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  1. it's been a while

  2. Hi, I know I haven't been on the forums, but I do like to check on my friends. Thanks for all the good times MLPForums and everyone, I hope you are all safe and happy. Have a lovely day/year/life!

    1. The_Gobo


      Here's to you having a good one as well!



  3. Please stop PMing me, it's quite obvious I left the forums. I don't really respond to anyone anymore.

    1. GenderIsAnIllusion


      Which is totally made evident by the fact you have made a status update on these forums

    2. Kankuro


      I come back once every couple of months, just to check on the friends I've made thanks very much.

  4. Kankuro

    Open Naruto

    @@Venomous,@@Drago Ryder, Blink was torn about his options, but he knew Wolf was strong and should be okay on her own. He wandered down the path, feeling ever lonely again after the brief embrace with Wolf. He opened the door to the archives, and spotted Blitz madly looking through bookshelves of scriptures. "Need a hand there friend?"
  5. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    "Nah, you're not boring at all, cutie." He sighed contentedly when she nuzzled him, and he felt an overwhelming emotion to protect the little light in his arms. He took them into their dorm, before lying down with her still in his arms on his bed. (OOC: Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for not being around! I was moving and only got little spikes of internet and they weren't enough to post and I forgot to mention it, I'm so sorry but I'm back now.
  6. Been a while since you last responded to the RP

  7. Happy birthday, my fellow role player! ^^

  8. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    @, Zeke smiled. "I don't mind that at all." He walked along the corridor, only stopping to buy a bag of chips in the vending machine. "So, I've showed you my favourite hobby. What do you like to do for fun? Other than singing, dancing, etc." He smiled down at his girlfriend.
  9. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    "I guess, but don't blame me if I fall asleep." He grinned lazily, his ears drooping. He hoisted her into his arms lazily, and moved inside the building, pulling his key out of his bike. He scaled the stairs and nuzzled Midnight with his snout like a domestic puppy.
  10. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    @, "I'm always happy around you." He smiled He pulled the throttle, his engine revving and his exhaust pipe rattling. Him and his date zipped along the highway, before slowing at the gates of the uni campus. He flashed his card at the snake controlling the pole and rolled through.
  11. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    @, "Definitely seems to be." He smiled when she kissed him and lifted her on to the bike. "We really need to get back to the uni, any other stops you wanna make before we do?" He said as he placed the flyers in his bag and hooked it around his back, before slowly stretching and jumping on his bike.
  12. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    "This is where i come in handy." He stood, towering above all of the others and he snatched as many tickets as him and his friends needed, as well as grabbing some and hanging them to kids that weren't tall enough to reach them. By the time he'd escaped the crowd, he'd gotten 4 sloppy kisses from beaming mothers and handshakes from fathers, he felt good being able to help others.
  13. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    Zeke pulled up next to the group, not even being noticed by the eclectic crowd. "What's going on?" he spoke, only to be quickly hushened by an old pegasus. "Hm." He pulled Midnight onto his lap, resting his chin on top of her head. (OOC: I can't watch the video so I can only guess what's going on?)
  14. Kankuro

    Open Anthro Slice of Life Redux

    @, "A carnival sounds fun." He hopped onto his bike when she was done eating and took of down the moonlit highway, he looked towards the sky and saw the full moon, and he opened the visor of his helmet and howled loudly, hearing a few in return. It was always reassuring and he smiled as he pulled his visor down and pulled into the university carpark.