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Everything posted by Valencia

  1. I've been at work since 7:00, kids will be here at 7:30, I have to take two van loads of them to the tumble gym today, I work from open to close


    And I've only had three hours of sleep :please::sealed:


    What a great way to start the day! ^_^ It may sound like I'm dragging my hooves, but I'm actually feeling pretty good this morning! :squee:


    I'm a bit short staffed today, so I may to be able to respond quickly or frequently, but I'll be around :grin:


    How're you my darling dears? :rarity: I've hardly had any time to spend with you all since the summer season started :lie: are you all doing okay? Are you getting to enjoy your summer at all?

    My southern hemisphere pones, are you enjoying your wintertime? :kindness:

    I love you my sweet flowers! :P

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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I say lock the kids in the tumble gym and take a nap. :lie::P I hope the sun goddess can get more sleep. :twi: I’m alright, suffering through the high heat today. Living on the top floor of the apartment building, during the summer, is not fun. :dry:

      *hugs sun pony* :D

    3. Alexshy


      *hugs Tia tight* Apologies, mine dearest sister, for being a stranger hither lately. I'm desperate, I know *ears flatten*

    4. Phosphor


      Wait, 2 van loads of kids with 3hrs of sleep? Oh dear. :sealed:

      *Squeezes @Valencia

      My day at work was quite productive. Even got off early because the HVAC system went down. Had to scramble to shut all of the equipment down tho. Condensation started forming on everything.

      @Twilight Luna, you should ask your landlord for a liquid nitrogen upgrade for the AC. ^_^

  2. Hello lovely ponies of the forums! I'm gong to be taking questions as the princess of the sun! You may ask anything you wish, as long as you keep the inquiries within the simple guidelines I've set forward: 1) please keep everything welcoming and friendly for others! 2) I'm not terribly interested in talking about ships- lets just not do that please (although sailing ships are quite alright ) *soaring down from above- almost falling, until catching myself at the last second* Hello dear ones *trots over to my big plush pillow and lies down- stretching*
  3. how about short circuit or the last starfighter?? those movies are cheesy but great! (IMO of course)