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  1. In Twilight's Kingdom, 6 very sentimental objects were used as keys for tree of life's rainbow power box. Which turned out to be a test for Twilight and her friends to see if Twilight was really ready to be a princess. However, what I think they're forgetting is how much sentimental value these objects have. Each of them were given by friends of theirs, and are important to them. It was sad when they all basically got destroyed. So do you think they will recover them. Maybe their looking through the castle, open a drawer, and find all 6 objects in there.
  2. Absolutely, Starlight Glimmer looks amazing, and I'm prepared for season 5 to be the absolute best season of all time. In fact every time I hear more news, I just think "it's to good to be true,". But it is TRUE , and that's awesome. Don't dis S1 though, that had some great morals, if slightly simpler ones.
  3. Well said man, couldn't have put it in better words.
  4. So after Tirek returned for the season 4 finale, many people were wondering if we would see more revamped characters. Although many people argued that it was just a one off, this has turned out to be false as Smooze has been confirmed to return for the upcoming and super exciting season 5. So earlier today, I was just thinking. What other characters could be revamped? I mean don't get me wrong, the show was awful, but I think that some of the characters were really interesting, or could be made interesting. I'm going to list 3 revamps which I think could work in G4, and add something cool and new to the show. Smooze isn't a big villain, and I like it that way. I don't think this series needs another main villain who's a revamp. Scorpan: Now Scorpan is the most obvious one because not only is he confirmed to exist in this universe, but the development he had in Twilight's Kingdom suggests that he will be explored in future seasons. This guy could make an awesome character. I heard on Derpy News one time that Starswirl the Bearded is going to be making his appearance at the right place at the right time, but I feel that Scorpan (Starswirl's close friend) should return first so we can get more hype for Starswirl. With him maybe telling stories of their great adventures. I can't see this revamp happening this season as were already getting A LOT of unbelievable arcs and stuff answered. I think that season 5 is going to be the best season yet by miles. However, I think Scorpan is more likely to be season 6 or the 2017 movie. This version will of course be Tirek's brother, and is highly likely to be a magic draining being like Tirek. He may be a prince of his foreign land though. General Firefly: Whilst not as apparent as Scorpan, Firefly exists in this universe too. She was the founder of the Wonderbolts a long time ago, and assembled them and made them the greatest flyers in Equestria as explained in Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. I think the best way to reintroduce this character would be if the mane 6 went back in time, and Firefly gave Rainbow Dash tips on how to become a Wonderbolt, and then she used them and succeeds. This would be really epic, and would be a great ending and pay off to Rainbow's series long arc. Just my thoughts, but I think this is the best and only real way to revamp this character. Sea Ponies: Now this fanbase has been wanting these guys for ages, and I think this would be really cool. They look iconic, memorable, and classy. Ponies underwater is just a badass idea. I think the time for this is season 5, when we take a look at all of Equestria. I hope to see them this season. We haven't seen any concept art, but I think it's still probable for them to make a return. DHX must know we want them.
  5. It CAN work, but I think we need no more major antagonist redemptions.
  6. Almost a year ago, the season 5 news popped up that there was going to be an episode in season 5 which focused solely on the background ponies. Me and many others were overjoyed when this news came out, however the closer to season 5 we get, the more people have said that this is just fan pandering on a whole new level. I'm hear to defend this, and explain why it isn't. First off, in the recent trailer, one of the people who worked on the show said that they wanted to explore some characters which haven't been explored yet, but ones which have potential for some great stories. And that's the thing, the staff simply want to take our fantastic characters and use them to tell a good story, and that's a good thing because some of the characters our fandom has created are really interesting. For example. Derpy is a clumsy but well meaning mail mare with impaired vision. She is also single mom and raises her daughter the best she can even with her difficultys. I think that this isn't just fan service, I think DHX are using background ponies because their genuinely great characters. Fan ideas are only fan service when they try to drown out the badness of a movie, have no reason to be there other than to please fans, and don't do anything with it. But it feels like here, they actually want to write and use these characters for creative reasons rather than fan pleasing ones. Sure, there's a bit of fan pleasing in there, but if they didn't like the characters they wouldn't do it.
  7. Depends on what they do with it: Bad: Have an episode where the mane 6 leave, and then just cram as much internet and fanon references as possible in the audiences face. Just do EVERYTHING. Call out every background ponies names and give them speaking roles, give them their fanon personalities straight from the web, and do as much brony pandering as you possibly can. It ends with a giant laser fight and Derpy shouting out muffins. Good: Put effort and time into this episode and make it a well written episode that could stand on it's own, even if the background ponies weren't there and it was just the mane 6. Use some fan personalities, but filter them out and alter them if nessercery so that they're appropriate for kids and can work in the context of the show. (For example, take out homosexuality between Vinyl and Octavia and Lyra and Bon Bon, and take out the human obsession for Lyra as it just wouldn't work in the show, but still make her a quirky oddball) Also, don't be afraid to differ yourselves from fanon. As long as it's relatively close and the core personalities and names are there, then you can make a few changes if you want.
  8. YES, YES, YES, YES. Thank you so much DHX for making this not canon. But this was not suppose to be an insult to those who do like it.
  9. I decided that I would dub Grogar in this comic. The music is from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Please tell me what you think, and give me some feedback, in the comment section.
  10. The difference between the Star Wars expanded universe was that the Star Wars Trilogy were a bunch of MOVIES. In a movie, pacing and run time is very important, and you only tell the backstories which are essential to the story because otherwise the movie would be to long and disjointed. The expanded universe explores these characters which there really just wasn't time for in the movies. MLP is a TV show spanning 13-26 episodes each season. There is PLENTY of time to do all of these backstories, but no, they waste it on another Spike episode. They went back and explored the mane 6's backstory in season 1, there's no reason why they can't do it again. However, this Fendship is Magic series looks so interesting that I'm going to have to buy it. Well done Hasbro, your plan is working.
  11. This is very difficult, and I can't really give you one straight forward answer. In terms of mechanics, Gen 5 wins. Gen 6 broke the game a little bit with the mega evolution. Gen 5 had hidden abilities, physical/special split, and all kinds of good play mechanics. In terms of new features and improvement from last, Gen 2 wins. I have yet to see a Pokemon generation add so much new stuff to the game, and even though this was the last Pokemon game to run on the old engine, a lot of it's play design and all of it's mechanics have returned for later gens. In terms of my personal favorite, I'd sat Gen 3. Not so much for R S E, but for FR LG. I think are some of the series best games. They beautifully remastered 2 old games, and made them playable for new players, with all the magic from the first ones back.