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  1. hello =)=)=)=)=)=) happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)=)=)

  2. Hi there, and happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a good time~ ^~^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/11/22/478274/large.jpg

  3. .... Dewd I know. I'm not overreacting, if you think I am you need to get your stuff together. I respect your opinion, do me a favour and respect mine.
  4. I have to admit, I love Luna. But I also love Celestia. I mean, they are the ruling princesses of Equestria!
  5. Yes, yes. I know every pony adores Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twi - personally they are all my least faves, especially Twi... At the bottom of my list. My fave pony just has to be Applejack. The reason is as following: Last Summer I was going through my grandmas attic with, well, my grandma, and suddenly I saw something orange in the corner of my eye. I went to take a closer look, and there was Applejack, on top of a box of pony accessories. When I asked my grandma what it was (I didn't know at the time), she told me it was one of my mums old my little pony toys. So I took them all home, and always kept AJ with me. These were of course ponies from earlier generations. So the main reason I love Applejack is because she is the first pony I ever saw or heard of, and I have a connection with her. Rarity is also legit
  6. The main reason I dislike Twi is because she always seems to do EVERYTHING, and the mane 6 never save the day. I am referring to Twilicorn, Student Twilight used to be my second favourite pony.
  7. Hello Darkwall, delighted to meet you! A big welcome from the brony forums. I hope you like it here and meet plenty of ponies that you will befriend!
  8. Excuse me, but I don't see why everyone thinks Twilight is so "powerful"! She is nothing without her friends, and she wouldn't be able to destroy the alicorns with her friends anyway. HONESTLY!
  9. Ya.. Well you see when I first got it my dad deleted something important which made it extremely vulnerable to viruses *hugs*
  10. *hug*=)

    1. XxPegasisterxX


      Lulz *hug* I will kill the world with wuv and hugs Muahaha! Hugs.

    2. 碇 シンジン
  11. Ok, today seemed fine to me. I ate cookies, I had hot chocolate (it gets FREEZING even in Cyprus), played with my dog etc. I went to the mall, got new shoes, ate a pizza from Pizza Hut it was awesome! I also got my laptop back after it was broken for ages because of loads of viruses (minimal and major, talking about 50 here). They all held back and then suddenly attacked. First I couldn't move my mouse, and then my desktop background went black, all my desktop files disappeared and the whole thing shut down... I had to reepboot my laptop so I had no pictures or files... There goes my pony FanFiction and art ;( But despite that I got to catch up with my friends on Skype ^^ So today was a total Fluttershy
  12. Darling you have no issues! You simply find it harder to contain feelings than others. Most boys try to be manly all the time, you shouldn't. And you may be lonely at school, but you have family and internet friends. I know it's probably not enough, but maybe you could approach him sometime? Do you have his skype? You could chat and hang out on Minecraft n stuffs. I hang out with my friends that are boys and they play this TF2 thing but I still chat with them. Do your video game thing maybe. Does he know you're a brony? And you can know that even when you feel helpless wherever you are, we will always be here to comfort you. That's a pinkie promise XD
  13. I've had a sass off with a guy who took the teasing to far... Does that count? XD