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  1. Hello lovelies! :D

    I've had a very productive day today! :P With the start of my five day long holiday from work, I've cleaned up my apartment, taken a few items to UPS for Amazon returns (even though I forgot the other three items I was supposed to return as well- another round shall happen tomorrow! heh :twismile:)  and now I'm setting up for my tuesday live stream! 

    Last stream was a whole lot of fun; being able to hang out with close friends on my birthday as I started my hobby was a wonderful feeling, beating many other birthdays I've had in the past! 

    We learned what buttered pop tarts tasted like, attempted to triangulate the ecaxt location of Hatesville in the Pokemon Galar region, and named a pokemon "Food" "Aussie Ausb0" and "HMMMMMMMM" what a collection of winners :love::derp:

    If you feel like coming over and hangin out tonight, I'll be starting about 15 minutes from now :mlp_yeehaa:


    I hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday evening or whatever time of day you're currently in :kindness: remember to share a smile with someone today, it may be the only one they get, and you could be the one who gives it to them! :wub:

    1. Tacodidra


      Hello, my friend! :D Great to hear your day has gone well! :kindness: To be honest, my day hasn't been the best one (due to another toothache), but thankfully I'm starting to feel better.

      Have fun streaming! :pinkie:

    2. Valencia


      @Tacodidra aww :wau: I hope your toothache stops hurting soon dear :sunny:

  2. thanks for the follow :D can't wait to get to know you better :coco:

    1. RaraLover


      No problem. It's always nice to meet a new friend. :fluttershy:

      And thanks for the follow-back! :D

  3. I'm going to head off lovelies. More active forum times for me coming soon:rarity: 

    think I may revive my ask celestia :ooh: what would you think about that @Sparklefan1234 :please:

    goodnight dear flowers <3 :coco:

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    2. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :grin:

      That's great to hear! :rarity: I think reviving the thread is a good idea too. :)

    3. Valencia


      well I'm sure there's still some fun to be had @Sparklefan1234 dear:D we'll just have to entertain each other! :muffins::mlp_yeehaa: 

      @Dark Qiviut thanks dear :BrightMacContent: I slept quite okay 
      *hugs @Tacodidra * I have the next few days off for America's thanksgiving, I think I'll invest some time tomorrow doing just that!:LunaMCM:

    4. Sparklefan1234


      I'm sure Luna's been getting the kind of restful sleep she's always dreamed of thanks to her retirement. :LunaMCM:

  4. thanks for the follow new friend! :P 

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Valencia Oh. All this time I thought it was a Studio Ghibli movie. :muffins:

    3. Valencia


      ^_^ that gif is from part four of a story that spans generations of one family battling evil B) its quite a fun show! :mlp_yeehaa: 

    4. Sparklefan1234



       from part four of a story that spans generations of one family battling evil


      That sounds like Ash Ketchum battling Pokemon. :twismile:

  5. it may be a few weeks late:adorkable:, but thanks for the follow new friend! :mlp_yeehaa:^_^

  6. Hello my lovely friends! ^w^ :pinkie:

    I'm sorry I haven't been on in two weeks, but hopefully this will make up for it 

    I'm finally starting on that project I've hinted at and yearned to achieve! :ticking:

    what better day than my birthday to start on my youtube/twitch streaming! :D I built my computer for this. gathered up (hopefully) all the necessary gizmos. and gathered my courage all to lead to this time! 

    I'm streaming Pokemon Shield, now til the sun rises EST 

    I love you all, hope to see you there :grin::coco:

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    2. Tacodidra


      Welcome back, my friend! :rarity: I hope you had an amazing birthday! :kindness:

    3. Jasmine


      We're having so much fun! It's another few hours until sunrise, so we're still going! :pinkie:

      ...with coffee, though. Lots of coffee. :nom:

    4. Valencia


      @Sparklefan1234 well I think its been quite overdue for me to get into the game, my dear BFFFF! :love::grin::P and it was quite a lot of fun. although I need a bit of practice  before I knock all the kinks out :please:

      thank you @Phosphor, my astro pone :coco: 
      yeah.... you weren't the only one who had issue with the stream settings I had set :twismile::adorkable:  I've been given some ideas on how to make it a better experience for everyone that I'll be trying here in the near future 

      how've the stars been? :grin:

