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  1. Hoping this can be revived from the grave. When the Adventure Collection Books* came out, there were only 10. But as the series progressed, we have Riddle of the Sphinx, Curse of the Jungle Queen, and Curse of the Pharoah's Tomb and other unnamed books in the events of Daring Doubt and Stranger Than Fan Fiction. So in total, there are 15 in the series.
  2. Hoping this can be revived from the grave. When the Adventure Collection Books* came out, there were only 10. But as the series progressed, we have Riddle of the Sphinx, Curse of the Jungle Queen, and Curse of the Pharoah's Tomb and other unnamed books in the events of Daring Doubt and Stranger Than Fan Fiction. So in total, there are 15 in the series.
  3. And now, I necromanced this thread once again. Now that Season 8 is over, Knuckerbocker, the dragon from Daring Do and the Eternal Flower, mentioned in Matter of Principals. They also referenced the conch that could summon dragons much like in the book. And most recently in Friend in the End, it is revealed that the Amulet of Aurora is made from the same kind of material (Metal) that the Amulet of Atonement is made from.
  4. The biggest tease ever were all of his bio from the merchandising lines such as the Elements of Harmony Guidebooks, The Art of Equestria, as well as the 1st series trading card games were told that he is "Repelled" and not destroyed* Basically, he's fucking banished. That, and the infamous email leaks details his return in next season.
  5. Everything about this thread is even more relevant thanks to the Season 9 leaks, the movie (with Capper being a cat connecting to Katrina) and now the Smooze is canon the year after Tirek was reintroduced.
  6. Forbidden City is mentioned. And evenly referenced the Wild Bunch gang. Who ironically 1st appearance was nodded in one of the EQG shorts. Although it was one of the members They also explained who got one of the tiara relics. Which was a big tease that never went anywhere Forbidden city. It’s now revealed that Ahuizotl got one of the relic and was trying to fuck over the Somnambular Village The show pretty much knows the books existence than what people believed.
  7. Wanting to bring this thread back. Thanks to Daring Done, the books are now confirmed as canon. Now we have a location from the books called the Get on Inn. And little more background on the supposed cursed tiaras. Ahuizotl is even more fucking dangerous than ever. Sink an entire village to the ground to (pressumably) to cause more misery towards Daring. Like, holy shit.
  8. Also props to Berrow of renaming Quetzalcoatl Empress to Ketwctl Empress. (that was fucking stupid)
  9. If Berrow or whoever actually read the books writes in the episode, it's a hope that is sure to be inevitable Something I notice apparently the acknowledge in Stranger than Fan Fiction. Apparently, Caballeron did need another henchpony. So Rosy Thorn is sort of allued to this episode. And Josh Haber did read the Daring books. I mean, he and his co writer just mentioned Trek to the Terrifying Tower.
  10. Berrow said that the solo rereleases of the DD books sold well enough for her to continue. But she doesn't specify if we're going forward or backward. (I really want to know what happens in Books 3-4/or 5 or 6 with the whole Ketzketwctl Empress thing going on) I haven't read the picture books and the Little Golden Brown (though, I realy love the artwork, better in anything than what current IDW pony artist Jay Fosgitt does nowadays) but I reallllyyyy wanted to get Daring Do Double Dare. Because that was book has some interesting things like an evil Zebra, and more teeny bits of information of the Daring Do books. More specifically Volcano of Destiny. I haven't read the other ones because the Daring books interested me the most. Say what you want about Daring Don't, but I do agree the episode could be written better if it was for Berrow and not Polsky. He's like the Ken Penders (but not really at the same time) of MLP. Then again, there are more show wrters who have done mistakes, or they're not that good or the show they are writing for weren't their cup of tea to write.
