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  1. Fanfiction link: Hi this gonna be a story about Scootaloo's past and I plan on include a reason to why she cannot fly but I am stuck. This is one of the few fanfiction I am in the process of making but I don't know where to go from what I have and would really like someponies help I realize now that some of you don't have wattpad and that you can't read it without an account so here is what I got so far It was a normal day in Manehatten except for the two earth ponies that bolted out of there house to find a taxi stallion. "We need to get to the hospital quickly my wife is having a foal." Said the earth pony stallion. "Get in" said the taxi pony. They arrived at the hospital and took the pregnant mare into a room immediately. A doctor came in and started to do the normal setup procedures for the mare in labor. "Now I am gonna need you to breath. In and out, In and out. Then I am going to need you to push" the doctor told the mare. A couple minutes went by. "I see a head" said the doctor "you are almost done" then finally the filly came out and the doctor now had it in his hooves. "Good news Mame. You have a healthy Pegasus foal." The mare and stallions eyes widen with shock. "It's a Pegasus!?!?" Question the stallians with an unpleasant tone." Are you meaning to tell me that thing I have been carrying in me was a Pegasus how can that be!?!" Yelled the mare. " I don't know I am not a geneticist you must have some Pegasus gene in you I guess." The mare looked disgusted "well just wrap that thing up so we can leave." Said the mare.
  2. If I could throw in a suggestion but let's not spend to much detail on what happens in class because this rp has be going on for a little while now and we are still on first period of the first day so the strict detail of classroom affairs and the slow progression is why I think the rp os nt going to well
  3. I didn't mean to specify a gender but whenever you finish your demonstration lesson I was going to start my lesson but in the mean time my two female characters could do something They are at the school they are teachers
  4. Silentflight was behind her desk just finishing her presentation for second period when her lover Blackfire walked in. Blackfire was holding a bag in her mouth and then set it down on Silentflight's desk. "It's your lunch. You accidentally put it in my saddlebag." Blackfire said and kissed Silentflight on the cheek "so when is your first class coming in" Blackfire said "they are coming in at second period in about an hour"
  5. Alright because I figured while I waited for tinsilated to finish his class I would do something with my two characters
  6. If I my ask what is the age rating on the rp so I know what I can do relationship wise ex.(pg-13,RR,pg)
  7. What I am waiting on is that you said that you would post an example lesson and that is what I am waiting on
  8. so when you do your example for a lesson the science teacher will do theres and then I can have Silentflight do he lesson
  9. Silentflight and Blackfire flew into to main building to the school. Each of them carrying a saddlebag containing there lesson plans and the student list they received during planning week. Blackfire kissed Silentflight goodbye as Blackfire went to trot of to the gymnasium to prepare for the students. Silentflight walk down a hallway down to a classroom marked E-09 which was for the equestrian language course for freshmen. She trotted into the door and began setting up her first day presentation
  10. Could silentflight teach equestrian and blackfire teach physical education
  11. i would like to submit my two OC Silentflight and Blackfire as teachers for the RP they are in my signiture
  12. Sweetie Belle said"nice to meet you the book store is right over their and by the looks of you schedule you have music theory next which is where I am going so why don't we go and get you books and I will walk with you to class and maybe grab a drink after if you want
  13. Sweetie Belle walked with her friends outside or the Science hall where she had just finsihed the interesting class with Proffeser neigh. she notice a confused looking teal pegasus and then she told her friends. "i will catch up with you gus later" Sweetie belle then trotted over to the mare and said " hey do you need help with anything, oh and my name is Sweetie Belle what is yours."
  14. Sweetie Belle looked at scootaloo and said "I don't really know. He said ask are history or math teacher but I don't have them today I got music theory next I could see if the teacher might know anything about it not I will have to find out tomorrow from my history teacher