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  1. @Skullbuster Thanks, I couldn't find it on the first page. @Lordav I don't know if there is an OC sheet I'm supposed to work on but I'll just do a quick summary. My OC's name is Clockwork McTickery, proud owner of Clockwork's Hooves. She is a wood worker who doesn't know what danger is and would run into any situation head on. She is also socially awkward but doesn't notice it. She is very friendly but stubborn and will break laws to save her allies or fellow nation members. I'm still looking through the nations to choose which one she will join, although I'm leaning towards Saddle Arabi
  2. Has my OC been accepted yet? Also, I can't find the RP page. Not the politics one but the personal one. If someone could show me the link that would be nice.
  3. (OOC here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/119460-everfree-mischief/#entry3425030) We ventured in, we ventured out. It was the Everfree Forest we were delting with, but we were youngsters at that time. Knew nothing of common sense. Ever since that Element of Harmony thing, we got our minds controlled by magic and thought there was some "stuff" in the Everfree. I have one thing to tell you, the Everfree Forest ain't been restored, yet. They're gonna do somethin' about it soon. I'm sure of it... Queen Meanie was the manager of SSM Inc. SSM stands for Say Something Mean. She created a holograph
  4. Accepted! Cause Clockwerk and Clockwork, yea..... Accepted, let start!
  5. I'm just a normal pony.... All this political talk is confusing meh. I've been looking at the nations and my OC (profile pic) would fit into any of them. She is just a woodworker who doesn't know what danger is. She is also socially awkward and will refuse to work with anything but wood. Her name is Clockwork McTickery and yea...
  6. Accepted, Blaze Chaser! Accepted, Times Hay! Accepted, but can we call him Cwocky? *makes cute face that cannot be resisted*
  7. Sorry, my computer broke (stupid puppies) and I'm now using an iPad. I guess it's not dead! Anyways, Starchase... Um. Is this how the normal human Starchase would act, because his personality doesn't really fit in. Also, Chain Brace is accepted. Now let me create the actual thingy
  8. It's actually in the EQG world You can
  9. I'm joining almost all RP's! Role play mode hype!!!!

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    2. Pathfinder


      As long as you're having fun. I do like your OC, by the way. :)

    3. Pathfinder


      As long as you're having fun. I do like your OC, by the way. :)

    4. Asbel Lhant

      Asbel Lhant

      @Clockwork MLP: I think you and I should talk sometime.

  10. Okay, I'm looking for 4 other OC's to join the RP. Lemme tell you guys a story.... Once upon a time, in the land of Aries lived 2 young princesses who were also Angels that lived in the heavens. One named Starite, the other named Comet. Starite rose the sun and stars meanwhile Comet rose the moon and mist. All the praise was given to Starite being older and much more beautiful than her younger sister while also holding more responsibility. She was always under the spotlight but never showed even a pinch of evil. Comet was always jealous and wanted to crush her. She turned into her evil form a
  11. Im very interested. So we need to fight, right? Cause my OC has got a wooden sword and she knows how ta use it! Lol. My OC is my avatar.
  12. I wanna enter my OC Clockwork. I'll just change her to fully for the RP. She is my avatar.
  13. ClockworkMLP

    Planning Runners

    I'm pretty confused, we are just gonna try to find out who we are? If that's the case, I'm in!
  14. May I please join? I probably can handle the "post every day" thing. I'll just be a part of any empire, or a guard captain. I can't wait!
  15. Name: Clockwork McTickery Race: Pegasus Talent: Creating things made out of wood, mostly clocks. Background: Right now she owns a shop called Clockwork's Hooves. Her sister, Gradient Brush, is an artist and her brother, Quill Ink, is a writer. Her wings broke from a flying accident so her father built new ones for her. Weakness: She is very socially awkward and doesn't notice when people stare at her. She doesn't get mad often and forgives easily, she would believe anypony and trust them with her life. She doesn't know when she is in danger. Clockwork suffers from a disease (that K made up
  16. I want to join as my OC Clockwork. She is my profile pic.
  17. (RP Here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/121106-everfree-mischief/#entry3484038) My OC (Clockwork) and 4 other OC's venture into the Everfree Forest for a camping trip! They get lost and must survive under one harsh condition, you HAVE to survive. I'm looking for the other 4 OC's that will join me. Here is what the application should look like. Name: Age: (mare, filly, colt, stallion) Personality: (just no carbon copies!) Species: (pegasus, unicorn, earth pony, no alicorns or other races) That's it! This is strictly on a first some first serve bases, so come quick! No gore or clop,
  18. I know I'm super late but can I still join with my OC Clockwork?
  19. So do I put the application here?
  20. ClockworkMLP

    Rainbow Rocks Will The Sirens Return?

    I dont think Sunset and Tirek would be dating. We can't have the exact same thing happen with the mystery box! But that would be an interesting fan story or comic! I am so ready to see the Dazzlings meet human Discord and hatch an evil plan. Then Discord will meet his draquonaquis self and also learn the magic of friendship. At the end he will become a loved teacher at CHS. For the sirens, they should growl at Discord for becoming loved and disappear again. Doesn't that mean the sirens will be able to go to the pony world and feed off of stronger Equestrian magic? Im assuming its stronge
  21. I just got an intuos for Christmas! Yay!

  22. "Off to Twilight's library!" Melody yelled marching out the baracaded door. At that second, everypony heard a loud shriek. "No! Melody?! If this is a trick it's not funny!" Clockwork yelled. Melody stepped back into the room looking slightly greener than before. She moaned and groaned and kept fallg over in her attempts to bite somepony. "ITS ANOTHER ZOMBIE!" Crash yelled. Clockwork ran upstairs to grab her axe, but it was nowhere to be found! She soared up, hitting her head off the ceiling. Melody slowly climbed up the stairs and blasted Clockwork with her weakened magic. Luckily, it only res
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