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  1. Not really. Atlantis is technically a myth that may or may not exist. The Crystal Empire, however, is like a normal city that happened to get hit by a curse causing it to disappear, and then re-appear every 1000 years (I think I got that right). But the Crystal Empire is not a myth, it was simply cursed. Atlantis is a whole different story, though. I guess you could say they both have certain things in common, but nothing that really stands out.
  2. All I'm going to say here is G1, G2, G3, and G4 are there own universe of evolution. It's like, they don't relate to each other directly, it's merely evolution, not story tying. With that said, no. But hay, that's just my opinion.
  3. Does it matter whether or not it takes more inspiration from Disney or whatever else there is? The purpose of a film is to bring entertainment, and of course the cash. MLP:FiM already has it's own style, so it can only take inspiration from other things. It's done it already, and it's always continued pretty well. I'm just happy they're actually making a Pony film, and not another one of those EQG. That's all I need to be grateful for.
  4. If you ask me, the "Brohoof" button is good enough. Why would there be any need to do anything more than that? You like a post, you Brohoof it; Enough said. Members generally just put *Hugs* in their post when it's something more sensitive anyway.
  5. As much as I'd like to see a Scootaloo episode, I really want to put my hopes in for Princess Celestia. A big character like herself still yet to have her own episode... it's just odd now. I'd sure like to gain more knowledge of Celestia's and Luna's history; Where they really came from, what they really went through, etc. It's dying to have either an episode just dedicated for Celestia, or both Celestia and Luna. Come on, Hasbro, make it happen already. I mean this could work in the season 6 finale. We've already got yet another female Alicorn, so let's dig into Celestia's and Luna's history properly. I know many aren't keen on Celestia, but I think it would be awesome to know more about them both. That's all I have to say.
  6. Any true professional knows it's best to go out on top; MLP:FiM The Movie can do that. I don't keep in check with MLP:FiM news so I'm not sure if they've said they're going to continue it, but why the need to continue the show if they can continue to generate cash from their line of toys. Let them go out with a bang. Also, I hope it ends with the movie, too. It would be a nice ending to the series. Do they even generate a great amount of money from the actual show, anyway? Kudos to all the Bronies that simply stream the videos or downloads them without paying a penny, because I know I do. With that said, I can't see money being anything that says they must keep it going, but hay, that's just a theory.
  7. How the *beep* does a Disney films direction in PG... relate to a Hasbro film? That's like comparing R*s Grand Theft Auto with Square's Final Fantasy. Besides, Disney are known to have their weird, and in some cases, dark themes that you sometimes pick up in their films. Besides, does a PG rating really make any sufficient difference? I'm not sure how it works in the US, but PG ain't really that big of a deal. Kids pretty much still need to go with their parents to the cinema anyway. I mean I couldn't care less about the rating, I'd still accompany my kids (If I had any) to watch a film in the cinema. I'm pretty sure MLP:FiM - The Movie will be kid friendly. I can't see Hasbro doing anything that would affect things like this. But anyway, I honestly don't see that big of a deal here. U rated, PG rated, what difference does it really make? Maybe it just works a bit differently over in the UK, but I ain't complaining.
  8. I'm actually debating whether she really did say her nickname instead of just making random "whisper sounds". If you listen carefully, there does seem to be vocals going on there; Actual words being spoken in a way that makes it hard to understand. Do you remember the episode: "Bird in the Hoof"? Well there's a scene at the end where Rainbow Dash whispers something to Philomena. If you listen careful, you can hear Rainbow saying "Do you know what you should do? you should go and tickle them". So what this could mean is in MLP:FiM, when someone is whispering, they're actually saying vocally, what they're saying (I know that sounds a bit confusing), but they don't seem to do the typical "whispering sounds" in MLP:FiM like you see in other cartoons. With that said, it may be possible that they literally whispered Spitfire's actual nickname, but in a way that makes it very hard to understand. I did run that scene through Audacity, and I can almost say for certain that Spitfire's nickname has 2 words in it. A short one and a very long one. The first word sounds mostly like "Elmwood" to my ears after slowing it down and modifying it to an understandable level, but it's still not conclusive for me. If I were to guess without listening, I honestly have no idea what she'd be nicknamed for But I doubt it's anything bad where it would change the rating of the show; I highly doubt that. But as I've said, she is whispering words. It's not just random sounds from what I've heard after editing it. Maybe someone here is a bit better than me at analyzing sounds and could try to pick up on actually what she's saying? It's interesting, though. I thought I'd mentioned this.
