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  1. Rambling Puppet

    Things that used to scare you as a kid.

    I had a wild imagination as a kid so even something as tame as the old Goosbumps live show could scare me.
  2. Rambling Puppet

    How did you join your fandom(s)?

    Transformers: I watched the G1 series and eventually found my way to Seibertron.com. Gwar: my friends let me listen to them and I've been addicted to their shows since Ragnarok. Warhammer 40K: I got into it after saying "Screw it" to TCGs since i had to keep buying new cards. The older guys at my comic store played it so I picked up the rule book and enjoyed it ever since. Dungeons and Dragons: My comic book store had the books out, and let me read a few of them. my friends and I still play once a month. Sonic the Hedgehog: Archie Comics. Eventually dropped it because I felt the fans were crazy and the story of the comics kept getting worse. Final Fantasy: FF2 for the SNES. Dropped it after FFX. MLP: The internet. I can't point to what drew me exactly, I just saw a little on YT and got dragged down the well. Now I write fanfics for it. x3
  3. Rambling Puppet

    What would you do if your favorite pony hated you?

    first, I'd be amazed that Pinkie Pie is avoiding me or bullying me. Second, try to understand the why, and try to show her I'm a nice guy.
  4. Rambling Puppet

    What would your OC do if mugged?

    Willow would feel silly, since he wouldn't carry money while wondering the streets with lamp oil. As a Lamp Lighter, he'd know about mugging too well.
  5. Rambling Puppet

    Furry, brony, synonym?

    I'm both, but the term Brony just means 'fan of MLP' to me. I'm also a diehard Bohab.
  6. Rambling Puppet

    What do you collect?

    Comics, Books... I occasionally get a new Warhammer 40k model for my army.
  7. Rambling Puppet

    Help with naming a character

    I'd go with a tree or wild plant name, not one that's cultivated like a flower. Bramble is the first that comes to mind. Briar Patch, If he was older I'd suggest Father Pine. Mist Dancer, Oak Heart... or maybe you'd like something more poetic like Vines Encrusted or Redwood in Autumn just throwing some ideas out there. =3
  8. Rambling Puppet

    Gaming Which was the first video game that you beat?

    The original Zelda at the age of 3, and that's in the 80s.
  9. Rambling Puppet

    Planning Waiting Cast Thread

    Picture of him in my sig Name: Willow Wisp Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Unicorn Appearance: Willow is a slender, underweight stallion of average height. He has a brown-dark brown mane and tail that he keeps cut short but rarely combs. He has navy blue eyes, and his coat is the dark green of moss, and his cutie mark is a long style lantern with a burning candle in it. Personality: Willow is a quiet, well meaning stallion from a lower income family. He tends to be withdrawn and tight lipped, preferring to think rather than to speak. He lacks confidence, largely due to his weak magic, and from the pestering from his brothers about his meager profession. Although introverted, Willow is a realist, and tries to offer aide to those he feels won't just take his help for granted. He dreams of someday becoming magically strong enough to attend a magic school, illusion spells especially fascinate him. Backstory: Willow comes from a mixed family, his father being a unicorn (Silverheart) and mother an Earth Pony (Duststorm). Due to this he grew up amid a more down to earth family than most Unicorns tend to have. His life in the lower part of Manehatten wasn't always wonderful, but he considers his childhood a happy one. His older brothers (both earth ponies, Redcap & Pinecone) tended to pick on him for being smaller and weaker. It was when Willow got a job helping the lamplighters of Manehatten that he found he liked chasing the darkness of the night out of the city streets that he earned his cutie mark. His brothers teased him, saying that he was doomed to have a mediocre job for the rest of his life. Willow snapped at them, finally telling his brothers off before moving to Canterlot. Thanks to some kind neighbors, friends he had made in school, Willow currently lives in a small apartment that had been remodeled after an incident involving a grease fire. Willow now works as a lamplighter, still saving every bit he can so he can attend a good magic school, while trying to be a good pony. Special Talent: Willow's cutie mark is an iron lamp with a lit candle inside. It represents both talent for light spells, as well as his love of lanterns and candles. While not a talented magician, he can produce light spells which help him unerringly find his way in the dark. Other skills: He's a very good listener, and knows the streets of Canterlot and Manehatten very well. His biggest talents are always light spells, ranging from lighting candles to producing bright flashes of blinding light. His twice daily trek around the city keeps him fit, and for a unicorn he's considered physically fit, but magically he's puny and doesn't know many other spells. Odd things: His preferred holiday is Nightmare night, although he is kind of a wimp about being scared. Sometimes falls prey to depression due to overthinking his lot in life. Has poor self image and doesn't think any mare would be interested in him, so he doesn't even attempt to hit on girls. Could spend all day cracking and eating nuts. Willow also prefers to use his hooves and mouth rather than use magic to manipulate things. He has quiet disgust for Sapphire Shores' music, and tries to leave when he hears it.
  10. Rambling Puppet

    An OC of mine...

    Eh heh... just me reacting without reading. I saw your brohoof of my post in your RP request thread and assumed you were starting things up. Thought this was the OC thread for us to put our characters. Leaped without looking. I do that sometimes. ^-^;
  11. Rambling Puppet

    An OC of mine...

    editing this post words words words
  12. Rambling Puppet

    Searching Waiting... Anyone want to join me?

    I'm game, I do tend to focus more on character than some grand adventure though.
  13. Rambling Puppet

    Why Aren't You an Athiest?

    I am an athiest. Logic and reason, knowledge and freedom from spirital pipe dreams.
  14. Rambling Puppet

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    My eyes? sort of a mess really. Some people I ask say blue, others say green.
  15. Rambling Puppet

    Happy being single?

    I never really considered myself being with someone, but I occasionally get very lonely.