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  1. The "tolerate" part I get, but do we havt to love them?
  2. So lazy lazy lazy *facedesks*

    1. Crystal Sparkle

      Crystal Sparkle

      You're always lazy.

  3. Thinking about making an OC...

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    2. Xeno Dimentio

      Xeno Dimentio

      its fun. Writing the stories for them is he best part. Enigmas backstory, for example, is an epic tale of romance, and how that romance was so powerful it overcame death.


      OCs are great ways to stretch your creativity! And very enjoyable.

    3. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      @Pencil I have seen the picture it's cropped from ;)

    4. TwiForLife


      @Artic Yeah, so delicious!


      Ok it's settles! I'll make one once I have the time!

  4. What the- Oh hell I'll just go along with this...where do you two plan on living?
  5. Damn, I've been gone longer than I thought... When did THIS happen?
  6. Woah, when did I get so many friends?!?!? Not that I'm complaining!

  7. Guess who's back?

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    2. Doctor XFizzle

      Doctor XFizzle

      I've created a monster cuz nobody wants to see Marshall no more, they want Shady, I'm chopped liver

    3. Literally Snails

      Literally Snails

      is it Lyra? She hasn't been on for over a year.

    4. Molester Man

      Molester Man

      I'm back, honey!

  8. It's not that easy in this house, there's telling my mom and she's not going to pay for something like that.
  9. I thinking about following Sugarcube Corner, that and/or Show Discussion.