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  1. Although all that currently exists is a doc, if you have made progress on the game I am excited to see how the project goes! Although, I don't see how physics could be a core part of a 2D sidescroller...
  2. Banned because I too have been gone and I have 300 notifications
  3. Episode 100 cause they just gave up on that one Same
  4. Banned because the detail of an image is not dependent on its size. A painting on a grain of rice can be just as detailed as that on a 4"x4" paper
  5. Banned because the only good images are smol images
  6. What was the message about?

    1. The Narwhal Muffin

      The Narwhal Muffin

      There was supposed to be a picture accompanying it, but I could not attach a file. I'm sorry.

  7. Banned because lol, XD and haha are not suitable substitutes for actually laughing