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  1. I don't really need specific characters, so I'm alright with just your OC if you would like
  2. Cute OC... who drew avatar? xD

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    2. PinkCupcakes


      Yeah sure, I can actually just link my Imgur, and my pony should be on there!

      Mostly only the first four after the first one

    3. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man
    4. PinkCupcakes
  3. An Animation Table~ You know, where it's a table with a light in it, so you can turn it on and trace your animations to do hand Animations I swear those would look so much better than on flash.
  4. Story Sarah Befish is a new pony in Equestria, moving from a place that has never been heard of in Equestria. She has absolutely no place to live for the place being, and most things in Equestria she is not used to. She's wandering PonyVille with no clue of what's going on. Character Rules This is supposed to be a fun RP No Violence without a proper climax No godmodding. If your character is hit, they can't be unharmed Alicorns, Pegasus, Unicorns, Earth Ponies, anypony is aloud here Ocs and Canon characters are aloud Roles Taken -Sarah Befish (PinkCupcakes)- - Trilby Hatter (Samurai Equine)- - - -
  5. This is a quick Sharpie try on my OC! It's even got a speedpaint! - I'd really enjoy some feedback on this one!
  6. My favorite food used to be actually Cottage Cheese, than one day it started tasting horrible, and now I can't eat it without throwing up.
  7. Thanks for the add :3 how are you?

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    2. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Although I prefer the fall season like around 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. I know what your saying. Well hope you had a good day and all thanks for adding me btw

    3. PinkCupcakes


      You're very welcome, and I hope you have a good one too!

    4. Gone Airbourne
  8. Bleach. I like Animes, but I never really enjoyed all the action packed into the anime.
  9. Your OC is both cute and awesome! ^^ (welcome to the forums btw)

    1. PinkCupcakes


      Thank you so very much!

    2. Bojo


      Your welcome! Stay awesome!

    3. PinkCupcakes


      Alright, I will!

  10. I'm just a Gender Neutral Chibi Thing
  11. If you wanna learn how to makes sigs and such check this place out :3 well take care

  12. I like the character! It looks real nice!