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  1.  :blue_baloon:Happy Birthday :balloon:

    I hope you had a great day and lots of cake


    1. UI Tails

      UI Tails

      Pinkie dont even think about it

  2. @Reason for Cancellation Happy happy birthday to you! Lots of cake and fluffy ponies all for you!


  3. I am currently playing Donkey Kong on my Atari XE-GameSystem. ( which is basically like a Atari 5200 in terms of capabilities, from what i understand ) And its super fun. Cant wait to try out Donkey Kong Junior and Mario Bros on that System and then jump to the Atari 7800 Versions. Now that i have Job i can finally play all the Mario Games.
  4. I am currently playing Donkey Kong Junior on the Atari 2600 and its pretty fun while also challenging.
  5. Would you rather have G4 animation for G5? Absolutely, Positively, NOT! Please stop, i am so tired of ugly flash animation, please never again. The new Animation looks great, please stay this way G5. Also i dont understand in general why changing the style more often than not causes a riot with fans, arent fans supposed to be supportive? No? Okay, then i officially distance myself from the term fan and simply call myself a supporter from now on. EDIT : Yeah, i can see the Hypocrisy in my post. Never mind what i just said. But still no, love the G5 Style, please kee
  6. I am currently playing Dino Crisis on the Ps 1 for a second time, because i didnt remember if i got all the different Endings and unlocked all the Costumes. However i was surprised that the game seems to be way more frustrating than i remember. I actually kinda dislike it now. Mostly for the Puzzles. For the life of me, i cant figure out some of the DDK Puzzles and got trough the game by guessing, probably because the game developers though it was a good idea to change the way the puzzles are solved from time to time and doesnt save any documents you have found in the game, you know? Savi
  7. Reason for Cancellation

    Greetings Everyone

    Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums! Your art really did improve, it looks very cute.
  8. It seems like Zack Snyders Justice League gets positive reviews mostly, now i only have to hope that it gets a financial success as well and the DCEU will be back at full force! :squee:

    I hope. Please. That would make me so happy.

  9. Reason for Cancellation

    New here

    Welcome to Mlp Forums! I wish you a wonderful time!
  10. I think Izzy is my personal favorite right now, although i hate the Tennisball-Meme. I sure hope Hasbro doesnt notice the meme so that they wont make a joke related to that more often or even actually letting that become a thing. Its just annoying to me.
  11. For some reason i didnt mentioned Silent Hill 2, maybe i was to afraid. I think SIlent Hill 2 is one of the most overrated games in existence, the game design looks boring, the gameplay is exhausting ( constantly running around in large empty spaces with your stamina running out ) the enemys arent really that creative in my eyes and the fact every monster looks like a human, even though its supposed to be symbolic and all that, is just completely uninteresting to me. For me it is easily the worst entry in the entire franchise. Only the Silent Hill Historical Society/Prison level was
  12. Wow, the Graphics look really good and cute, looks definitely very interesting. I might play some of them if i find the time.
  13. I am playing Catwoman on the XBOX and desperately try to get enough score points to unlock everything by replaying Levels again so that i can jump to the next DC game. The game is fine, first frustrating but once i got used to the controls it became kinda fun. Just a shame that it looks like it will be a pain to get enough points, since i am not that good of a gamer sadly.
  14. Of course i will watch Generation 5, i dont see a single reason why not. DC Comics constantly changes Styles and love almost every bit of it, so why wont i do the same with Mlp?
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