      & your support @TheRockARooster has been amazing my dear :pinkie: I"m glad you enjoyed it :D and it was nice spending time with you too :coco:

       @Totally Nyx Nyxie! much appreciated dear! it was one of the highlights of my birthday week :ticking: most things weren't so amazing :adorkable: but best to look at the bright things! :BrightMacContent:

      @Tacodidra TAKIE DAKIE! :P thank you love :) that evening was quite nice- we had alot of fun over there on the stream :D we even learned what buttered pop tarts were like :wau:^_^

  7. Hello again my wonderful flowers :kindness::coco:



    Sooo... heh... :mlp_please:

    I promised pictures of my friday night escapades... LAST friday :twismile: 

    I genuinely am sorry about that. This past week has been a bit hectic- So much so, I can't recall it all right now :blink:

    I'm going to be completely honest friends, I"m not feeling my tip top best these days. >_> In regards to several aspects of my life right now, I feel as though a storm cloud has parked itself neatly above my head-a mere sixteen inches away from me. 

    This entire week I've just been going through the motions-work, other personal work, vegging out then sleep. 

    Is it the time of year? maybe:mlp_huh: but It usually doesn't affect me this severely :sunny:

    The best way to explain how this sensation feels would be to visualize putting on a heavy backpack backwards so the pack is hanging off of my chest. It makes me sluggish and overall uncomfortable. I'm having issue making organic conversation with people I've known for years :sealed:

    Well, there's not much to do on that front right now, I still want to share the fun stuff about last weekend. 

    It may help to even out my nerves at bit :ticking:  h-heh.... :sunny:

    Last weekend I went to this lovely little area the city has been working for years to make the hub of dining and entertainment downtown.

    Here's a couple street shots from an enclosed walkway :catface:



    (my camera isn't the best, but I'm planning on putting a new iPhone on payments soon- better pictures of things to come!:grin:)


    I caught a bit of the outside seating area for a place called "the market" It's a large building with several little shops and restaurants with an open floor plan- very modern contemporary :derp:)


    It was raining, hence the lack of people ^_^

    Okay my lovely pones, here comes the real meat 'n potatas of this evening. One of the more recent additions to the cultural affair downtown would be a wonderful little place called Quicksilver, and I absolutely love it! :wub::pinkie::ticking:

    It's a 90's themed barcade! :yay: everything from the drink names, to the music they were blaring from the speakers hearkened back to the last decade of the last millennium (for those of you who haven't already noticed, even the font the business utilize is borrowed from a 90's daft punk album! :ph3ar: 

    They have a hug selection of classic arcade games- from the early beginnings like donkey kong, or more action oriented games like Time Crisis 2, theres everything in between. 

    There's no filler to be found at this Arcade bar, and they're all on free play! 





    Not only do they offer arcade games, they offer console games in the back! Although you have to trade your ID for a controller:please:


    Something they had added since I had been there previously was the sale of hot dogs :wau: The biggest complaint about Quicksilver had been that if you were hungry you had to eat somewhere else beforehand. But now with their wide selection of fascinating toppings and specialty dogs, the place has become the sleeper best hot dog restaurant in town, and all for very reasonable prices! 

    (jeez, the more I read back what I've written, the more I realize this post sounds like an add for the place :twismile: its just really cool okay?? I'm not weird :love:

    Yes I am, but I love it :ButtercupLaugh::BrightMacContent:

    also hot dog pics! 


    I can't stand jalapenos, hence why my dog is on the right :catface: my SO @Jasmine on the other hand loves the things and can't ever seem to get enough of em :mlp_huh:

    Overall It was a pretty nice way to spend a Friday night. :P I plan to try and make this place a regular haunt hopefully! :D

    Okay, its almost five in the morning, I think it's time to call it for the night (morning?:huh:)

    I love you all dearly, and I hope that you're having a beautiful time of day/night wherever you are on this amazing blue marble:coco: thanks for being here, it means more than you know 

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    2. Altastrofae


      Do you think you might have Seasonal Affective Disorder? It's basically like, certain seasons put people with this disorder into a depressed mood.

      Not saying you have it, I'm not a doctor, but if that sort of thing always happens around this time of year, maybe it's something worth looking into.

