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  1. ~250/150 I'm not at home so I can't show with as pic, sorry
  2. A doctor checked my pulse and blood pressure.
  3. I was not active for a while the past few months so I just saw your friend invite but thanks for adding me on here btw :3

  4. Fat, worthless, ugly, a disappointment, you name it. I ate way too much today. Probably about 300 more calories than I want.
  5. I feel ashamed of myself because I ate lunch
  6. Trying to burn calories by fidgeting with my legs.
  7. I tend to shrug if people ask me about my sexuality
  8. Definitely. I don't know as many people here as I used to, but back in the day that was pretty much the only way i joined threads.
  9. Well, a swedish accent. Not all that noticeable though, unless I'm nervous (I've been mistaken for being british once or twice). It also sort of depends on the person I am speaking with. I tend to copy accents quite a lot.
  10. I'm sort of throwing my bucket list in the trash, but I guess I want to learn Japanese.
  11. forum building is pretty fun