  9. Before I start, there is something I want to say to the staff and the Brony community first. With that out of the way, lets get to it I know some bits in here will look like a rant, but trust me, I want to lay out the truth and be positive about it. Please bare with me and hear me out. I do not intend anything bad to come from this. If I have offended any of you, I am sorry and did not intend it. What I want to do is first lay out the true direction of Poniverse, then go over the issues which includes my case, provide proof and explain why I believe it was wrong, and then give my own suggestion into how this can work a lot better for the future. I'll do this one step at a time, so please bare with me. First things first. Here's quotes from Poniverse: We all know that Poniverse is built and designed for Bronies to gather together in friendship, and to enjoy this show with others that share the same interest. The Brony community is well known for being a really friendly one. I'm sure we all know the Brony code by now - Love and Tolerance. Not every Brony follows this code, and many are downright assholes that don't care much for others. But this is the "number 1 Brony forums on the internet". This should be a place where every Brony is welcome with open arms. One where everyone is looked after and taken care of without pushing them to one side. When I first came across this site, I couldn't help but notice the welcoming and friendly atmosphere this place was giving off. I felt comfortable in joining this place, and I did not feel out of place; I felt like I belonged here, and I got such a warm welcome. I even made a few friends within the first 10 minutes after my welcome topic. This forums and the Brony community that gather on here proved that there were others in this world that do care, and don't alienate you for being different. I totally respected this place and all those that are on here. I was shocked in how welcoming this place truly was, and how friendly the members are on here. No other forums I've been on was anything like this. It is that, that made me want to be here. The friendliness of the community and members, the warm welcome, not feeling left out and feeling like I truly belonged, the friends I've made here; That is what truly gave me all the reasons to stay here. For a long time, I've never had any personal run-ins with the staff and how members are treated, until recently. My conclusion now: Member care on here is pretty shit, and some members of staff are not cut out to handle members well enough. There has recently been a topic created about the behavior of staff, but I believe I need to make one that proves the points made about the staff behavior. Please keep in mind that I'm not saying all of the staff have a negative attitude, but there are some that do. Also, I am not saying that none of you are capable of improving. We're all capable of improving, yet I'm not seeing much of a change. I am doing this because I want to fight for what is true, right, and I want to fight for my friends and the Brony community, and what this network truly stands for. If anything I say in here is incorrect and/or debatable, then give me solid proof and explain why in full details. Now, if I'm going to prove my statements about member care on here being very poor, I'm going to have to bring up my case again, and also the cases of others. I will censor names for privacy, and I'll put this into a spoiler tag. For the case of others, I have investigated their claims made, and received the information from the accused. These members are free to confirm any parts of their case if it is required in here. Now I'll get to the case of others that have reported mistreatment by the staff. As a friend and a fellow community member, it is only right that I defend their rights. If it is required for them to respond to make this valid, I'll let them know. There are many other cases, but I don't have enough information about them so I do not have any rights in questioning the treatment for them. I will say that every member has a right to defend their own case in here, and they should be given the chance to express their unfair treatment, if they have been, but they should also provide solid proof that they have in order for it to be valid. Member Care Staff line Suggestion Now onto the suggestion regarding member care on Poniverse. Firstly, I totally acknowledge that there is a shortage of staff, at least from what I've heard, it seems like there's just not enough staff members to efficiently handle everything that need maintenance. I know the staff have many duties to take care of depending on staff type: Tech developing, moderator administration, topic and member moderation, et cetera. From what I know, it sounds like an extremely pressuring situation in Poniverse history. I respect that you still are able to keep things going, and I'm really sorry to hear about being under-staffed as you are. I have known about the lack of tech developers, and honestly, if I knew anything about tech/web developing, I'd fill in a form to help out. Honestly, I would. But I just have no idea on what to even do because I've never had any experiences with that. If you ask me, and here's where my suggestion comes in. You should set up a brand new line of staff that only handles the community members, without having the trouble of full moderation. These staff members should be qualified in helping members in a fair and reasonable manner. They should also be able to know how to deal with members that suffer from depression, anxiety and suicide. Now, there's quite a few friends I have that are fantastic in helping me through the depression I have. It's individuals like my friends that could take on this role as member care staff. I can bet there are many on here that could take on this role. This role is mostly about heart and care, so it's not like you'd need to have grades and degrees to take on such a role, and that's what would make this easy to setup. How I see it is the staff on here are so worked up and stressed over trying to keep the forums clean and handle forum management behind the scenes that they've not got the time to truly deal with members in the best way possible. Having a "Member Care Staff" implemented in would