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  1. Maybe they love each other... Nope, not gonna hide my true feeling, They love each other!
  2. If they have a formal rental contract, usually there're terms that restrict the increase of rental rate But legal or not, I think it's out of Twilight's jurisdiction....
  3. I think it's a self confidence issue, and eventually there'll be an episode solving this problem
  4. I like Twilight, but she haven't got many good episodes that mainly focus on her alone. Ironically, my favorite Twi episodes are those with Pinkie, like Feeling Pinkie Keen and It's About Time
  5. Actually Pinkie's been huge influence on me, I accept hedonism as faith partly because of her Happiness is happiness no matter it comes from luxury or just imagination (psychologically speaking, it's very similar). And my moral guideline is basically John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham's hedonistic utilitarianism. So yeah, Pinkie is awesome and that's why I like her.
  6. I was kinda disappointed by some episodes of season 5, but season 6 has restored my faith in the show
  7. I valued friendship more than before, so in a sense, yes. I'm more open to new friends, and try to maintain the friendship.
  8. I think the personality is not an issue here. Laziness, low-energy or whatnot is only due to the environment we currently live in, those are not our true self. But If we could marry one of mane 6 and live in ponyville, where are more tolerant and friendly, less judgmental, less suppressed, I think we could be as energetic as Pinkie if we wanted to.... So yes, I would get alone with any of mane 6 just fine. As for marriage, my preference are Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie.
  9. Tbh, I don't like most of map episodes, except the pairing is good, Rarijack in Made in Manehattan, Pinkiedash in The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone I actually prefer episodes which are like a sitcom set in ponyville starring mane six....So no map episode doesn't bother me
  10. Having decent story, continuity and characterization is enough fan service to me...
  11. There's going to be a (unofficial) bronycon in Shanghai this summer, first one for China. So at least I think it's not shrinking globally.
  12. I have friends from Japan and I speak Japanese, I love Japan. The history, food, and Japanese people are amazing in general. But sadly I know Japan has many problems, high suicide rates, too much competition in school and work, subcultures that shows some of Japanese's misogyny and extensive obsession of sex.... I think they are in a transitional stage, modernism vs tradition, like America experienced in 60's or so.
  13. Don't they know it's the end of the world, it ended when I lost your love