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  1. Mega Thread

  2. Mega Thread

  3. Well the package of Mortal Kombat 2 did arrive, but instead of the Sega Saturn Version of Mortal Kombat 2, i got the Game Boy Game " Battle Unit Zeoth " does something like this happen? XD How do you mix something up, THIS badly? If it would be the game boy version of Mortal Kombat 2, than i would understand such a mix up at least a little bit, but a completely different game for a different system on a handheld instead of a console even?

  4. Gaming

    I recently bought myself " Bubsy in Claws encounters of the furred kind " for the Super Nintendo and also " Super Bubsy " for Pc, which is basically the first game, but according to Wikipedia, it also includes the pilot Episode for the never picked up Bubsy Cartoon.
  5. Gaming

    I bought myself Batman Forever for Sega Game Gear and Mortal Kombat 2 for Sega Saturn.
  6. Mega Thread

    Im currently playing Batman Forever on the Super Nintendo and got stuck for the third time. XD The Graphics are cool and it controls faster than i thought, its just a bit confusing at first.
  7. Movies/TV

    For me the Nolan Trilogy just always felt to realistic for a comic book movie and i was actually a bit disappointed, it wasnt as crazy and colorful as i would have liked it. The Tim Burton Movies are just weird, they try to be dark but at the same time ad this weird comedy scenes that dont quite fit the mood. Batman and Robin is certainly crazy enough, but doesnt capture the Batman Character and his Universe all to well. And " Batman - Mask of the Phantasm " was just a bit boring for me, the Plot Twist was very obvious, so there wasnt much Mystery and the Animation in the most part, wasnt really all that better in contrast to the series so it just felt like an overly long episode or maybe this is just another case off " Everybody praises it and i have way to high expectations ". The Action was okay, even though the cheesy flash backs kinda ruined the movie for me. The Adam West Movie is a joke...i dont mean that in an insulting way, i mean its an intentional joke, but that one will never be one of my favorites. For me one of the best older Batman Movies is " Batman Forever ", the Movie is just crazy and over the top enough but not as comedy like, like Batman and Robin. It wasnt as weirdly dark or perverted as the Tim Burton Movies and had just the right amount of fun in it, even my father had the same opinion as me, that this was the best of the older bunch. And for newer Movies, i liked " Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice " and no, im not a Troll, i thought the Movie was fantastic, great action scenes, great emotional scenes and cool over the top action, specially the " vs fight ". As for animated Movies, i have only watched the older 3 Movies based on " Batman - the animated Series " so far and the best one for me was Batman and Mr Freeze - Subzero. Instead of being cheesy and threat an obvious plot twist as a mystery, this Movie was just fun and it personally touched my feelings more, than the other two Movies. But if i have to choose my favorite one, it would be Batman v Superman. If it has to be a Batman alone film, i would probably choose Batman Forever, since Subzero is a bit to short for a great movie, since its just a different adaptation of Batman and Robin, like an extra.
  8. Update on my health status : I now have intestine pain for like over 2 Months now and it got worse again. It seems like it doesnt madder what i eat, it often hurts pretty bad before i have to go to the toilet,which means i cant go to the toilet, when the pain starts, i have to wait for it to go away, which makes me think, i have wounds or something inside me. Also my sides hurt and it constantly hurts, when i touch my belly. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Im scared that it gets worse, i cant go to the hospital because it isnt bad enough but apparently im good enough to go to work, which wouldnt be half as bad, if i wouldnt have to drive for almost an hour, without having the chance to go to a toilet, when the bad pain starts. I feel so scared, that i tried to kill myself with a razor blade and mutliple knifes, or suffocate myself with a plastic bag. But i cant do it, now i just have to wait for next year january before i have my next doctor meeting and just have to hope, that the pain doesnt start to get even worse. And the meeting is just like a talk session, so i will probably have to wait even longer before any sort of research starts. Im scared that i broke something inside of me. And its all my fault, because i did eat something, which wasnt good for me ( my body doesnt like lactose products ), but how should i have known that something THIS bad happends ? Something like that never happened before. Not sure why i write this, but i feel horrible, lonely and scared.

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    2. Luna Moon

      Luna Moon

      @Fluttershy Friend Well, i would love to. But my meeting by the Specialist is in January. January, 18th next year to be exact. So i have to wait for 2 Months. I already waited for 2 Months, so that my normal doctor would send me to a specialist finally and now i have to wait another 2 Months before i even get there. Thats the sad truth, if you arent an emergency and you can still sit and talk normally, then they just let you wait. I mean, i have a stomach pain almost constantly, there are short amount of times in which there is relief, but thats it. For most of the day, even while typing is, i still feel something bad inside of me, but its still bearable for me, so its not an emergency and even if i get very bad pain from time to time, i just dont count as an emergency and i simply have to wait for my turn. Meanwhile it can get even worse over time...its horrible. I would love to let myself get checked, but in reality you just have to wait until all the other patients before you are done. It seems that i have to wait and risk, that something really bad might happen. My Father told me i should go to a hospital, since my belly hurts all the time when i touch it, my mother on the other hand says, that my father just wants to scare me and that i cant go to a hospital, because first i have to help, since we are moving to a new house. Can i just say that my mother is a horrible person? First all the years that she let myself keep living with the dog that i was allergic to and refusing to give me numbers of other family members that i might can live with and now, despite the fact that i have stomach pain, she refuses to drive me to a hospital because i have to help her move first. Like...seriously! What is wrong with her? Im not sure what i should do...wait for my next meeting, risking that my condition gets worse and that in worst case scenario, i need an operation of some sort? Or drive to a hospital for something thats actually maybe not that bad and take someone elses place in the hospital, despite that someone might have it worse? Im not sure what i should do, that makes my situation so bad...i would really wish i would just die. Im scared all the time now... and all that just because i ate something bad and its basically all my fault...i cant even blame someone, its all my own dumb fault...apparently...

    3. PuddingPonyPal


      Things will be ok as long as you hold on. Don't let your fear get you to do something bad. I almost made a big mistake because of my fears. Just hold on. Things WILL get better when you get to the specialist. 

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Please calm down. All will be good. Remember please your feelings some months ago when you had several problems  withi your sister, mother and the dog? You wanted to die and you didn't see any chance to improve your mind. And all turned to good. The same will be in this case. Maybe visit earlier private doctor?

  9. Mega Thread

  10. Mega Thread

  11. Gaming

    I recently bought myself the Games " The Death and Return of Superman " and " Justice League - Task Force ", both for the Super Nintendo.
  12. Mega Thread

  13. Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums ! You have a pretty cool name. ^^ I wish you a wonderful time on here !
  14. Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums ! I wish you a wonderful time on here !
  15. Mega Thread