got angry, because some People, including Mods, were making fun of my sister, just because she liked a musical band called Tokio Hotel. I guess they just joked around and i took it to seriously, there is one thing i remember for certain, i called one mod a b****. At this point, everybody hated me. I think i got banned three times on that Side. I also got banned once on a german Mlp Side. I was bored at my work place, so i created a second account, got online and posted in the general Lounge Thread, that i would be twelve and that i would find Bronys laughable. First i got a warning. But because i was so dumb, i actually logged into my double account from my home computer ( the one, on which i created my first account ), so that the Admins could see, that i own two and they banned my second account. I just got a warning for that too, but the negative points are already gone again. EDIT : Yes, it is okay if you read my ban Story in a Video.
  5. Lucha's commissions

    Okay, cool^^I placed the order. With repetitive shapes, would the diamond symbol of playing cards be fine? Not sure what its called in english, i dont even know the german spelling, i think its called karo. If its okay i would choose the colors red and white for the diamonds, so that its a pattern. If thats not possible, i would like a color transition from bright red to dark red, like it is in my image, but only if the diamond pattern would not be possible. I think gradient means something like transition, right? If it doesnt mean transition, than i would just choose a flat color with red i would say. But the pattern with the diamonds would be my favorite.
  6. Hi everypony

    Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums ! I wish you a wonderful time on here ! ^^
  7. Lucha's commissions

    Since you said you can reject Comissions if you dont like them, i would like to ask if you would be willing to make me a picture of the main character from Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler. Her name is Yumeko, its the one with the long black hair and the sometimes red eyes, in case you dont know Kakegurui. But she should not be a human, i would like that you draw me a Pony Version of her as a Potrait/Icon with complex Colors. A Potrait is just the head right? Without background and anything? I mean that one Picture in the full body examples list has a grey background and a one color background would be totally fine. It should be a dark background, i think i would like the background to be a dark red color, if you do a background. She should have her red eyes and an evil grin, kinda like the Icon i have right now, only that she should look at the viewer. Im not so sure about her fur color though, since she is a human...maybe make her fur color grey? Maybe that will fit with her black hair. And one last thing i would like to ask, in your examples for potraits its just the head with the down body missing, but could maybe make the picture in a way, that the Picture just stops on her down body, like in my image? So that its not a floating head, but that it looks like, as if her down body was just cut off from the image? If that would be fine with you of course. If you are okay with my Idea, i will place my order on the mlp forums store.
  8. Gaming What Games Got You Into Gaming?

    Well the first game i think i ever played was Hugo XL on my fathers Computer. I guess he bought the game, because he knew the old Tv Show about Hugo, so he thought it would be a good game for me and my sister and i loved Hugo XL. It was a funny game and even though i wasnt able to beat it, i played it a lot. Since then, i wanted to have a console on my own so i guess that game got me into gaming. Later i went on to play Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo, even though fighting games were to hard for me, but the Super Mario Games kept me interested in playing, i also enjoyed games like Heberekes Popoon, a Mickey Mouse Game that i cant remember the name of and Pac Attack. And of course years later, when i got my first playstation, i also played Hugo Games again and then i finally have beaten them.
  9. Are Celestia and Luna natural alicorns?

    I dont know much about the Show or the lore, but i think Twilight said, that you have to earn the status of an Alicorn, meaning that you cant be born as one, but if that is the case, i have no Idea why Celestia and Luna are seemingly immortal, when the Staff says, Twilight wont outlive her Friends, that doesnt make much sense. Or one of these three things might happen, maybe she wont outlive her Friends because 1. All her other Friends will become Alicorns for their special talents as well, 2. They will finish the Show and they simply meant with not outliving her friends, that they wont show it and that the series will end before any of that could happen or 3., that Twilight might have to give up her Alicorn Powers, for a super emotional scene at the end or something. Or maybe she dies, thats also an Option. XD
  10. Starlight Glimmer Controversy

    I dont think that i personally contribute for the main 6 to get pushed back. I mean, i want to see more Starlight, but im not talking to the Stuff or anything and the only rating or critic i ever gave the show, was a thumbs up on Netflix. Hasbro can do whatever they want to do with Mlp, its their Franchise and im just a Fan. If they decided to kick Starlight out, its fine with me. I will support their decisions because its their franchise and not mine.
  11. G3.5 Past generation OCs was there any ? YES !

    Considering that you could design your own Pony in the Generation 2 Game " Friendship Gardens ", its no surprise that there were Oc Characters back in the day. But anyway, nice G3 Pony.^^
  12. Animation The last Anime you watched?

    The last Anime i watched was "Kagegurui - Life is a Game" or "Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler", as it is called in english i think and i loved it! At first i disliked it, because i thought the over the top expressions shown in the Trailer on Netflix were a bit weird and i didnt thought i would like the actual Animation all that much. But i gave it a try and watched the whole thing in 2 Days and i was addicted. I have no Idea if the main character is possessed by a demon or if her sometimes red eyes are just shown to reflect her evil side, but anyway i liked the Main Character. At first i thought she is the main villain, because of her evil looks sometimes, but she is an interesting main character. She seems nice and all, but once she starts gambling she starts to get really crazy and scary sometimes, even though she is only that evil, to other evil people as it seems. Since she seems to be clever, i just imagined that she is a gambling possessed Twilight Sparkle and i immediately loved her. XD I liked the crazy Villains and overall it reminded me of " No Game - No Life " kinda, just without the uncomfortable fanservice and the high amount of jokes. The over the top expressions reminded me of Death Note. Im so happy that this weird/crazy Anime will get a second season as it seems and a Live Action Version is even currently airing, even though i imagine that this will never get a german release...maybe not even an english one...thats sad. They are a few Live Action Anime Series, that were seemingly never released outside of Japan, so im just guessing here. Would be very happy if the live action Version would also appear on Netflix at some point.
  13. Mega Thread Count to a million

  14. The thing, with the bit size limitation with background Images and Avatars is annoying. Why dont you just tell me the allowed size of the Picture? Than i would at least have a clue to how big the picture should be. Now its just a guessing game.

    1. Dune_Gosbil


      Great, now i have to go to work and have no time anymore, to find out how big the Pictures should be XD

  15. Anypony on here afraid of thunderstorms?

    Im afraid of Thunderstorms, i think they are way to loud and im always in fear, that they hit our home or that they strike me and im dead. Edit: Okay, maybe i missunderstood something, if you mean with Storms, really big ones, than i guess i never experienced such ones. It gets Windy of course, but im not sure if you can call that a Storm, what we have here, but there is Thunder at least.