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  1. Why I came back. Why did I come back to the forum where all my painful memories lie. Where the bad blood continues to boil and burn. Why I expect change.. where there is none.
  2. Yeah, although it's been quite a while. I remember him.
  3. A website explaining how to solve matrices....... *Clears history*
  4. Less stressed, and seriously depressed than last week.
  5. Personally I have some of the greatest friends I could've ever asked for. Even though life is really messed up for me right now, and I'd LOVE to know where it's gonna go, I wouldn't trade my friends for anything in the world.
  6. Working at my job lol I still am I'm just on break
  7. I'm a drummer personally. I used to also play the baritone.
  8. I was about to get onto a ferry to leave an island in north Carolina called Ocracoke. We just went to my cousins bakery before we leave.
  9. Eagles.. I dunno why I just had a huge fear that I was small enough to get picked up by one while I slept and dropped to the earth.
  10. Actually just two days ago I thought I'd puke laughing because my friend Levi, who is the shortest black guy I've ever met and I'm 6'2'' so he tries to intimidate me and doest do well. We were in Chemistry and I made the class laugh about something then I sudden stared into my eyes and said shut up (He was kidding of course). He tried to do this weird twirl with his pencil and accidentally chucked it behind him across the room and it hit a computer screen. While I was dying laughing he had to walk across the room to get it while people were laughing at me for laughing too hard.
  11. Pffft easy.. Johnny depp in his "Jack Sparrow" voice
  12. I'd die right infront of the computer screen.
  13. This has been a back and fourth kinda thing for a while with me but I decided on Vinyl Scratch. Reason being I love dubstep. And she's awesome.
  14. Pepperoni and meatball sub with banana peppers, oregano, pepper, and chipotle south west sauce. Oh god is it good.