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    You know what i love? Everything
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    Well i do enjoy videogames but im not a fan i mean i change them after a few weeks playing them, i love cartoons specially MLP of course (best ever), i may dont understant some things that happen around me but i do my best :3.
    I also have diabetes 1 and im celiac (both things heredated, im actually very skinny :/ not happy about it anyway).
    Im a beacon of happiness blazing out across a black sea of sad people that i must make join my crew of smiles :3
    After english i know portuguese, spanish and russian in that order :3


    I had a couple of problems last year so i didnt logged for an entire year, now im back, had to pass for some sickness, now i got used to this new life, althought i lost a year on school but things are better now, im fresh as a flower and happier than ever.

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  1. I dont want to say what does it looks like
  2. the middle button of my mouse just broke :(

    1. Kyoshi


      Not good. :c Hopefully it was not an expensive one.

  3. I would like to join as Rena The Rag doll, she can be i dont know like some kinda of sorcery of vampires or something :3 check it on my signature please