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  1. My god its been awhile i just got my new phone and mlp forrums works on it unlike my old one and i had no access to the computer

  2. Ok you can start posting now And I can't help but stating that you are an amazing artist
  3. Yes and you should also post a character sheet following my example
  4. Thebrony13

    Open Dying light

    Spark gawked at the tv, zombies that couldn't be real but as spark thought this a news chopper was flying towards the center of the city the camera focused on a hotel there were three rooms that he could see into the one on the left was vacant the one in the middle was filled with zombies the one on the right held a strong looking stallion holding a barricaded door shut spark didn't want to be trapped like that so he turned off the tv and looked around his apartment spark emptied his saddle packs and picked up a small 2 inch pocket knife it wasn't a good weapon but it was all spark had he thre
  5. In a few hours I have to go to my sisters spelling bee first The rp is up http://mlpforums.com/topic/121346-dying-light/
  6. Thebrony13

    Open Dying light

    OOC:http://mlpforums.com/topic/121194-dying-light-rp-with-ponies/?p=3492780#entry3492780 Spark had been looking forward to this day for a long time he was finally getting a new car spark walked down the stairs of his apartment building and out the door it was odd it was morning but there weren't any ponies out not even Pegasi suddenly a police car raced past him towards the center of the city anothe behind it was going slower and one of the officers inside had a bull horn "everypony stay inside their home this is important" he was saying spark looked down and walked back inside and up the
  7. I'm going to post the rp in about an hour and my oc I will post in about a half hour Name:spark Age:21 Appearance:sparks fur is a light brownish color and his mane is light blue with a dark blue stripe like shinning armor his eyes are green Cutiemark:a metal contraption symbolizing creativity Type:unicorn Backstory:spark has always lived in this city it was where he grew up he didn't have many friends but is an amazing engineer and programmer with a little bit of creativity on the side
  8. Thebrony13


    Glad your here and I hope everyone else is to
  9. I'm on the phone to but I know how to get to your sig and just post your of and that shoud be fine
  10. Dying light inspired me to make a pony zombie apocalypse scenario (yes I know there's a lot of pony zombie roleplays) this will be in modern times (that includes guns) in an unnamed city where a virus that kills its victims and then reanimates them from the dead has just broken out of a lab the ponies hear about it through the news and so on this is an OC only role-play .etc RP:http://mlpforums.com/topic/121346-dying-light/
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