    3. Totally Sunny

      Totally Sunny

      Sounds like a rough few days. :sunny: I hope things start looking up and getting more enjoyable. Don't forget you've got friends here if you ever need a nice conversation.


      Also... I'm totally jealous!!! That arcade looks amazing, I wanna go! :love: I'm feeling so much nostalgia right now just looking at your pictures of those classics. :pinkie:

    4. Phosphor


      Oh no! Hope ya get to feeling better Valencia.  :kindness:

      That arcade looks awesome. Haven't been inside one in a long time. I use to hang out at the arcade at the local mall when I was a kid. At the time, you could just have fun, til the "adult supervision" rules came into effect a few years later. lol

  8. Too tired to post cute fun story about tonight's escapades:twismile: 

    Did take pictures, will tell cute fun story tomorrow 


    Love you, goodnight :coco:❤️

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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Good night, my friend! May Luna give you pleasant dreams. :kindness:

    3. Totally Sunny

      Totally Sunny

      Goodnight Valencia! I'm looking forward to hearing it. :P

    4. Phosphor


      Ooooo, sounds like you had a blast!  :sunbutt:

      Hope ya had a good night sleep  

  9. I'm off work work, and now I'm heading somewhere quite fun! :squee:

    I'll post pictures later lovelies! :mlp_grin:

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    2. Totally Sunny
    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Have a good time! Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do but if you do, take pictures.

    4. Tacodidra


      Have fun! :pinkie: See you later! :rarity:

  10. Time for a little bit of anime to wind down the night right before bed :kindness:


    Goodnight my lovely flowers:coco: have a good night, or enjoy the rest of your day! :grin:❤️

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    2. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      Ooo. What anime? :kirin:

      Also, g'night! :P

    3. Totally Sunny

      Totally Sunny

      Goodnight Valencia! Sleep well. :grin:

    4. Valencia


      @Tacodidra @Treeglow Flicker & @Totally Nyx I slept quite well, thank you dears :coco:

      and my SO & I have been watching through JoJo :sassy:

  11. I never have to wonder what time you come on takidakie, you announce yourself quite clearly ^_^ 

    how are you dear? :coco:

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    2. Valencia


      *hugs back* :yay: 

      when i joined that certain community, my whole life changed, for real :squee: and only for the better!:mlp_yeehaa: I'm not even the same person back then :o^_^:D


    3. Tacodidra


      Great to hear I'm not the only one. :rarity: Little did I know when I first decided to watch an episode of MLP... :awed:

    4. Valencia


      You know it was actually what I heard about how nice the community was that got me interested in the show :squee: nevertheless, I'm glad I did :ticking:

  12. also I just realized that I missed your birthday by about ten days :twismile:

    :balloon:happy late birthday @Phosphor I hope it was a wonderful one! :blue_baloon:

    1. Phosphor


      Ooooo, I love it!  :o

      Thanks, @Valencia  :coco:

    2. Valencia


      Of course friend :mlp_yeehaa:

  13. The sun is shining- not a cloud in the sky.

    Warmth, mixed with a slight cool breeze to you remind you fall is upon us :BrightMacContent:



    Good afternoon my beautiful friends :squee: I hope you've all had a good time of day wherever you are on our spherical home :coco:


    I have a few moments before work properly starts, so I thought I'd pop in just to share sweet sentiments with the best pones I know :grin:


    As you go about your lifewalking today, keep in mind you're amazing in ways you probably don't even comprehend. Keeping shining your own unique brilliant way :mlp_pinkie::wub:

    Also, be sure to share a thoughtful exchange with someone- even just a smile or kind word

    It could be everything they need today- you could be the only one that will take the time to do so!

    you have the power to change someones world today, so go forth and be your beautiful selves! :ticking:


    See you later flowers :mlp_rarity:❤️

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    2. Splashee


      Sounds like paradise! :coco: made me forget about my terrible grey boring dark weather here! Thanks @Valencia :rarity:

    3. Phosphor


      Hope ya have a great day work  :catface:

    4. Valencia


      @Blivy thank you dear! that's very sweet of you to say :coco: 
      @TheRockATrice don't let anyone take the joy you get from spending time with your friends rocky :rarity: 
      I had a quite nice day @Tacodidra :BrightMacContent: and you're very welcome! :D such a friend deserves to feel wonderful! :mlp_yeehaa:

      I'm glad I could make your day better @Splashee I love to make those I care about happy :mlp_pinkie: I can't wait to get to know you better dear! :P 

      @Phosphor it was quite nice astro pone :coco: hope yours was just as nice! :kirin:

  14. Goodnight flowers :coco:



    Rest well, or have a beautiful day ☀️d5r5wi2-0e8a4e2c-3650-4fed-ab0b-d9332c2b

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    2. Oblivion


      *tickles hooves* can't speak for them but my day's going alright! :BrightMacContent:

    3. Valencia


      hehe :kindness: glad it went well @Blivy :P

    4. Oblivion


      Thank you!