  11. 1) I could ignore the comic continuty since the staff stated here and there that they are not canon. But your theory of the books being around longer than Twilight's Elements of Harmony days in quite interesting. if that is the case, Daring would be around 32 or what number of pony years that take place. The age of ponies is extremely up in the air. Not even Lauren Faust knows the correct ages/lifespan before she was resigned from the show. The only thing that we do know about them is the life span of alicorns. To which was slightly was briefly touch upon in the book Journal of the Two Sisters to which both Luna and Celestia said that their "lifespans are ridiculous". I always assume when something has sentience/anthropmorphism, they have an increased life span. (Samurai Jack's season finale brought back the archaeological canines from the beginning of the series so assumingly they have the same life spans as humans do, which kind of supports my evidence I suppose but obviously that's a different show all together) 2) Ah the gameloft game. I play it ocasionally in my phone, but I haven't obtain Daring/AK yet. If there are some things that I admire, we get to explore places that we haven't yet to see and little clairification of certain events that people do not understand. Apparently, The Forbidden Jungle in the official map of the show map is called: Ponnisula Yucatan. (which is where the 1st book took place) And the Unicorn Range. (which is said to be full of monochrome colored ponies) As for clarification, the book's glossary has expanded upon the whole "800 years of heat". And it bugs the shit out of me that many people do not get Twilight and RD's nerd fight from Daring Don't. But what really bother me is that Dave Polsky just said: Ahuizotl is delusional. To further analyze this, I copypasta this vital quote Rainbow Dash: How can we just stand by and do nothing? You know what's at stake here! Ahuizotl has sought control of the Tenochtitlan Basin since book three! Twilight Sparkle: True, but in book four, she defeated Ahuizotl and secured the Amulet of Atonement, dispelling the dark magic of the Ketztwctl Empress, and thus protecting the basin with the Radiant Shield of Razdon! Rainbow Dash: But the Radiant Shield of Razdon is vulnerable to the dark enchantment of the Rings of Scorchero! Twilight Sparkle: Are you forgetting that the Rings were scattered to the four corners of Tenochtitlan, thus rendering the dark enchantment powerless? Rainbow Dash: Only if you assume the Rings have yet to be retrieved, and the ring Caballeron just stole isn't the last ring to complete the dark tower and its cruel hold on Tenochtitlan! Did you ever think of that?! By the way, I'm glad that Quetzalcoatl is changed. Because that was stupid. This scene was kind of retconned for the book, but it puts actual sense. (and honestly it's for the better) From the glossary Ketztwctl Empress: An evil ruler who once controlled the Tenochtitlan Basin with the Amulet of Atonement. Daring Do used the Radiant Shield of Razdon to dispel her dark enchantments and block Ahuizotl's attempt to gain control over the area. So, instead of Ahuizotl controlling the area from the start and not making us think that he join forces with her, he instead gotten himself a role reverse. So the empress was the one who controlled the area from the first place, and Ahuizotl tries to subdue the valley but stopped by Daring thanks to the Radiant Shield of Razdon. So Ahuizotl somehow get research or whatever resources he gains, and gather the rings of scorchero to stop/break/dispel the shield. It also irritates me that they never expanded on what RD and TS have said in their nerd fight. This is the most important clue, up until the writers made him say: "I WILL MAKE THE VALLEY ARID FOR 8 CENTURIES MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" It's those things where you blame Polsky and the editor and not the character itself. Ahuizotl did have a motive, but they never expanded upon that important scene. And many people are extremely stupid by thinking Ahuizotl is this stupid villain that did not have a goal or motive. I don't get it... Boy oh boy I had a fun time editing all of that words in my last comment....
  12. 1) It's been explicitly stated that the Daring Do Award is just the name of the title. Much like Oscar Awards or Grammy/Golden Globe Awards. Then again, Legends of Magic is canon. So who the hell knows if the main series is going to be that even though the staff stated the series is not. 2)...that actually makes sense. However, there is a debate to how much time has passed in the Equestria timeline. As it seems to take place 2 years after. (we have two Hearthwarming episodes) and we do not know if the years/months are going past by. Or, other episodes seem to be in inaccurate order to make it feel like it's from a season before or after one certain episode event. ( exe. Putting Your Hoof Down is most likely taken place before Dragonshy wish that also makes sense since so far, there are no discontinuity/retcons) so that is an interesting theory. What collectible card game was this anyway? Was this from the bio or card game that said that? Because they teased the collectible biography card with Ahuizotl with his location residence in "Jungles of Equestria". Some people think it's just something not to think about and might be a mistake. But surprise! The fucker's real. And Sombra's horn is teased that that survived. And that's why I think that there's a possibilty that Sombra could come back. As for the problem with that theory, I'm assuming the artifact hunt is indeed before she made the Sapphire Stone. I'm assuming Daring thought that she doesn't want to put anyone in danger and want any young ward of joining her adventure. In fact, it's been stated in Eternal Flower while she made a skirmish of Rosy Thorn (and teased in Marked Thief when Tater Tot wants to join Daring to stop Mojo) So I dunno, basically she planned a contingency. Hope that answers your question. Also, this book actually mention of a Cipactli Queen. Now we have Cipactli from Stranger than Fanfiction. Further proof of the books being canon. As well as Quibble Pants mentioning Trek to the Terrifying Tower. All this dude missing are the missing mouths.
  13. Go for it. I do remember I have more, but I was searching to talk about this to people for so long, I forgotten about my other theories. Hopefully I remember them as we continue to thread this down and discuss.