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  1. The Brony fandom is like any other fandom and are not very homogeneous, we represent the same diverse demographics. Though we don't have any hard percentages, from what I've seen and what is most likely is that we are mixed to the point that there really is no "most". As people age their ideologies will change too, what may have been 6 years ago could be drastically different from now. I know I have come a long way since 2012 (albeit I wasn't a Brony until 2014) as I went from more conservative to moderate. Albeit, I wasn't super conservative like what some may see when they think of the
  2. Sir Floof Dazven 31 % Well it was worth a shot, but you just weren't my type Better luck with the next person maybe? Edit: Used the right alias, got even worse Sir Floof Kapitan zur See Hans (Daz) 12 %
  3. Only once, reckless driving for my speed alone (85+ mph in my state). Wasn't too big of a deal honestly as it was the morning, but going over 100 mph on the Interstate is a bad idea. He clocked me at 97 (Coming around the turn I slowed a bit) though he took pity on me for my reason and my record thus far. All came down to a stupid Physic Summer class I was taking for university, ended up sleeping in an hour past class start of which there was an exam that day. Funny thing was, I memorized all the cop locations on the route, but I totally didn't think of it at the time. He knocked my speed
  4. Rarely, pretty much trim it up and make sure no neckbeard starts growing in (Highly uncomfortable as well as unsightly). I used to fret about it for work and interviews, but as I go through more of life I've noticed that at least in our time and my geographic location beards are quite a bit more professionally acceptable. As long as they are neat and not very long, which is fine by me. I have somewhat of a baby face so I have no interest in ever shaving, though I do love my beard for more than just that though. I won't lie though, I love to shave. Some shaving cream and a razor (Not
  5. Such a hard question, the second answer will be for alcoholic, but the first will be my all time non-alcoholic drink. Non-Alcoholic: Sweet tea. Particularly Milo's Sweet tea, no sugar or calories yet tastes exactly like McDonald's sweet tea. Alcoholic: Right now my current love is Country Boy Cougar Bait (It's always been something I never got around to until a month ago). Though my usual all time favorite is Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout (Absolutely wonderful).
  6. Yeesh, one hell of a necro. Anyway I most certainly don't, never had anybody say otherwise all my life. I personally find it comfortable for the most part, but I can see where this stigma came from. Either way, I've never had anyone look at me funny, ask me why I am sitting that way, or anything else. Seen plenty of other males do the same thing too, both the very masculine looking guys and to opposite side of the spectrum, in my experience hardly anybody cares the way you sit unless it is provocative or infringing on their personal space. Nobody cares enough unless for the most par
  7. Disrespect for gaming? No, there is just ignorance for the potential as well as well as the massive diversity of gaming. Nothing wrong with that either as they aren't as marketed as the more silly side (Can't find a proper term as not all are silly, but less serious in their gameplay and story) or just aren't shown in detail. People who may look down upon gaming just only really get to see one side of it. Show them the Telltale games, The Witcher series, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, ARMA, Squad, any flight simulator, etc and they will take it more seriously. I mean how many ads have you se
  8. Cocktail sauce should definitely be on the list, my answer would definitely be changed if that were the case. Can't go wrong with peel and eat shrimp and some cocktail sauce.
  9. I appreciate both of your all's replies. I will make sure to send you a PM Jeric in just a minute or so. Thanks for the help.
  10. So, years back I had been a donor and changed my custom title. However as I have just become active after such time I am not yet looking at becoming a donor at the current moment and most certainly would not do so just to change my custom title. I would like to know, may be possible to remove my custom title? Not to have it changed to something else of course as I don't have that privilege since I am not a donor, but just have it set back to the default rank title for the current moment. Thanks
  11. Not change much if this is in the USA (Among others). The USA isn't going to block websites hosted in other countries nor would a whole lot be missing (Episodes, art, fanfics, etc will all be somewhere around the Internet). Even the stuff hosted in the US will end up migrating to other places. If it were to be blocked it really isn't hard to use a VPN. Pretty much this would be like one of the many other laws that wouldn't be enforced. Any official of the law would take a look at someone breaking this law and laugh.
  12. Definitely a hard choice as I enjoy many of these. Though there are better hot sauces out there, I'd have to go with Tobasco sauce. Just goes good with a bunch of foods like eggs, pizza, potatoes, anything really. I'd go with pesto as a top contender in my list as well, had a pesto pizza for the first time not too long ago and it was pretty great.
  13. Pretty much reply to light topics such as this, though usually is more like the last two days I guess (Haven't been on the forums in a few years). Something to pass the time.
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