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  1. Done with the fandom for now. Might be back later, or maybe not, Peace.

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    2. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      What Snow said. Be back soon. :)

    3. Purple Flu

      Purple Flu

      Huh, shame I didn`t even talk to you ever since you were my friend.

    4. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      I hope you decide to come back. Out of curiosity, what made you leave?

  2. Tomorrow is the premiere for S5, The hype is real.

  3. Dark Souls is a lot more difficult and dosent really have much to offer. Skyrim has more to do and is more of an 'Open World' experience (compared to Dark Souls) and has a more rich, casual experience for anyone who enjoys free roam RPG's. Where Dark Souls requires more patience to beat and is really more for serious gamers.
  4. smh at the new banner I knew this day were to come *Facehoof* I like the new font though ^^

    1. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      I had to laugh when I saw it. xD

    2. Creative


      I have to say, I died inside a little when I first saw that... its bad enough its flooded all over youtube -_-

    3. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      Embrace it, my friend, it's only for a day.

  5. 271,535 Thanks for the warm welcome
  6. That avatar, man. So cute.

    1. Creative


      im glad you like it ^^

  7. eight more days until season 5 ^_^

    1. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      Really? Wow haha

  8. Creative

    Rarity Fan Club

    Royalty, No other word describes it
  9. Name one Pony cuter than this one. The answer is NoPony
  10. A calm and fitting song, the Princess of the Night would love this sweet melody.
  11. Depends on what you like really. my favorites include: Darker than Black, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, Durarara, Samurai Champloo and Full Metal Alchemist Also for the streaming sites, you can try Crunchyroll, or AnimeFlavor
  12. Creative


    Lets face it, betrayal hurts, even when you get to know a person for a long time and you give them your trust and then one day they deceive you, figuring out one day this "friendship" they built with you was just a cover up to benefit their own agenda in a destructive way. People can be ruthless sure, and there are many people that will lie and make an attempt to crush you just to get what they want. Just know that you always have to be ten steps ahead. We have all been betrayed at least once in our lives and its not a good feeling. Do the culprits Reconcile with the ones that have been offended ? that is on their own accord. I could go on and continue to be poetic about this topic, but I will leave you with this one very important moral: Looks can be Deceiving