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  1. Hi ho, if you've got a spot left after Opinion I'd love to join. With a fully reworked Heathlife. Some facts about Heathlife: Isn't interested in music, but, likes having it in the background while studying or thinking. Is biologically immortal and can heal from most injuries using magic to re-attach his own body parts or attach others. If his heart is destroyed he needs to find a suitable match before his other organs fail. He is bisexual, mostly due to the fact that he has no clear sexual distinction anymore. Due to the instability and mismatched parts
  2. Etherius stared on as Ghalan worked, he took in each swing, each resonating frequency emitted. He even noted down each individual muscle movement by using his semblance. At times he felt nauseous, but, he just ignored it, pure focus enveloped his mind. He felt the heat permeating throughout his whole body. Yet, he stood there, unblinking, unmoving. It was as if he became a statue, one which observes everything in front of it. Occasionally he would feel his fingers twitch, unknowing how many times. It was a trance-like state. His eyes' stars slowly began to spin in rhythm with the beat... One s
  3. Etherius looked at Ghalan and then shook his head "No, I believe It'd be better without any armor for me. My semblance could get unbalanced." he then took a leisure breath and added "I would, however, like to observe and learn. It might be beneficial for my semblance." he put his hand to his chin as if striking a thinking pose "A weapon would ideally be appropriate, but, I think I'll stick to my gauntlets." he materialized his gauntlets as he said this "And if you're suspicious about what I said before... Let's say I have contacts. We're all allowed our tiny secrets, no?" he questioned Ghalan.
  4. Etherius narrowed his eyes when maidens were mentioned, he felt as if his body ached unconsciously as if it was something he knew, and at the same time, it sounded too surreal. He felt a hint of disdain within his heart towards this information. Even after Yuki demonstrated her Winter Maiden powers. It wasn't the fact that he was left in the unknown, it was something else... Something innate, something that had been hammered into his bones while he was young. He couldn't remember, was he even ever taught such a thing? He also had no idea whatever story they were talking about either, but, he d
  5. Etherius looked at the structure and had a small look of disappointment, inside he felt a hint of sorrow towards the building. He then sighed inwardly and perked his ears when Calbian had asked what the point of them being here, which is what he wondered too at this point. If they're at such an old building, built presumably for something larger than any of them. Why would they send some trainees to it? ------- Meanwhile... Back in Vale, in the Vale branch of the Malvaleine family's business, Leumentra sat on a small throne-like chair. She heard the familiar metallic cl
  6. Etherius noticed that they probably had also had an unpleasant talk, but, it was nothing he could say about it. He looked at Ghalan half-amused and half-serious, however, it didn't display on his face. He decided to go into the bullhead and as he sat down he felt his hand twitch slightly again.
  7. Etherius opened the door and said softly to himself "I wonder if I've fully recovered..." his hand twitched slightly as he felt a craving to fight to let out some steam. Obviously, the whole team had left at the same time. On the way there Etherius didn't intend to strike up a conversation, if the others wanted to, they would be welcomed.
  8. We're probably just waiting for me, I've been extremely scatterbrained the last few weeks. I'm gonna go write one while I'm not thinking about anything else.
  9. Etherius sighed and thought whilst looking apologetically at Euca 'If only you knew, but, if I told you, her plan would be ruined...I just hope I made the right choice trusting her.' Etherius then turned to look at Rei "Did they specify where we're meeting them? We'd best go, don't wanna waste their time."
  10. Etherius didn't intend on trying to cheer Euca up as he knew by now he lacked the skill to emotionally help someone. Rei then informed them about the meeting with team DARC, he nodded and decided to inform Euca of some things "Euca. If I wanted to do that, I wouldn't have wasted my time trying to protect your relatives. I was sure my family would investigate you all, and if they did, they would surely take all of your families hostage, or worse, kill them off. I told you about my family so that they couldn't. Normally, if a Malvaleine tells anyone of our family's true form its a death sentence
  11. Etherius was a little tense as Leumentra had not exactly talked to him about this before. Leumentra giggled before saying "You don't have to do anything except listen, but, one can be discouraged sometimes." she said it as if she had experienced it before. She sighed and said "We'll begin then." her eyes' gaze landed on Shian and the star shapes in her eyes spun and flashed red after they returned to normal she smiled "Shian, I have to say overall, your potential is quite sufficient. However, you need to stop hindering yourself." as she said this she looked at Rei and her eyes once
  12. Leumentra smiled faintly "Looks like you're all more conversational than Etherius." she said friendlier than before "With that in mind... I'll give you all the freedom to choose if you want me to evaluate you. You might as well also consider if you want the others to know or not." she was a lot more friendly towards them after they introduced themselves.
