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  1. Miroslav ilic top 10 hit songs

  2. So, I know Im a bit late to this party but I just got around to watching the E3 reveal of FO4 and oh boy do I have something to say. This is maybe venting but if you care to read, here it is. Voice actor for MC in Fallout + Mass effect-style vague dialouge choices make me want to cry. I hope they let us just turn it off. Plus limiting us to only 4 dialogue choices is the most retarded thing for a fallout game. It'll limit world-building, character building and quests. And thats without mentioning how it will hurt immersion because instead of you talking to a character, it will be some VA jack
  3. emerpirp an sedi caa

    Technology Monitor overclocking

    I mean, I know that. That is just the reason I got that perticular monitor. Doesnt 80hz enable me to see 80 fps and therefore give me more pictures with wich I can get my information about the state of affairs in the game more quickly and gives me an overall smoother picture?
  4. emerpirp an sedi caa

    Technology Monitor overclocking

    Hello guys! So about a month and a week ago, I got a new computer. With it came a new monitor, a BENQ GL2450. I got it for its low input lag, but anyway. Its a 60 hz 1080p monitor so its pretty standard. About a week and a half after I got it, I heard of monitor overclocking and tried it with the way available in Nvidia Control Panel, aka. custom resolutions. I have found that I can overclock it up to 80hz without graphical glitches, while it started getting blurry lines at 81 so I stuck with that. The monitor has been running on 80hz since then with no problems and I read that its mostly sa
  5. You spelt "PROVOKE PROVOKE PROVOKE" like a troll.
  6. Croatian here. Still best anthem: .Gloryous union of slaven proleterians, may it return again. Brotherhood and unity my friends, that's what is most important.
  7. emerpirp an sedi caa

    Game nights! (RSVP)

    Sandbox is always fun with random shootouts, screwing round and spamming props. Deathrun is a hell of frustration.
  8. emerpirp an sedi caa

    Game nights! (RSVP)

    I would love to play TF2 with you guys, unfortunately, Ill be in school at that time. Ill join CS Go for sure though.
  9. emerpirp an sedi caa


    The minimalist style is amazing, I love it.
  10. I stay alive in hope of future videogame playing, money earning and fun having.
  11. Basicly, they were pissed at Americans so they attacked a local military school? I question their logic, but offer my deepest sympathies for the effected by that massacre.
  12. Well, in a fictional universe where that was EqG G4. Like, in the 80's or whenever the MLP brand was first used, it wasnt MLP but EqG. So, in that universe the MLP trademark didnt exist untill they made the spinoff. Also, yes, the show would be basicly the closest you could get to an reanactment of G4 MLP, if it was in the EqG setting.
  13. HELL YEA! 3000cad REACHED! Good job everybody!

  14. challeng3 for fyrepony: lzrqghulibrxfdqiljxuhwklvrxw

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    2. emerpirp an sedi caa

      emerpirp an sedi caa

      :D It was pretty noob tho, the only thing I could think of.
    3. lunarpony7


      Well, it you made it really hard it would be impossible.

    4. emerpirp an sedi caa
  15. This is how I feel my life is going right now in C++: #include #include #include #include using namespace std; int main(){ int happyness=0,grades=5,stress=1; string state="depression"; do{ happyness=grades-stress; if(happyness>-500){ grades--; stress++; }else{ system (shutdown -s -t 10) cout<<"Goodbye world"; } }while(state="depression") return 0; }

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