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  1. HYPE TRAIN INCOMING: Gotta love that redundant title. Anyway, Aqua and Birth By Sleep 0.2 as a whole are looking fantastic, especially the spells and animations. Comparing what we see here which is pretty much a KH3 demo to what we saw in 2013, Kingdom Hearts III has come a long way graphically! I don't expect 0.2 to be a long game, as we only see 2 locations in this trailer. I'm expecting about 1-2 hours of playtime. Back Cover also looks very interesting (and beautiful), even though I haven't personally played Unchained X yet. Always good to add more lore to an already complicated series that already has about 8 games in it! All joking aside, Kingdom Hearts II.8 is looking fresh, and makes me wish KH3 would come sooner. (Oh, Dream Drop Distance is in it too) Side note: You know a game is going to take forever to launch when they need a release date for the release date.
  2. I'll probably download and play this once I've beaten KH2 on the 2.5 remix. I've been dreading starting it because Roxas's world is so long and boring, so instead I've been trying to beat that damn Mysterious Figure in BBS.
  3. Hi Saroth and awesome Cadence banner! :D

  4. Loving your banner!

  5. I'll probably be a Brony until they stop churning out seasons. Afterwards I might come back if they start a new generation.
  6. I'm pretty sure if aliens found this in the next few billion years, they would think that Earthlings are a bunch of colourful talking horses.
  7. Happy forever-alone day, guys!

  8. True to the original design, looks good! Do you know much about vectoring? You could try going over the hair with it to make it look much smoother and true to the show.
  9. it would be interesting, but I still think there's so much more the show can do with what we already know. Obviously Celestia, Luna and possibly Twilight and Cadance would be there, but over the past five seasons there have been so many characters and backstories introduced that the show could still delve into. One of the ones I'm most interested in is the past of Celestia and Luna before the Nightmare Moon incident. It would be a refreshing change to the system once the writers have taken all of the good stuff out of the current story.
  10. I prefer the theatrical ones to the pop ones. Some of my favorite songs in the show include Bats, This Day Aria and The Magic Inside, all theatrical ones.
  11. I'll have to say Hurricane Fluttershy. It didn't only show growth from Fluttershy but also Rainbow Dash, I thought it was one of the best episodes of Season 2.