get around this and relieve some stress of having to handle members. If this new staff line was only given the role to help out and take care of members, then they wouldn't have to worry about handling other things like tech development, topic cleaning, warnings and history of members, et cetera. I'm sure there are many members on here that have the passion and care to be able to take on this role. I'm not sure if you've ever created such a staff role before; I have never seen anything that suggests you have, but either way, you really can do with some relief and help with efficiently keeping the forums going, and attending to members needs by having them treated correctly. Remember, trial and error. It's not like anything major is going to happen if this idea fails. I really think you need this setup, honestly, I do. We've got to keep in mind of the 2 aspects of an internet forums: The actual forums you're building up and managing, and the community members that are a part of it. The staff should break up into 2 categories: Those that are handling the forums, and those that are handling the community members. I'd say, talk it out between yourselves, see if it's do-able; I think it is, and give it a shot. I mean, if I was in charge of a massive network like this, I'd organize my team of staff to handle both aspects of the network, especially during a time when things are getting a bit hot under the collar in terms of keeping everything running. I can't say I know how things are, but this is the impression I'm getting from Poniverse. Even if things are not as bad as I think, I still think such an extra line of staff would benefit and relieve stress from the rest of the staff. During the time I had that drama going on over my joke feedback, I heard there was a heck of a lot going on between the staff. We have the Life Advice section for anything that falls into this area. If you could setup a member care staff line, they could also be in charge of that section, too. It's a neat and effective way to improve management. But, anyway, let me know what you think of this suggestion. I really think you need this, but I won't judge the staff and forum management performance because I don't know everything about it. Thanks for your time and I hope this goes down well. I honestly don't want to make any more issues for anyone after the drama recently. I apologize in advance if I've offended anyone here. That was never my intention. All I want to do was lay out the facts and the flaws; Give proof to it so my statements are valid, and give my idea on how you can get around this issue and improve forum management performance. Before I finish, I'd like to apologize again for all the drama that was caused; To the team of staff and to the community, I am deeply sorry about what happened recently.
  10. I believe it's the server issues they mentioned in my topic. I was told it was generally a Ddos attack. They get it resolved sooner or later, even though it seems to be taking longer than usual
  11. I made a large worthy post about (I deleted it now because no one gives a fuck about my input. Literally no acknowledgement at all. Friends say I'm not scum, but I am on here. I did apologize above, but did anyone actually take any NOTICE IN IT! *Relaxes*... ...Do you see what I mean now? *Sighs* Why even bother...
  12. Because it's tricky Trixie to make a great spectacular highlight for a spectacular Pony. That Mare needs her time to do it right. Give her time to prepare. Edit: I've only now just realized what you were talking about. I ain't gonna change my post because I'm awesome, and my posts are awesome with me 8) Statement still stands.
  13. Now you see, I'm very different in this respect. I openly admit I want the show to end. But why, you may ask? The reason why is because I love MLP:FiM for the world and characters. I don't mind the quality of the show, and I don't mind if the later seasons turn into garbage, but I'm dead tired of hearing Bronies talk about this and that; Things that make me cringe and dislike on the Brony community. To put it simple. The world has already been defined in the first few seasons, as well as the characters. But as the show progresses, the world and characters are being 'shifted' into a different definition, and even Bronies put in their own piece which further redefines the world and characters; I don't like this. Don't get me wrong. I respect everypony's opinions. But at the same time, I don't like the fact that the world and characters are being redefined. Please don't ask me how it's being redefined, because it's not easy for me to explain how. But as an example, and this is something we all should have noticed (And spoiler alert here). Not to forget the fan-made stuff. I'm not even gonna get into that, but some fans really make me want to hate on the community and puts me off of MLP:FiM, despite the fact that fan-made stuff ain't official or even accurate, but it still can put me off the show. All I'm saying is the world and characters were defined in the first few seasons, and for me, that is Equestria to me. But lately, Equestria is shifting into a new different world, and the characters along with it. It just doesn't feel the same anymore, and this is why I want the show to end. You could argue that I shouldn't let the newest seasons change the world for me, but it's not easy to not let it affect how I see Equestria. Not to forget, there are very personal aspects of Equestria that means a lot to me. MLP:FiM is a lot more than just a show to me, and the same can be said for many other Bronies. It's a lot more than a show. If you ask me. They should end G4, and continue the franchise in a different generation, because that way, the Equestria I know and love will not be influenced with new content. Sorry, but that's the way I feel about it. PS. I don't really want to get into this, I'll just throw out my opinion on it. But that's all I'm doing here.
  14. Well I can honestly say now that I'm happy as ever :) During my break from the community, I've learnt a lot, and I've learnt that no matter what happens, we're all fighting through life together. Friendship and our goals in life is worth every effort, no matter how far away they seem. Be happy, don't let depression bring you down.