  13. The elevator reached the bottom floor and Leumentra exited it, afterward she headed for the exit immediately. When she went outside the people that went with her all looked at each other and nodded before they dashed towards the cliff. In less than five seconds they reached the edge and all of them jumped. Some of them turned into birds in varying sizes, two of them seemingly flew in the air in some way, the rest they couldn't see. But, they were sure to be safe. After this Leumentra started heading over to the dorms... ------- Etherius nodded for a bit and thought bef
  14. Sorry for the long delay in post. I ended up procrastinating due to real life stress. Procrastinating from something you like is like... double procrastinating. (This line here makes no sense.)
  15. Leumentra nodded and said "I'm in no hurry. I've got plenty of years in my life left. And I thank you for accepting me" she shook his hands and told Ozpin "I'll get them to do their mission. You can ask Etherius to contact me if you find someplace where my expertise helps. Until then I bid you farewell" she then entered the elevator and bowed once more before the elevator shut and started going down. -------- Etherius chuckled as his team got in "It's great to not be in danger of falling into coma Re-" he stopped his sentence as he realized he hadn't explained properly why he
  16. Leumentra chuckled once more as she took her hand to her mask and slowly pulled it off, revealing a face quite similar to Etherius' although she had a little bit of a rounder face, her hair was completely red to not miss that comparison. Her face revealed a soft smile as she said "It's my fault for bringing it up. Either way, to re-introduce. I am Leumentra Malvaleine, the third elder of the Malvaleine family. I was the headmaster of our own academy before the decision of sending me here was made." she bowed slightly and then a short moment afterward stood up straight again and spoke once more
  17. If you have potatoes for shoes. Do fictional characters exist?
  18. Etherius got a face that looked like a headache was coming on "So you guys got serious about training after I left." he said a little sarcastically. He then narrowed his eyes as he was thinking about it "Well, from my own training back home. It is easier to improvise, learn each other's strengths, but, it would serve as a good way to learn our strengths." he then kind of scratched the back of his head and calmly recalled the bird that had been flying "Oh, don't worry about them. They're part of my family. The bird's probably one of my older cousins." he seemed to have a bad memory repressed ab
  19. Heathlife chuckled at first and almost had tears form in his eyes "No, it isn't too much control. Originally the spell would only give me the magic. So, for them to even get to use it at all is a privilege." he would be embarrassed at the next statement if it wasn't for his arrogant nature "Well, it's me. But, you're not too bad at stones. The best I've met at least... And I doubt we can see into the future, even then, see into it with accuracy. So, I wouldn't know." he nodded once when she said he'd be delighted. She then rejected his offer and he replied with "No, really. If not as a favor,
  20. @Drago Ryder (I'll assume Ozpin is looking through a monitor at the front of Beacon tower, cause, only Leumentra is in his office) Leumentra chuckled lightly and the star-shapes in her eyes spun before stopping, once they had stopped she spoke "We were contacted by our Young Lord, he was out on a mission recently. On that mission they were ambushed by Grimm, he reported hearing a roar similar to a humanoid Grimm." she paused as she glanced around the room and a displeased look appeared in her eyes "It was also reported that some people were harmed. I met those two outside, the female
  21. I use a PC, that's all I really use... And I'm quite sure it can view them, I'd be surprised if I couldn't since I have been.
  22. Heathlife seemed to faze out a little bit about the hoof shake thing, but, he listened to everything Maud said, he then replied to the question if they were ready "I would have free control of it, I'm not naive. Besides, if anyone got out of hand I would just have to sever their connection to the rift. Then they'd lose the power." he then had nothing to comment about on the notes thing, it all depended on if they were panicking or not. The difference was insignificant however, he did, however, respond to the next part "Well, it isn't that bad. After all, it is me." he smiled a bit before retur
  23. Leumentra walked into the elevator and turned around so that she was facing Glynda "If one is strong enough, they don't have to be stealthy." she said as her distant and soul-gazing stare was replaced with a cold stare, if one wasn't experienced with death one would probably need a new pair of pants. Before Glynda would have had the time to respond the doors closed. As the elevator reached the top floor and the doors opened, Leumentra walked out she then calmly said "Hello, Ozpin. I'm sure you know who we are?" ---- Etherius stepped out of the shower and put on the pants part of his unif
  24. @silvermoon15000 Just to correct a little problem in your post. You don't know where Etherius is unless you have some sort of tracker on him. Since he hasn't actually been in contact with you guys for about a month.
  25. Heathlife nodded when she said her name but didn't shake her hoof as if he didn't know common pony manners. He then listened to her talk and decided to answer her question first "Well, I kind of almost blew Canterlot up. Although, them trying to suppress my spell out of fear didn't help." he started speaking pridefully at first, but then his tone changed to a disdainful one. Then he added "I was casting a big spell, in hindsight, I should have done it outside Canterlot, where no one could stop me. Didn't expect them to fire offensive spells at me though." he paused and then coughed "I guess I
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