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  1. Another day down, another day full of goals successfully conquered! :love::D The end of the school year is almost upon the children of the school district I serve, so excitement is high and behavior is horrible :muffins: but what can you expect from the little ones this time of year? ^_^ Soon all they'll be worried about is when the next field trip is for us, and I honestly can't wait (even though I'll be moving to full time administrative work soon, joy :lie:) I"m sure I"ll still be able to get out of the building frequently though :squee:

    Every day that goes by that I push through and make my daily goals happen, I feel stronger and more confident about the future- yes their may be many things I need to accomplish, but If I keep digging after them, I don't I can meet them and bear them! :mlp_yeehaa: 

    *collapses into a plush comfy chair with the best Chinese food in town and a cup of sweet green tea* tell me loves, how have your days been?  I hope they've all been wonderful! even if they haven't been, pull up a seat and share this space with me, maybe I can help make the evening a bit brighter for you :rarity: who knows? you could probably make my mine even better as well! <3 how beautiful  


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    2. Valencia


      @Totally Lyra well you've definitely got a great touch! :mlp_yeehaa: and I looked through all your posts, and saw that banner- I believe it was a great call for them to use it! :yay: 

    3. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      @Valencia You're too kind. :kindness: Thank you.

    4. Valencia


      @Ultraviolet Phosphor wow, your username and background on your page really matches up with your interests! ^_^:mlp_yeehaa: how intriguing! my family has had a large telescope since i was small- nothing terribly intricate or technical, but just a big set of mirrors on a tripod

      I couple of time in my life I"ve been able to eyeball the moon into shot, and once my brother and I were able to catch a few seconds glimpse at mars :squee: seeing as though it was all guesswork due to the sights being broken, I'm pretty proud of that B)^_^:laugh:

      I"ve always loved astronomy <3 well, science in general, but the celestial (heh) bodies have always been a subject of wonderment <3 

      @Renegade the Unicorn I did a quick youtube search when you first mentioned the name of the genre- I like very much the musical genres that psychobilly is derived from, and I listened to one of the tracks- Not bad at all! :D honestly not where my headspace is right now as far as my musical wants at the moment, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it and can enjoy it when the mood strikes me! I listen to pretty music anything! good music is my only genre :squee:

      & @Totally Lyra don't sell yourself short- you do great work, others would say the same as I :)