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    Neutral HQ somewhere in the world
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    I'm a ww1 and 2 history buff so you can say I'm boring as fuck
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    Militaria collecting ( collecting military items)
    Clay shooting
    Being neutral

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About Me

Welcome to the most neutral profile.
I like ww1 and 2 history and also collect militaria from those 2 periods.
I love clay shooting and love to try pheasant shooting.
I try to be neutral but it works only for a little bit
I don't care if you call me a nazi lover for collecting ww2 nazi Militaria. (When I have the money)
I like flipback hats.
I am going to man the fuck up and start thinking about getting a relationship, for rl obviously. I'm only gonna date those that I know very well irl.
And I'm full pure british.
And I'm 6'2.
Btw feel free to add me I dont bite and certainly don't kick
Thought I might make a little rap btw I can't rap
So here it is:

Yo my name is MC neutral
And you can say I'm not vital
Even though my jokes are vile
I can still be good for survival

I don't want to be in debates
Even though some things bring on the hates
And that includes some of the critics rates
But sometimes it includes my mates

anyways I'm in college doing performing arts
And I have a friend in this class who is a mechanic so fetch him the car parts
I love it like I did when I was in a racing kart.
And thank god my teacher is not an old fart

My birthday is in febuary
I hate Halloween so don't bother scaring me
I live in a boring town called rugby
It's so bad that I just want to hang from a tree

You can call me batman since I'm a vigilante
I hate criminals and I wanna catch them as you will see
And set the innocent free
And become a free man like General robert e lee.

I joined this site to learn about the pony culture
To see the amazing sht and then look at my shit and it looks like a vulture
I wanted to always be a soldier
But I ran away quicker than indian Jones runs away from the Boulder.

My mum and dad are amazing people.
They love everyone to be equal
You can say that they rule
And my dad knows a lot about electronics so he can be cool.

Our family is low on finances
Like in 1945 with the nazis
My family can still afford the bread and cheese
And enjoy listening to John Cleese

I hope you enjoyed my little rap
Even though it sounds like utter crp
still I think it's amazing like tupac
Or listening to a John Williams track.