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    I'm a ww1 and 2 history buff so you can say I'm boring as fuck
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  1. Neutral

    Visual Art Artwork

    Your drawings are amazing man. I really like them, please do more of these.
  2. Neutral

    Have you ever been on the newspaper/tv?

    I have been in the newspaper 4 times but only for a club that ran during the breaks from school that we had. It always ran during the summer. I always made a silly face in those pics in the newspaper.
  3. Neutral

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Oh god why do I do such things? Well prepare the masks and vomit bags
  4. Neutral


    My hobbies are Militaria collecting like I have said many times. Plus I like to rap and be lazy
  5. Neutral

    Me as a pony

    Holy sht that is really beautiful and amazing. Just the style shading and all that is perfect, damn it make more.
  6. Neutral

    My OC

    i really like this. please do more plus the style looks so cool.
  7. I haven't really cared about my self esteem so I guess I'm in the middle.
  8. Love to live long and sad since well that's what I sometimes and it's isolating which is something I like.
  9. Neutral

    Your thoughts on love/relationships?

    For me I just say meh to relationships. You love someone cool and well let them get on with it.
  10. Neutral

    Lightning Bubble (RANDOM SKETCH)

    that drawing looks so damn cool, please do more since it looks amazing. i really like the detail and the lining so far. just get the colours now
  11. Neutral

    How do you motivate yourself to study?

    i watch rocky and listen to the soundtrack of the movies. XD
  12. Neutral

    Another Random OC Drawing

    that looks so damn cool man. please do more since they are awesome and i like them to.
  13. Neutral

    Would ya go to Compton?

    Lol I would go into the ghetto and act like a posh man. Nothing can go wrong there. XD
  14. Neutral

    Any Railroad Bronies?

    I have been on all Midlands railways and the London underground and the channel tunnel trains
  15. Neutral

    Nicest people on the forums?

    You can count me in as a kind person