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  1. I am currently playing Donkey Kong on my Atari XE-GameSystem. ( which is basically like a Atari 5200 in terms of capabilities, from what i understand ) And its super fun. Cant wait to try out Donkey Kong Junior and Mario Bros on that System and then jump to the Atari 7800 Versions. Now that i have Job i can finally play all the Mario Games.
  2. I am currently playing Donkey Kong Junior on the Atari 2600 and its pretty fun while also challenging.
  3. Would you rather have G4 animation for G5? Absolutely, Positively, NOT! Please stop, i am so tired of ugly flash animation, please never again. The new Animation looks great, please stay this way G5. Also i dont understand in general why changing the style more often than not causes a riot with fans, arent fans supposed to be supportive? No? Okay, then i officially distance myself from the term fan and simply call myself a supporter from now on. EDIT : Yeah, i can see the Hypocrisy in my post. Never mind what i just said. But still no, love the G5 Style, please kee
  4. I am currently playing Dino Crisis on the Ps 1 for a second time, because i didnt remember if i got all the different Endings and unlocked all the Costumes. However i was surprised that the game seems to be way more frustrating than i remember. I actually kinda dislike it now. Mostly for the Puzzles. For the life of me, i cant figure out some of the DDK Puzzles and got trough the game by guessing, probably because the game developers though it was a good idea to change the way the puzzles are solved from time to time and doesnt save any documents you have found in the game, you know? Savi
  5. Reason for Cancellation

    Greetings Everyone

    Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums! Your art really did improve, it looks very cute.
  6. It seems like Zack Snyders Justice League gets positive reviews mostly, now i only have to hope that it gets a financial success as well and the DCEU will be back at full force! :squee:

    I hope. Please. That would make me so happy.

  7. Reason for Cancellation

    New here

    Welcome to Mlp Forums! I wish you a wonderful time!
  8. I think Izzy is my personal favorite right now, although i hate the Tennisball-Meme. I sure hope Hasbro doesnt notice the meme so that they wont make a joke related to that more often or even actually letting that become a thing. Its just annoying to me.
  9. For some reason i didnt mentioned Silent Hill 2, maybe i was to afraid. I think SIlent Hill 2 is one of the most overrated games in existence, the game design looks boring, the gameplay is exhausting ( constantly running around in large empty spaces with your stamina running out ) the enemys arent really that creative in my eyes and the fact every monster looks like a human, even though its supposed to be symbolic and all that, is just completely uninteresting to me. For me it is easily the worst entry in the entire franchise. Only the Silent Hill Historical Society/Prison level was
  10. Wow, the Graphics look really good and cute, looks definitely very interesting. I might play some of them if i find the time.
  11. I am playing Catwoman on the XBOX and desperately try to get enough score points to unlock everything by replaying Levels again so that i can jump to the next DC game. The game is fine, first frustrating but once i got used to the controls it became kinda fun. Just a shame that it looks like it will be a pain to get enough points, since i am not that good of a gamer sadly.
  12. Of course i will watch Generation 5, i dont see a single reason why not. DC Comics constantly changes Styles and love almost every bit of it, so why wont i do the same with Mlp?
  13. Here is my new Avatar in Full Size, if anyone wants to see.


    Its supposed to be Pinkamena.

  14. The Idea is fantastic, since i am in love with that Song as well! For someone who has animated music videos in paint, ( although not as good as you) i must say you do an excellent Job, i am impressed! Will you use an instrumental when and if this Animation gets finished or the actual song with Lyrics? I personally prefer Caleb Hyles Cover, although i can see that using a version with Lyrics wouldnt go without permission from the creator of course, so that might become a problem.
  15. Reason for Cancellation

    *Waves* Why hello!

    Hello and welcome to Mlp Forums! I wish you a wonderful time here ! Also your Youtube Channel Idea sounds really interesting.
  16. I already saw the animated gif, the Animation looks really fluid and cute. I specially like the Character Izzy, i have a feeling she might be a potential new favorite character of mine.
  17. Reason for Cancellation

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought myself a lot of Dc Comics Stuff, basically every Video Game covering the time period from 2004 - 2005. For the XBOX: Catwoman, Constantine - The Video Game, Spy vs Spy and Batman Begins. For the GBA: Catwoman,Batman Begins and Teen Titans. It was more or less an Anxiety bought, since i will start my first fulltime job next week otherwise i wouldnt have bought all of them at once.
  18. To be fair, we are talking about a character, who not only, despite her title being the Princess of Friendship, forgot some of her older Friends but her plotline basically being that she messes up in all sorts of ways, to use her and her friends as a plot device, to teach children lessons, i mean messing things up is kinda her thing. Not to mention what she did in the previous Movie Twilight messing up, would not be all that out of character. Also who says she has messed up? Maybe in this Timeline she is dead or retired and someone completely different caused all sort of bad thing
  19. I am currently playing Resident Evil 2 on the Playstation 1. Since this game was taken off our german Index list, i am now finally allowed to play it. It is still scary though and the monster designs are awesome, the story is also really good.
  20. After reading the more negative Posts on here, it actually gave me depression. However, this new G5 Style looks fantastic! Like someone else already said, it looks like Disney, what else can you do? It looks like a big budget film and an improvement over previous 3D Efforts. I also like the Story so far, it sounds interesting. We will get a new set of characters in a new century of Equestria. For me that makes the world of Equestria just bigger and more real, instead of staying in the same timeline with the same characters for all eternity, that some other fans apparently want.
  21. Reason for Cancellation

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought myself Justice League - Chronicles for the Game Boy Advance.
  22. I recently played trough Batman - Rise of Sin Tzu on the XBOX. I managed to play trough the game on the hardest difficulty without cheating. It was so difficult and i had to do so much button mashing, i actually hurt myself on my right thumb and used up my left joystick on my controller. For some reason though i didnt unlock any of the Making Of Bonus Videos you are supposed to get. I have to admit i did cheat on the hard difficulty just to unlock the even harder Dark Knight difficulty, so that i at least didnt suffer all that long. I did beat The Dark Knight difficulty without cheating t
  23. I would always appreciate a bit more detailed art and animation. From all the My Little Pony incarnations so far, i liked the G4 Stuff the least, because it is to cheap and simplistic looking for me. The Movies Style was an upgrade and if they go more in that direction, i would love it. A more defining artstyle in general would be a major improvement in my eyes.
  24. I just had to share this cute Dragon, because for a Cereal Box Art these drawings are really beautiful. I hope that doesnt count as an advertisement and is against the side rules, i am not here to advertise the cereals, i just wanted to share the art.

    Sadly i cant seem to track down the artist and it isnt credited anywhere on the box as far as i can tell. ( also sorry that the photos are bad quality. )

    Again, if this violates the forum rules, i apologize. But since i dont have an artist, i have to credit Kelloggs.


  25. I usually try to 100 percent a game before i play the sequel, but sometimes it gets so difficult and frustrating that i take " 100 % " a bit lightly. For me its enough to beat a game on the hardest mode and if i then still didnt unlock something just because i didnt got the highest rank, i simply ignore it. For example, i never managed to get the s rank in any Resident Evil Game, doesnt madder how hard i tried, so i gave up. Not everyone is a gamer god and many games are so frustrating and difficult than it make me feel miserable. Video Games should be fun, not rage inducing in my op
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