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  1. Meanlucario

    (Pokemon) Good Kommo-o names

    I recently hatched a shiny female Jangmo-o, and I can’t think of a good name. I thought of Ember, but I don’t think it would work here, and my friend suggested Sindragosa, and that’s it. Not a large market for female dragon royalty, apparently. Any ideas?
  2. Meanlucario

    D&D Stories

    Have anyone here ever have their *yay* kicked by three children, one 1st level? My older brother (Our DM) gave us a quest to fight some children that's terrorizing people. The funny part is that they're level 1, 12, and 13, and we're level one, with one Favored Soul of Garyx,(me), a chaotic good Wizard, and a swashbuckler with an identity crisis. We somehow won (the Soul and Swashbuckler are unconscious, and the Wizard near 0), and went straight to 4th level.
  3. Meanlucario

    Do you believe in heaven?

    I sure hope so. There has to be someplace that is better than here.
  4. Meanlucario

    Gaming Your Video-Game Ideas

    A Silent Ponyville game, with a story that I'm working on, and a official Silent Hill game.
  5. Meanlucario

    D&D Stories

    Thanks. There's just something about imagining an nuclear explosion caused by a bad saving throw that just makes my day.
  6. Meanlucario

    D&D Stories

    So, any one have any good D&D stories they would like to share? Which version it took place in doesn't matter, as long as it's a good story. I'll try to start. In a champaign I was in with a group of friends that was new to D&D, let alone DMing, I didn't know what to expect. The day before, we were sent into the forest to kill some ghouls, and was invited to stay the night at an old lady's house. As you would expect, she was the cause of the undead. After a fight, we tie her up, but she kills herself. Here's where the real story begins. We go into the basement, and we find a Bearded Dragon Shepard with his leg cut off. After a little conversation, we take him home. After we see the empty fields surrounding the home, we become suspicious. He directs us to his room, where we're to wait for him to return with our "reward". After awhile of shuffling, he emerges with a knife. Thinking he's trying to kill us, a member of the party shoots an arrow at his leg, and crits. He doesn't die, but he loses his other leg. His wife emerges, and has the head of a bearded dragon, size and all, and screams. Then a flood of bearded dragons come running out of their bedroom, and we learn the knife was a key to unlock a locked door. We left after that, feeling terrible. There's a story about the pregnant women in our, whose child is going to be a ghost since she got pregnant from a shadow, looking for some drugs, and ends with us killing some hookers, but that's for another day.
  7. Meanlucario

    Gaming If Pokemon were real...

    If Pokemon where real, than I would find a place safe from human-sized bugs with razorblades for arms, giant metal snakes that could crush you without a problem, girl-like monsters with giant mouths on their head, dragon land-sharks, soul-stealing lamps, and the embodiment of flying around. Anyway, I would become a pokemon breeder/farmer, and I would catch as many types as I can, but go after ghost and dark types the most.
  8. With how much they changed the usual routine of things in the game so far (no gyms, aloha-types, ect), I wouldn't be surprised if they change the story from the usual style as well.
  9. I'm hoping more for a straight up evil organization that good-intentions. This may also be the first villainous team with a female leader.
  10. This is just my theory base on the teaser trailers I’ve seen, but I think that Sun and Moon will pull a Fossil Fighters Champions, and have the villainous team be the ones trying to stop the real villains that hide their sinister deeds behind a friendly face. It would explain why Gladion discourage you from fighting him, and it could be that Null (his pokemon that I really want to train myself) was created and used by Aether, but saved by Gladion and is now his most trusted partner. It could also be that the Ultra Beasts could be pokemon/human experiments that Aether is working on, explaining why the pokemon site says that it "While evidence of something like a survival instinct can be observed in UB-01, no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions. It’s said that, for some reason, its movements resemble those of a young girl." If so, than Pokemon has taken a dark turn, and that may be a good or bad think. We’ll just have to wait and see. On a side note, is it just me, or does Guzma look oddly like a professor type of character? He looks more like the type of person to be calm all the time, and helps others for the fun of it.
  11. Meanlucario

    Why aren't either Luna or Celestia married?

    Why do they need to be? I ship Tia and Discord, but I can see them living happily without a ring on any of them.
  12. Meanlucario

    GIMP Tutorial?

    Does anyone know any good tutorials for GIMP?
  13. Meanlucario

    News Trump Poll

    My cousin suggested that I post this poll somewhere for fun, so here it is.
  14. Meanlucario

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Its been over a week since Generations came out. Any thoughts so far?