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  1. Good to see you too! Well, to be honest idk why I am still here. Still theese kind of things are nothing compared to the stress I have on my life and helps me relax by forgetting all. Oh also I'll be leaving forums again for a month or four, so see you later
  2. Yeah... this spamming frenzy makes you wanna stay.
  3. So. Many. Times. It's like I've got multipersonality For one second I become the wisest living creature on the earth giving advice and telling a philosphical theory then one of my friend acts like an idiot telling nonsense **** and makes me mad so I become so confusef whether I should beat the crap out of him or just say gtho but because of the fact that I didn't want to break his heart I join his nonsense conversation and look like a fool in front of half of theclass
  4. 9/10 Well I have an habit not giving any1 full score sRy about that
  6. Ok lemme guess brown hair green eyes 1.50-1.60 m height Decent looking small ears Middle nose ummm what else can I say? Oh and your shoe number is 40 EU idk usa shoe number system
  7. NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED throws a plastic tomahawk
  8. Banned because of lame names cmon Kareem Abdul Jabbar Is much better
  9. Yeah water AmAnd if you belive water is weak then I challenge you to a wizard duel at magicka wizard wars. *draws his scimitars Give it back or I will kill you! !!!
  10. Ok in my opinion that test isn't that good because I couldn't give the answers I thought so i did this one:http://www.my-personality-test.com/personality-type/ It say I'm INTJ I 65 N 17 T 23 J 6 Other one that you said says that im intp I 13 N 88 T 33 P 17 So i go with intj
  11. No weiners for U cuz nobody answered my question