  15. Goodnight friend, sorry for the late reply :coco:


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    2. Totally Sunny

      Totally Sunny

      I am, it's been a wonderful day. :D

      Has yours been lovely as well?

    3. Valencia


      Yay @Totally Nyx:mlp_pinkie: 

      my day went quite well! couldn't complain about it if I tried! it was a very nice thursday :BrightMacContent:

      what've you been into these past few hours? :catface:

    4. Totally Sunny

      Totally Sunny

      And today is Friday, so hopefully it's even better. :squee:

      I haven't been doing much productive. A little gaming, a little reading, a little sleeping. :P

  16. Thinking about you jade 

  17. NEW FRAND :pinkie: 

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    2. Valencia



      Supsup :kirin:

    3. Splashee


      Sorry about the follow just now. I was going through my list of followers when I noticed I hadn't followed you yet. I have no idea why, but now I am following you! :squee:

    4. Valencia


      No worries @Splashee :squee: it happens dear ^_^


  18. *sneak hug* :wacko:

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    2. Valencia


      Thank you dear, you're so sweet :coco: 

      Good that you're not working as a sales person, that can be arduous :lie: but so can lifting things, just, be careful :sealed:


    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      You’re welcome! :squee:

      Yeah, during the holidays it can be brutal. I don’t need the headache about worrying about sales numbers 24/7. >_> Oh don’t worry, I’m not lifting the heavy stuff. That’s what the inventory team is for. :BrightMacContent:

    4. Valencia


      sounds like the best job to have if you're having to work at best buy :BrightMacContent:

  19. It's takiedakie! :D how're you my dear? :coco:

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    2. Tacodidra


      @Splashee Splasheedashee could work. :P Though that sounds more like a ship involving your OC and Rainbow Dash. :wub:

      @Bas Another good one! :yay:

    3. Splashee


      @Bas You are too good at making up cute names. Wow!


      @Valencia in order to fill in all the legal documents, I am forced to befriend you, by following you (hehe)

    4. Valencia
  20. I hope you come back soon :rarity:

    1. Johnny1226


      Thanks Valencia 

  21. @Phosphor:P:mlp_yeehaa: yay! Good to see you friend! :ph3ar:

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    2. Valencia


      I can understand that :muffins: it's not the easiest thing to deal with:lie:


      I live in a semi rural area- right now I'm in the middle of town, but where my house is is right at the very edge where nothing starts, just the way I like it ^_^


      I initially had given up on buying a place at all, hence why I ended up with this apartment I currently have :blink: only after signing a lease did I find the perfect place- just my luck! ^_^:muffins:

      so I still have a while before I'll be able to move in, but this time does give me an opportunity to do the necessary work to make it just the way I want it :grin:


      I'm glad it was able to work out for you, and hey, since you weren't able to buy an already built place, you'll be able to building a home exactly to your wants and needs 

      Make sure to add a few balconies/ opening skylights for your viewing pleasure :coco:

    3. Phosphor


       Knowing me, I'll have the observatory built before the house. Just picture it: A nice kitchen next to a telescope :laugh:

    4. Valencia


      I mean, why not? Build an observatory in the dead center at the very top and work around it to build your home :D


      Ooh I can imagine it :o log cabin style, with an open floor plan, it could be so cool! :mlp_yeehaa: 


      Just thinking out loud of course :please:^_^

  22. Thanks for the follow new friend :P:D

    1. Oblivion


      HEY! mo probs!

  23. time for me to head to bed lovelies:kindness: 

    I hope you have  a wonderful rest of your evening/day 

    Keep being beautiful, see you tomorrow! (& hopefully for more than just a couple hours at night this time :lie::adorkable:)

    :rarity: <3 

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