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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Hi ho, if you've got a spot left after Opinion I'd love to join. With a fully reworked Heathlife. Some facts about Heathlife: Isn't interested in music, but, likes having it in the background while studying or thinking. Is biologically immortal and can heal from most injuries using magic to re-attach his own body parts or attach others. If his heart is destroyed he needs to find a suitable match before his other organs fail. He is bisexual, mostly due to the fact that he has no clear sexual distinction anymore. Due to the instability and mismatched parts
  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Hiya, and happy birthday!

    I hope things picked up since your last status update...

  5. So everything alright?

    1. rolle


      Well, mostly. Yes. Sorry about vanishing. I started college, I lost most of my energy. And recently I've dropped out. And I've just been kind of in a mental dump for a long time, so, everything's good, just not the best.

    2. dragon4111
  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

  7. Etherius stared on as Ghalan worked, he took in each swing, each resonating frequency emitted. He even noted down each individual muscle movement by using his semblance. At times he felt nauseous, but, he just ignored it, pure focus enveloped his mind. He felt the heat permeating throughout his whole body. Yet, he stood there, unblinking, unmoving. It was as if he became a statue, one which observes everything in front of it. Occasionally he would feel his fingers twitch, unknowing how many times. It was a trance-like state. His eyes' stars slowly began to spin in rhythm with the beat... One s
  8. Etherius looked at Ghalan and then shook his head "No, I believe It'd be better without any armor for me. My semblance could get unbalanced." he then took a leisure breath and added "I would, however, like to observe and learn. It might be beneficial for my semblance." he put his hand to his chin as if striking a thinking pose "A weapon would ideally be appropriate, but, I think I'll stick to my gauntlets." he materialized his gauntlets as he said this "And if you're suspicious about what I said before... Let's say I have contacts. We're all allowed our tiny secrets, no?" he questioned Ghalan.
  9. Etherius narrowed his eyes when maidens were mentioned, he felt as if his body ached unconsciously as if it was something he knew, and at the same time, it sounded too surreal. He felt a hint of disdain within his heart towards this information. Even after Yuki demonstrated her Winter Maiden powers. It wasn't the fact that he was left in the unknown, it was something else... Something innate, something that had been hammered into his bones while he was young. He couldn't remember, was he even ever taught such a thing? He also had no idea whatever story they were talking about either, but, he d
  10. Etherius looked at the structure and had a small look of disappointment, inside he felt a hint of sorrow towards the building. He then sighed inwardly and perked his ears when Calbian had asked what the point of them being here, which is what he wondered too at this point. If they're at such an old building, built presumably for something larger than any of them. Why would they send some trainees to it? ------- Meanwhile... Back in Vale, in the Vale branch of the Malvaleine family's business, Leumentra sat on a small throne-like chair. She heard the familiar metallic cl
  11. Etherius noticed that they probably had also had an unpleasant talk, but, it was nothing he could say about it. He looked at Ghalan half-amused and half-serious, however, it didn't display on his face. He decided to go into the bullhead and as he sat down he felt his hand twitch slightly again.
  12. Etherius opened the door and said softly to himself "I wonder if I've fully recovered..." his hand twitched slightly as he felt a craving to fight to let out some steam. Obviously, the whole team had left at the same time. On the way there Etherius didn't intend to strike up a conversation, if the others wanted to, they would be welcomed.
  13. We're probably just waiting for me, I've been extremely scatterbrained the last few weeks. I'm gonna go write one while I'm not thinking about anything else.
  14. Etherius sighed and thought whilst looking apologetically at Euca 'If only you knew, but, if I told you, her plan would be ruined...I just hope I made the right choice trusting her.' Etherius then turned to look at Rei "Did they specify where we're meeting them? We'd best go, don't wanna waste their time."
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